City Of Manchester 10K

Thinking of entering this one, any previous runners reccomend it?


  • I did it last year - my thoughts are:

    Fast course - pretty flat and a start and finish on the track

    Not terribly inspiring scenically but you do go past the stadium (and all the support) twice so that gives you a buzz

    Starting all those people on a running track means it's very, very slow at the beginning if you're near the back (we weren't, but as we left the stadium after 3/4 of a lap there were people who'd hardly moved)

    For those that are bothered about that sort of thing the goody bag's a bit crap - low quality t-shirt and some leaflets

  • sounds like a good race aslong as your near the front!! image

  • Well I'll be there again this year anyway - have a PB I need to sort out...
  • Not the greatest of scenary, but stadium setting always nice change. Fast as well.

  • Is it slow runner (1hr 20) friendly?

    Is it chip timed (not for me - my friend is considering it)

  • It is chip timed, and I think it's fine for the slower runner - certainly looked to be a wide range of runners last year.
  • Pity it's on the same day as the Manchester-Blackpool bike ride, otherwise I'd have considered this.
  • Do you not get a medal?
  • read the site dont look like it
  • Don't think there were medals last time - not a great goody bag if that's what floats your boat - poorish quality t-shirt and some leaflets from memory, although I seem to recall the contents were a bit random - did some people get socks?

  • Entered this one online last night, i also entered my little man into the toddler trot. It states finishers of the toddler trot receive a medal but im not too sure about the 10k.

    Im not too bothered about the tshirt or the goody bag, i have numerous tshirts from races and i would probally never wear them again anyway!
  • Does anyone know the route for this?


  • I ran this last year. Wasn't the prettiest race but its nice and local for me so I've signed up again.

    Anyone else running it?

  • Im on it Veester, its local for me too.

    Nice not to have to drive 2 hours for a race!

  • Hi,
    I've been looking for the official route details but cant find it anywhere.

    This sounds about right, can anyone confirm?

  • Im new to this one, sorry cant help more Alex.
  • Entered this one with my son and daughter because we want to get sponsor money for Kids charity, who help my great grand-daughter with problems she has had since birth, as she was born at 26 weeks weighing 2 lbs 2 ozs.  Oh bless!  Hope the route is nice and flat, and it is not a very hot day !!
  • Alex Frost 3 wrote (see)
    Hi, I've been looking for the official route details but cant find it anywhere. This sounds about right, can anyone confirm? Cheers
    I didn't run it last year but the route for the two previous years did not include running down Oldham Rd itself , after going up the hill past the gasworks (it's a scenic route image ) you turn into the backstreets before coming back past the stadium. The race is multiple laps (two I think last year although last time I ran it it was 3 different sized laps)
  • Goog luck Margaret!!

  • well done Margaret, if the route is the same as last year is it flat. You run down alan turning way, round some back streets past the stadium and the repeat the route. <a href="" title="Visit Margaret Kidd member profile"> </a>
  • Looking forward to if folks.
  • Really looking forward to this race, compared to my recent races in Yorkshire, scaling the blooming pennines, this is flat. There is a small hill to negotiate at the bottom of Alan Turing Way / Briscoe Lane Junction (2.2km & 8km) but is over before you know it. Not the best of scenery but is a good beginners race and the speed demons can fire round in no time at all.

    Here is the route

  • Aron - yes it certainly is nice to have a close-by race. I pootled over on my bike for this last year and will do the same.

    The route Simon posted looks about right if memory serves.

    Might be a hot one on the day. One thing that I remember from last year was that they had 2 water stations. One at 6k and one weird one around 9k. Hope they space the second one more suitably this time as your nearly home at 9k!

  • has anyone got their number yet?
  • Yes AndrewB10, I got my number and timing chip today.

    Thanks for the good wishes Aron and Ziggy.  Think I won't be breaking any records as I am 65, so would be pleased to finish in 1 hour 10 minutes! image  I am quite excited about it now, never run in a stadium before.  I have only run around my local roads, and a couple of 10k races and a couple of 5k Race For Life's.  So, here goes.

  • No I haven't got my number yet either ! Have emailed the organiser to find out what's going on, but no reply as yet.
  • If I don't get anything through the post is it safe to assume that I can turn up and pick the number and chip up?
  • I had email response yesterday to say that all race packs had been sent in the last three days... still nothing here though !

    Has anyone had there's yet ?
  • No but I also emailed and was told that the last packs went yesterday and to contact if not received by fri afternoon. I'm not worried. I'm sure we'll be able to collect on the day if necessary.
  • Got mine on weds
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