Races in Winter

Being fairly new to race running (Feb 2002) I'm curious if the road running season goes all the way through Winter or there is a change over to cross country runs


  • There are quite a few races to choose from during the winter,but most are the longer distances for those gearing up for the spring marathons.Try doing a bit of cross country, the distances are usaully around 5 miles there good fun and the ones i have been to have a hot drink and bite to eat after.Which is much needed after 5 miles of mud on cold sunday morning.
  • There are races of all distances all winter. Those of interest [in my opinon] in the Kent & the south east are :
    5M; Portsmouth, The Christmas Cracker [my race on boxing day].
    10K's; Southend, Brigton, Hastings, Ashford, Hyde Park
    10M; Canterbury, Woking, Thanet
    1/2; Camberley, Paddock Wood, Tunbridge Wells,
    Other little gems like A Christmas Caper 4.2miles at Swanley [free xmas pud]

    Of course there is plenty of XC. I race in the Kent men's league, county champs, & national & southern champs.
    The Running Fitness league caters for the friendlier club members & is less high profile.
    You do get some open xc races but not many.

    No Rest For The Wicked ;0)
  • Hi Blue Knees. The winter months do tend to be more the longer races (10 miles and 1/2M) but there are shorter ones around. As Tim says, there are also lots and lots of lovely muddy cross couontry races.
  • This year is my first stab at x-country, although I do run all winter normally on roads.
    I'm starting (probably) with Alton 10k on Oct 6th , which is part on road,part off road.To break me in , if you pardon the expression.
    Did do the Milland Valley (21k) a month or so back which wheted (sp?) my appetite.

    BK want to join me at Alton as a post Windsor recovery. Jackie assures me its not a course for a pb!
  • If you are in the South-East try the Duck Pond Waddle (beginning of December), its great. Starts just North of Worthing, Sussex
  • Thanks all for your suggestions

    Morris, I prefer roads for the most part and not a great fan of oceans of mud.

    Tim, Its about time I did a 5 miler so will keep an eye on Portsmouth and Camberley isn't a million miles.

    Dangly, I shall try and do some longer races and my running has tended towards the 10k in the last year.

    Dustin, funny thing is I was going to ask you the same question. I see Jackies organises this one. Got any more information on it. If its likely to be a quagmire I probably wouldn't be interested. Turns out I can't run Henley because Mrs Bk is working so I'm looking for an alternative, maybe the week before. Are you doing Fleet?

    Lazybones, how long is this waddle?

  • BK

    i seem to recall you're in the thames valley region - so here's my winter races in that region

    wokingham 1/2; bramley 20; reading 1/2; berkhamstead 1/2; cranleigh 21.

    hope this help
  • Sounds good WWR. We will have to meet up for some of these
  • Alton 10k details apparently on altonrunners.org.uk (although I cant access this page so Jackie is mailing me a form).

    Oct 20 - Fleet 10k
    Nov 17 - Gosport Half (maybe)
    Dec 08 - Tadley Xmas x-country (about 5 miles) details to follow. Not run this before,but I've done their summer 10k in 99/00 and 01 and can strongly recommend their events.

    Next year : Bramley20,camberley half (pbs in 01 and 02), Fleet half and maybe Wokingham (wasn't that cancelled one year due to road subsidence?)
    Still unsure about Reading

    Also on the look out for more x-country in the winter.

    Stubbington Green 10k on Jan12th.

    Arborfield Garrison do a 10k on Oct 6th which is two relatively flat laps , did it last year and is well organised.
  • Big tim ,

    Whens the Swanley run , I'll time my visit to relatives (maidstone and/or Rainham) around that .

    Do anything for a free pud , me !
  • Dustin, I've printed that lot out. I noticed the Hayling 10 as well which isn't far for you.
  • Dustin

    The Tadley X country is good, but pretty tough, with hot soup when you finish. The last time I ran it (2000) so much of the course was flooded that you couldn't see what you were running on.

    Its too far away for me to travel to now.
  • Hi Dustin,
    Swanley is usually beginning of December.

    BK Portsmouth is beginning of December.
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