Calf Injury

Started running in October last year and I ran the Sleaford 1/2M a few weeks ago (1Hr 29). The following day calfs a little stiff but still went out with the intetion of running a steady 9. Got to 2M (running  8min/mile pace) and pulled up with sharp pain in the LHS calf between the bottom of the gastrocnemius and ankle. So I walked home.

I can go spinning, cycling and it's fine, well feel it sometimes. Try and run and it's a no no. When I point my toes straight out, the pain is quite intense in the rear of the calf right in the middle of the gastrocnemius. Had two 45min sports massages now and still painful, though I have been spinning most days 1-2 hours to keep up fitness. Tendor to touch from the front of the leg between the shin and calf muscle about a 1/3 of the way up from the ankle (between ankle and knee). I was planning for the Humber 1/2M late June but deinately struggling now.

Please any ideas..Have had the RICE on most nights and ibroprofen and now 4 days of complete rest


  • Just four days off?? 

    You will need to be patient with such injuries. You need to see a physio to assess the damage and take their advice regarding how long before you can start running....or you can do what 99% of runners do and come back too early and be forever plagued by this injury, choice is yours...

  • Hi All, i need a bit of advice.

    I usually run twice a week 10k's, I am a bit concerned i went for an 8 mile run today and for the first time (i have never had an injury before) i think i damaged my Calf sudden pain hit across my calf, i was about 4 miles into my run . I tried to carry on but had to stop to massage the calf. I did hobble on with some pain but it did ease a little and i completed the 8 miles, but once i got home it seized up. It still hurts etc, my only concern is reading all of the other comments is i have the Blackpool 10k next sunday, i really want to run it as i have ran this event for the past 20 years, please  advice me if i can take it easy and run this fun event , thank you and hope everyone gets better real soon... Tony H...

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