Twist Kingsclere 5

I'm involved in the organisation and have run the course again today and it's looking beautiful as ever.  Is anyone thinking about running the race?


  • Hi

    I'm from Whitchurch and interested in running this - what course does the race take??


  • I'm interested - I'm trying to find events that I've not done before so this looks a good candidate.
  • The route starts and finishes at the fieldgate centre and loops out west mainly on footpaths but does take in gallops, short road sections and finishes on the field. I hope this helps and look forward to seeing you on 27th June
  • Sounds like a good course. Is it new event?


  • Indeed, sparkly and new but with an experienced race director from the Overton Harriers who put on the fantatstic Combe Gibbet this weekend and the Overton 5 in Autumn.  Should be a good day for the family too, as the summer fair takes part around the finish with plenty for the Kids to do including races.
  • I'm going to give this one a go. Need to get giving these local races a blast still getting used to Basingstoke and been here almost a year! LOL.
  • Cazmo that's excellent I'll see you there
  • WELL DONE Kingsclere! Fantastic race hope it will be on again next year as I will definitely be there. Thanks to all the marshals today as it was rather warm out there!
  • Well done to John and Lisa of Twist Hair in Kingsclere for supporting a first class event for Kingsclere and surrounding villages. Everyone who took part in the event are in much better shape, healthier, and up for the next race in 2011.

    Well done to you both and all the great staff at Twist Hair.

    Many thanks,

    Mike and Jane

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