Belvoir Half-Marathon


Is anyone doing this race? has anyone done this race before. Im looking at doing my first half marathon would this race be a good one to choose.



  • hi mate. I am thinking of doing this, but i havent covered this distance for years so if i do it , it will be  plod. Its very nice and scenic around there as i have been round it on my bike. Have a go and see how you get on.
  • Hi Rich

    Im definatly gonna give it a go was looking at last years results and seems to be some fast runners out there. I've not covered this distance before in a race but went out Saturday to test my self with a 10 mile run and ended up doing 20k, which took me 2hrs 13 minutes the longest time i have ever ran. Even my wife got worried and was phone in round people to see if i was there lol. I was surprised that my legs feel fine today (Sunday) cause thought i would be walking funny for a week.

    Im doing the Farmyard Frolics race this Sat 10k obstacle race which should be fun but after i did 20k on Saturday i want to raise my game and do bigger distances (never thought i would say that after struggling to do 3k last year) If i get on alright might do hinckley half marathon to. 

    By the way i'll be the one plodding behind you lol.


  • This will be my first half marathon, was just wondering what the 4.5 mile fun run is about and will i have to do an extra 4.5 on top of the 13.1???

  • it will be a different run mate. if you enter the half, you will only have to do the half image

  • cheers rich, i know it was a pretty silly question
  • its a good event

     course is very rural - couple of minor undulations but nout much

    starts and finishes in same place

  • HI All

    This will be my 3rd year in a row for this race and very local to me, would say it is a very good course for your first half marathon as its fairly flat most the way round.

    How did you fell after farmyard frolics Darrell ?, my legs were feeling a bit stiff  for  two days afterwards.

     See you all there have fun.                                      image


  • Hi Richard

    My legs were fine but still got a stinky cold think its from all the water parts they were freezing lol enjoyed it though great fun. What time did you do? i was happy cause finished quicker than i thought i would in 1hr 14.


  • Hi Darrell

     Got round in 1 hr 13, if you like that sort of thing you sould try the Long Clawson Challenge  very hilly  and  tests the legs to the max.

    Off to the gym now .


  • Would like to do this half, but haven't entered, I know there is on day entry , but does anybody know if it's likely to fill up quickly on the day?

    Also I'm doing VLM do you think it's okay for me to do half two weeks before London ?

  • Just done the exe to axe as a relay so did 10 miles of it would this race be to soon for me?
  • HI Woody

    I was told at the gym last week this race is full, try calling contact number or e:mail to be sure.

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