Tuesday 16th March 2010

GobiGobi ✭✭✭
if I was in L.A

What: Turbo at 5am
short run PM
swim PM
Gym PM
Why: Taper
Last hard: Last night
Last rest: 29th January
Last non run day: Sunday 14th March

Last nights session for Sharkie 5 x 110 off 5 mins
15.65 slow as always then
15.2 15.38 15.3 15.38
I'm not fast but I seem to be able to rep consistantly


  • Morning peeps.

    What; 4.5M yesterday and today.

    Why: Creature of habit. As regulars on here will know by now !

    It's getting lighter and slightly warmer in the mornings.

    Catch up as usual time.

    Lyrics: Nope as usual.

    Have a good one.

  • Soon Gobi.

    Hope Miss RFJ is on the road to recovery.

    What:                  an hour on the turbo.
    Why:                    last hard session this week.
    Last hard:            24/1.
    Last rest:              12/3.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • morning

    bit late but wanted to say great run and reporting on the weekeend's event stickless, recover well before tackling the next project, that was a great achievement

    so sorry about your accident mava, just when you were on a good improvement curve - any idea how long you'll be out for?

    Jason - good double on the exam and the race, even if the race wasn't an ideal outcome

    great to hear AF back in competition again - can't keep a good man down. are you doing VLM or was this instead of?

    ALD - thanks for explaining what the kilomathon was, i thought i was being dim. long wait at the start can't have been ideal

    moraghan - very dismissive of yourself, i sense you are as hard a taskmaster on yourself as on others. sounds a great 5k time to us but you have v hgh standards - where to next?

    sharkie - too kind on the comments, old and wrinkly more appropriate adjectives image 
    On the delayed recovery issue - could be an ageing thing too - but i find the next but one day (for me thursday) after a very hard session i am stuffed. even if a rest day in between

    alehouse - argh and appropriate swear words. hoping the calf can be cured

    nice work from NZC and dustin onthe long side

    sorry can't remember what else...

    had a rest day yesterday and did plenty of work on stability and balance. much use of swiss ball but not much pineapple
    sunday was a satisfying 9 miles at 78%  as preparation for a day in the kitchen. had in-laws for dinner.

    tuesday torture session awaits. surely it must be the 2 mile rep circuit this week...

    lyrics - yes

  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Moraghan, sorry to hear you so frustrated. How much do you reckon your knees are slowing you? I know all of us can and regularly do run through ouch at various times. All of us have a first limiting factor, just wondering if the knee ouch rather than fitness or any other might be what's limiting you at the moment.

    Like the idea that speedwork only works if you are wearing ipods. I knew there has to have been an explanation why I run so slowly..

    Not at all sure that AF's race has brought anything positive at all. You ok mate?

    Me? still riveted to my seat, and when necessity demands uprooting myself, still doing so gingerly. Reversing down steps with a good grip on the handrail. I was always one to get DOMS in dramatic fashion - as a kid had to go to hockey camp for two weeks, as the first week I would be useless with DOMS.

  • clink- your memory is always impressive!!! Good luck with the tough one tonight

    gobi- interesting tapering

    what: 4.4 miles d&d am/ something more than that pm
    why: as of yesterday am now single so may as well get the miles in
    last hard: depends
    last rest: yesterday
    lyrics: I know one song with la in the lyrics, but I'm pretty sure it's not the right one!

    Have a good one
  • Watcher DTTers.


    Lyrics: But of course Gobi. And singularly appropriate for you right now. 

    Lyrics yesterday - 24 Hours from Tulsa, performed by Gene Pitney, a Bacharach and David classic. A song well known to Mr. Jim Bob Morrison of Carter USM, provider of Friday's equally classic song - 24 Minutes from Tulse Hill.

    back later

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Sounds like a bit of a mare with the organisation ALD. Good luck with the 5km.

    Nice long run Dustin.

    Moraghan - that's still a good time, irrespective of the profile. Have you taken into account that with a particularly steep downhill that you may have been subconsciously backing off because of your knees? I'd warrant you'd have been pretty close to the same time on a track.

    Simon - when I was a kid (in Ireland), everybody turned up for the trials. My first one (first ever race actually - officially; I'd run one the weekend before as a ringer to make a team for a different age group) was both the county trials and the county 'B' championships. The B championships simply meant that the medallists from the A race were not allowed to count for medals, but all 3 were still there because it was the trial race. There certainly doesn't seem to be the same enthusiasm for it here. Personally I've run very few xc since starting back running, but that's more circumstances than choice. I'd planned to run a full Hampshire programme, both trial races, etc, this time, but pneumonia put paid to that. What surprises me is that for the Sunday league our club gets a huge turn out, but often have difficulty fielding a team in the more competitive Hampshire league where you'd expect a better workout against better quality opposition.

    Well done on the second half of the run Wabo. I'd have been too tempted to not bother after getting out of the car!

    Sounds like times are coming along well clink. Do you have a target race coming up?

    What: 14m very easy d&d / jog + drills pm / swimming lessons pm
    Why: Tuesday.
    Last effort: yesterday.
    Last rest: Sunday.
    Lyrics: yep.

    Was a little tired this morning and it was freezing out, so ran a little easier than I'd intially intended in a slightly progressive manner. 14 with the first 6 @ 7:15, next 7 @ 7:03, and then felt good so finished with a 5:56, which, even though I'd loosened up by that stage, felt remarkably comfortable. Definite feeling of adaptations starting to happen, especially with yesterday's 80% effort also going very well despite dodgy guts.

    Laters y'all image

  • Morning guys,

    Jason - sorry to hear that mate. last time i was in that position I managed a pb on bench press (in my weight training days) coincidence? get out and focus on your running and let the endorphins take over for a few weeks.

    tipp - nice session. what sort of mileage you running at the moment? yeh the start wasn't amazing, and i'm kinda glad i didn't peak for it now.

    What: 7 miles easy incl. strides

    Why: easing the legs up for tomorrows 5km

    last hard: 12/3


     Run well all

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Clink - intrigued as to what 'pineapple' entails...
    Thanks for all the coments, a clearer picture will hopefully emerge after Sunday's HM (Fleet).
    RFJ - hope your little girl makes a speedy recovery, and have you seen Winchester have an open meeting on May 23rd? Will check calendar to see if I can make it.

    Today - club night, think were doing 400s

    Lyric - not sure I do
  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭

    Not much time to read back.

    Suffering from downhill doms and sore knees so trying to squeeze in easy runs of 3m in the morning and 6m in the evening until it clears.  Don't think the knees slowed me down in the race tbh, although I didn't seem to get much benefit from the downhill portion!  Still struggling to find a bright side from the race, but am moving on to the training and decorating phase of training! 

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    cheers tipptopp, your run this morning sounds pretty amazing!!

    Tipp topp you know what tomorrow is??????

    Stickless, hope the doms eases soon

    What: 6 miles easy done this morning, except it was very very hard and I was very very tired, back to back running

    why: 8 miles last night 6 this morning, squeezing in this schedule so I have tomorrow off.....

    last hard: this morning even though it was meant to be easy

    last easy: sunday

    have a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Indeed I do Wabo image Was trying to find my green oversized tophat for track tomorrow image No luck so far image I think the last mile this morning feeling like it did was simply a benefit of the comparatively slower pace I've been doing my easy runs at.

    ALD - last week was 137 off of 6 days. Expecting similar this week, but off of 7 (will be having a 30-60min jog Saturday ahead of a training race Sunday - old habits, etc). Typically I will be happy with anything in the 110-140(+) range, but the higher the better (as long as I'm recovering ok from it of course).

  • Bloody hell. How long has it taken you to build up to that sort of mileage? And what are you training for?

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Will look out for that Dustin, if  I havnt been operated on by then I will do a 3000 or a mile or something like that and no doubt jnr will come too.

    Miss RFJ is ok, complete with a head bandage that isnt sporting, well not for a 17 yo anyhow... she says thanks for all the positive and kind comments.

    Will run along the Clyde later.. today is meant to be a rest day, but seeing as im away may as well make use of the time..

  • Tipp - Looks like the mission is developing nicely. Do you want to borrow my hat?

    RFJ -  glad to hear daughter is ok

    Hills later - tradition now!!. Only effort day this week. Easy runs after that ahead of Sundays 10 mile race. Might even rest Thursday and Saturday as an experiment (and easy run Friday). looks like I may be forced to rest on Thursday anyway as its Mr's PM's birthday and I'll be struggling for time both ends of the day.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    RFJ - sorry to hear about Miss RFJ (I somehow had you on ignore so didn't see your original post - no idea how that happened!), but glad to hear all appears to be ok.

    ALD - I've always been lucky in terms of being able to 'do' mileage. I started running in 2007 and within 6 weeks had done a few 50m weeks. Done > 100 a few times that year, including a peak of 125 IIRC. It's strange. Some clubmates break down if they go above 50-60, whereas I just seem to manage ok. I'm finding now that with a few tweaks to paces I'm able to do a nice bit of quality and recover ok, which was an issue last year - doing mileage is one thing, being able to recover, adapt and draw full benefit from it is another; a lesson sorely learned. Main training aim for this year is the Berlin Marathon in September.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    lol. Pass it over Paddy image Enjoy the hills.
  • Afternoon all,

    Stickless:  Awesome report,.  Glad I could run some of it with you - especially in those shorts.

    Mava:  Oh Gugger!  Wanna borrow my cat?

    Clink:  VLM?  I've a 26.2m training run scheduled for that date.

    There seems to be some confusion about my state of mind about Sunday's run.  My own fault for being such a miserable git I suppose.  The questions I asked myself are:

    1. I haven't run a 20m training run since September; what's my endurance like?
    2. Will I be content to run mid-pack conservatively, or will the competitive beast take over?
    3. how will I handle running a race "on-spec" without planning it.

    The answers to the questions were affirmative.  I was hoping to run sub-3 MP, but didn't quite manage it, but it was windy and undulating.  Really, it was just a tough training run.  Nice pic here though. 

    • What:  8m with 10x100m strides
    • Why:  General aerobic and speed
    • Last Hard:  Thursday
    • Last Rest:  28/2

    Have a good one!

  • A'noon peeps.

    Finally caught up with what's been going on.

    Some cracking long runs and also high milage being run .

    TT:137 miles in 6 days that sounds straight out of one of Ron Hills books. Apart from the fact he never took a day off !

    RFJ: Hope your daughter gets well soon.


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all,

    Some more healing vibes to Little Miss RFJ. Glad to hear she's doing fine.

    Wabo: respect for doing doubles.

    TT: 137 miles in 6 days - blimey. I wonder where you find the time but then it helps if you are fast. Less time on feet image

    Dustin: good luck for your half.

    I'm due to race a half on Sunday too. I'd actually like to go for a PB and thought after tomorrow's 15 miler I'll take things easy. Perhaps 5-8 easy miles for the next 3 days. Hope this will do as a mini taper.

    What: 10.5 miles including 6 x 1k reps at 5k pace
    Why: VO2 max sesh
    Last hard: oh, this was. My legs were more tired than ever. The running around the house must have knocked the stuffing out.  Left hammie very sore, don't like it image
    Last rest or rather last non-running: the weekend
    Lyrics: I think so

  • Clink - hope the speedwork went well.

    Dustin - good luck for Fleet Half marathon.

    Tipp Top - huge mileage - you make it sound so easy!

    AF - great pic - nice and relaxed - can tell you aren't racing - you haven't got the "shorts" on!

    RFJ - glad your daughter is o'kay.

    What: O'Hagan's 5k - 22.22 - nicer conditions tonight - not so hot,  so a little faster.

    Happy St Patrick's day!!

  • Tipps Hat:



  • mavamava ✭✭✭


    AF - not sure I need your cat! I don't know how long I'll be out for.  I am walking around pain free (when not wearing the ridiculous walking boot).  The leg and foot are a fetching shade of purple.  I have a physio appointment a week tomorrow so should know more then.  I will probably get the turbo out at the weekend and will explore the possibility of pool running.

    I've had the oddest experience of arguing with my manager about whether I should go to work or not.  I had to go to the doctor to get a certificate to say I CAN work.  He was slightly bemused because most people go to him for a certificate saying they CAN'T work. 

    And I want to shoot the many people who have said to me "See, I told you so, running is bad for you"...

    Moraghan, from my perspective that was a great time but what do I know!

    RFJ - glad Jnr is recovering.  That must have been stressful.

  • Glad to hear that Miss RFJ is out of hospital.

    Jason - good positive spin there, hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    Wabo - that's commitment.

    AF - where's all this extra weight you're supposed to be carrying then?

    Moraghan - when is the next race then?

    Mava - progress sounds positive.

    Chickadeee - could you afford at least one rest day between now and the half even amongst the easy running - would probably help the PB quest.

    NZC - if I ever run a 5k I'd love to be within a minute or so of your times!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TT - WOW, that is some mileage. I can't even imagine doing that many miles. What do you do, like, 10 miles every other day? That still doesn't add up. I'm only doing 30 at the moment and it feels a lot. Kudos.

    Mava - people have actually said to you 'I told you so' while you're injured? Unbelievable. I think I might have hit someone by now!

    What: hill work; 2:00 up, 3:00 down x 9 with 1 mile warm up and cool down
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: should've been tonight but, meh.

    Lyrics: no.

    Good news from the physio during my massage last night. He said my muscles seemed to be coping well with the training load. He said often marathon runners have knotty tissue buildup but my muscles were relatively loose and knot-free. Yay! Glad my body isn't rebelling on me. Later.
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