Adidas adizero

Anyone own any of these Adidas shoes.

I'm looking to find out if a size 11 in the adizero range is the same size as a size 11 in a different Adidas shoe? Looking at the Ace or Adios in particular.


  • I have got 2 pairs of adizero (Tempo and RC). Great shoes but a bit narrow.I don't know about other Adidas shoe but Mizuno shoes are a bit wider. 
  • Hi Midland runner. I know the post is three years old but I was wandering if you found out if they fitted the same as other adidas shoes? I am looking to buy a pair of adidas adizero adios 2, but being in Peru I have to order them online blind as no one stocks them here. I have found other adidas shoes and even some in the adizero range so I am trying to maximise the chances of them fitting.


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