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  • Soon have one cosy foot Schmunkee image

    I am charging along the foot bit of a sock.

  • I love knitting socks now TP. I'm doing a pair that have come out in stripes for H.

  • I use that self patterning wool that comes out looking a bit Fair Isle-ish pattern.  This pair is blues and purples but I got some which is greens/grey/orange today for the next pair.

    Everyone is having socks in with their Christmas present from me this year image

  • I am having fun now image, esp when the pattern says 'intermediate'.  But I have read on to the slipper upper image
  • Don't worry about that Scmunks, just carry on enjoying the bit you're doing.  If you're really fretting about it, scan in the pattern and email it to me and I'll have a look at it .... and then I'll forward it on to Kwilter who's the real expert!
  • Should be a image Kwilter.  You're the real knitting guru experty type person.  image

    I just get things to turn out looking how they should just by luck and knowing when to improvise.

  • Good news.  Have knitted the sole and the upper and it was easier than I was expecting.  The wool is a faff to cast on and increase stitches, but looks great in stocking stitch. Just need to knit some ears and make a pom pom then I have one completed mouse slipper. image
  • I did finish my slippers, Kwilts, some time ago actually but have only just got around to photographing them.

    Slippers mark 2

    How are the projects coming along then? image

  • Small - I'm struggling to see where you put your foot into the cute pirate-y kitten image 

    I'm just getting back on track with a cross stitch Afghan for a friend's child. About 3/4 of the way there, G, Q, L, W and Y left to stitch.

    On the list is a quilt to finish, curtains and cushions for the spare room and I'm trying to plan the next birth sampler. I'm one child behind on my cousin's production rate - I've told her to slow down, so I can keep up! I'm thinking something along the lines of some flower faries - she's called Grace.

  • Oops... that didn't go quite right did it!? image



    Wow Helen, you're going to be busy by the sounds of it. Flower fairies sounds lovely. I loved looking at the illustrations in those books when I was little.

    I'm planning on knitting jumpers for my nieces Christmas presents. I only have 2 but I'd better start soon as I'm not the world's quickest knitter.

  • Nice slippers, Small image

    I have a week to finish Jonny Depp in cross stitch

  • They look more like slippers! image

    Beebs - you have to post a picture of that - completely intrigued!

  • Thank you Beebs image

    How do you concentrate...? image

  • He's Captain Jack, HL, its hard,small image

    I started him as a surprise for my eldest daughter for her 15th birthday, she has just turned 20 image

    I had my reasons for the ling gaps 

    She and her bf are coming to live with us in a week,she's been in Sweden with his family pretty much since the beginning of the year 

  • My Christmas stocking practice run has stalled somewhat. I'm part way down the foot and if the toe is as hard as the heel I may stop there. It might not work that well as a stocking mind you...

    Actually I think there's a flaw in the pattern - I'm sure it reverses at some point so you'd be continuing with the wrong side of stocking stitch on the outside. And despite the heel pattern looking as though I should end up with the same number of stitches I started with I managed to acquire a few more along the way.

    Maybe I'll commission a couple from the MiL image 

  • Beebs - you might want to check that link...
  • What is the problem HL?
  • doesn't look like a picture of Captain Jack to me* - I get sent to your facebook profile page

    *unless you've been dressing up again image

  • It might mean you can only see that link if you are an FB friend, I'll try something different image
  • Glad to see this thread has been boinged again.

    Great cross stitch Beebs - have commented on your FB page.

    I have a question re knitting.  I am thinking of knitting a scarf in one colour with a motif on it in another. I have only ever knitted in rows of different colours ie bringing in the new colour at the start of a row.  If I am knitting in a motif/design, do I just carry the wool across the back of the design

    Disclaimer - if that does not make sense I am happy to try and say it again image

  • It makes sense!

    If I've understood properly, you're knitting something like 10 stitches of red, followed by 5 of black, then 20 of red, yes?

    So for this, you have two balls of red, and a small one of black. Knit your red, start the black by leaving a long end, then work the black, then start the second red. For your next row, do the red, then before starting the black, twist it once around the red wool (like crossing it at the back of your work) then work the black. Do the same for the red at the end. You just need to twist the colours once so you don't get a hole iin between the different sections. If you carry the red across the scarf behind the black, you risk holding it too tightly and bunching up the scarf.

    For a proper explanation, google "intarsia"

     If you were doing something in checks eg 2red 2 black right across the work, you would carry the out of use colour behind the colour you're using. For short areas, there's less risk of bunching, but you will generally end up with a slightly tighter finished piece.

    Hope that helps.

  • Kwilter - I am trying to knit a dalek design into a scarf, so it's one colour and not necessarily blocks, but I guess the theory is the same.

    And yes, the tension issue is worrying me

    Thanks for the info tho as it has confirmed what I was suspecting (but did not know about the twisting to prevent holes) image

  • Schminkee - I've not forgotten about my little project and have sourced some nice wool, I've been a  litle busy, but it's on my list of "things to do".

    Lovely cross stitch Beebs

  • Thanks Sue, need to finish the blue tit I have had on the go for several years.image
  • I've got a cross stitch project I started in 1999, I was into Paula Vaughan Designs, so it's a rustic fence post, with lots of flowers and a straw hat.

  • Kwilter image
  • Any updates, folks?

    This is mine


  • Broken elbow has put all on hold, which is a shame as I'd just got my mojo back image

    As said on FB, I am amazed by the fine count, you get such stunning detail image

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