Great Rave Run, Monique

Monique, I love your rave run in the latest mag! Well done on getting in.

Just one thing, either you're running very fast or it's a lousy photographer because you're very blurred. OK, I know you are super-fast, so that must be it, then.


  • ERM yes it must be. Thanks I haven't seen it yet is RW inthe shops yet? There were some non- blurred ones, that he sent me, but I like blurred, trouble is I wore the forum t shirt but you can't tell.
  • I subscribe so got mine delivered, so maybe it isn't in the shops yet. I certainly didn't realise it was a forum t-shirt, but will look again to see if that is apparent now that I know.
  • Fantastic pic, Monique! Only sorry there was no wall of lard...
  • well done monique,and looks like a nice place to run.presume blurring is due to northern weather as well as speed...
  • Sorry to hijack the thread, but I was told that I was quoted in there, and wondered what I'd said.
  • Iain

    It's in the race section, something about the FLM.
  • I haven't got a copy - what did I say - if I have to wait until it comes out it'll drive me bonkers!

    Please :)
  • It's something a bit sqaure, (no not really) about seeing big ben and scoring in the world cup (as if)....Can I have your autograph at the social please?
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