Liverpool Half-Marathon

I can fill in for any cancellations for this event.  Please let me know if you cannot run and I will gladly fill in.  Paul


  • Hi,

    I can also fill in for any cancellation and will reimburse your fee / make a £10 donation to a charity of your choice.

    Thanks, Paul W
  • Please note we have 55 entries available in JJB Sports which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    Alan Rothwell

    'runliverpool' initiative
  • Dropped to 30 with the walk ins this morning!

  • Ooh  - so exciting!

    I'm really pleased you've filled it Alan! image

  • May have to cancel as have been allocated a Sup Semi Final on 28th March. Getting confirmation soon aaghhhh
  • Hi- I can fill in for any cancellations in this event and will obviously reimburse you.
    Let me know!!

  • What's your details Lozron
  • Hi - I can fill in for any cancellations... after getting a disappointing time at the Silverstone Half Marathon I really want to improve on this... Please let me know
  • I have missed booking my son in for this race and am, therefore, in deep trouble! If there is anyone out there who has a place but cannot run on the day for some reason I am sure that my son would be delighted to fill in for you and it would get me off the hook!

  • Hi I also am looking for a place to fill in for any cancellations. Can travel to collect and will reimburse any costs.
  • Hi all,

     I have a place for this half but unable to attend - if you want to contact me at I'd be happy to pass my place on.  Would rather it went to some use!!



  • I know this is a very long shot but a last minute change of plan means I could run the Liverpool Half Marathon if a place was available.

    I am running 50K in 5days next week for a charity fundraiser and would love to get the first 21k under my belt on Sunday.

    If anybody is a last minute cancellation and has a place spare please let me know and I will be happy to reimburse your entry fee etc.

     Many thanks

     PS I am based in Liverpool if that makes things easier

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