Illness and training

Training for London marathon. I have been out of action since middle of last week with Cold/Flu and missed a 16mile race yesterday. I am still not feeling great but will hopefully try a run tomorrow.

I am concerned that I am falling behind my schedule. I missed an hour run last week and the 16 mile race. The week before I did a 2 hr/14 mile run which is my longest to date.

Should I attempt to make up the missed long run in addition to keeping up with this weeks plan, health permitting?

 I know I have to be careful not to push myself whilst not feeling 100% but at same time I am worried that I am missing out on the miles. I was originally targetting a 4 hour marathon but now just want to finish.

Any suggestions?


  • If you have kept pretty much to your schedule, a missing long run or even a missed weeks training will not hurt. When you feeling better just carry on from your schedule at that time. If you try and make up the lost runs you will increase your risk of injury or get ill again.

    I have completed 3 marathons and missed up to 2 weeks for one reason or another and always finished around the time planned.

    Its only a schedule for you to work with and not set in concrete. 

  • Thanks for the advice.

    As always its as much in the head as in the legs!

  • I am with you on this - I have been out for about 3 weeks due to injury and then as I was getting back into after resting I have picked up a cold but was going to run the reading half marathon anyway, but this week it has started to turn into a bad chesty cough and it hurts.  Dont know whether to just go ahead with the half and get round any way I can, or forget it and just take it easy with some cross training/bike/treadmill work until I recover?
  • If it makes you feel better I was up to 13 miles then have had shin splints..... ouch.

    Have not run for nearly 3 weeks all cycling allowed, feels better but not great. I have always been told it is better to recover 100% than to go one step forward 6 steps back.

    Only 6 weeks to go.

     P.S...... A t least people have replyed to your thread.

  • Hope you're feeling better now. As already said, don;t try to make up fr the missed runs, just carry on as normal, you've still got 4 weeks to go so plenty of time.

     Was it the kilomathon you had to miss? I had to miss it too due to illness - was devasted! Not doing marathon though so now feeling a bit lost with no training going on!

  • I am doing my first London marathon (or any marathon) on 25th April. I'm up to my 19 mile run and have my 20 mile training run this Sunday at Hemel Hempstead. i was meant to do a 9 miler today but only managed 1 mile as I too have been suffering with the whole head cold, sinusitis, swollen gland thing. i thought I'd give it a go but failed miserably and only managed to walk 4 miles instead image Felt like I couldn't breathe properly and was quite light headed, even after a good breakfast etc. I'm not going to push myself now so I'll hopefully be better by Sunday. Looking forward to the tapering after that when the mileage goes down again until the big day!!! Hope you feel better soon and I wouldn't stress about missing training as it'll set you back.
  • I'm training for London Marathon, ran a half marathon on sat and ever since have been loaded with a heavy head cold! I need to do 20miles this saturday!
  • Update: I started running again on wednesday 17th March for about 50 mins, was hard work. Then 60 mins on the friday, followed by 2.5 hr long run on the sunday. Then ill again on Monday! Felt awful and still not recovered.

    Other than the told you so's I would like advice on what to do now with 4 weeks to go to London marathon.

    Really don't want to miss out, even if it means struggling on through and even walking/crawling some.

    Any advice?

  • I would suggest that you still try and do very slow long runs on the weekends but during the week use the cross trainer in the gym if possible.  Dont knock yourself out at this late stage!

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