Tonight in Leeds

I think the arrival times are between 5.30 and 6ish but since I have only vaguely met Al and never met anyone else

How will I know who you are???

What disguises will you be wearing? I'll be dressed in jeans


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Apologies for my absence Tulips, a prior engagement could not be undone sadly. Hope you all have a good night. Having read an extract from Monique's cider supping history I reckon she'll have you all under the table by 9pm!
  • I thought the Leeds gig was the 28th next month? Or have I just missed something altogether?
  • There is but i want a beer sooner :o)
  • This is a preliminary evening for any who can make it- it was like setting a date for entry into the euro getting the main social off the ground.
    I shall be there probably around 7:30, I am planning on wearing black flared hipsters, big clumpy shoes and a strappy top, hair brown, eyes brown, haven't decided on handbag yet.
  • Monique, the FAMOUS one!
  • I know who you are...

    Just about to have a look in the mag now
  • She's moving at such a great rate, you won't see her!
  • Venom 28th still on but there as some plonkies who like beer
  • Tulips, are you going to do London and Leeds on the same evening?
  • D'oh, read the thread properly Waapster.
  • Boing
  • just wanted to say it was great to finally meet some of you face-to-face, instead of screen-to-screen. Who's hungover today???
  • Hi

    I'm feeling fine this morning quite amazingly. It does make a change to see faces not screens and good to finally meet Chimp.
  • I feel ok but i've just got up
    Kronenberg+empty stomach does not mix tho
    sorry if I was incoherent/slurring my words!
    nice meeting y'all!!
  • The BSP CD's good. I've had a good listen this morning - gets the thumbs up. Have they done any other similar stuff?

    I aggree bitters good but perhaps not for dinner. I had a nice bowl of soup and a few pints of juice when I got in so that probably why I feel a bit better.

    Anyhow I'll see you tomorrow night. Mmmm another nice with beer for dinner - yummy
  • Hello just checking in, feel fine, fell asleep on the bus though and missed my stop- still as I was walking back I noticed Asda was open so popped in for some snacks.
  • This had to be my nickname in the end as I had tried about a hundred others & was getting bored! Anyway, was good fun last night if a bit scary for someone who has only done two races. Still, it has inspired me so I guess that's good!
  • not cloudchaser then
  • Was a bit scared of the response I might get - don't want to be booed of the course on Sunday!
  • Have you had a look for a sale 5k thread?
  • welcome aboard Sunshine - things will never be quite the same again!
  • Thank you, I'm beginning to realise that!

    Have found a couple of threads for Sale, looks like it's quite a course for speedy types but should be ok.
  • Hello Sunshine- you need to get a picture of Little Miss Sunshine maybe? Great to meet a few more in the flesh last night.
  • Hello, I will be finding a picture soon, think I will have to start running with her pigtails to keep up the image!
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