Saturday 20th March 2010

Morning All

As I'm up at this ridiculous hour (the missus has set off for Manchester arranging English schools x-c) I thought I would do my first one of these. Lyrics quite easy I reckon - a  song that I absolutely adore..great tune, fantastic lyrics.

Not much to report - doing sod all today, South of England road relays tomorrow.

Have a good day of running wherever you are...especially our halvers, marathoners and ultras...


  • Good morning! Good to see another Saturday morning early bird! Not too sure I know the song though!

    Love gettng up early on a Saturday, getting out for my long run and having it finished before 11am before my bacon and egg sarnie - healthy of course! Grilled bacon, poached eggs and my own home made bread. Then off to the footie in the afternoon.

    Have a good run in the SE RR tomorrow - hopefully I'll do them next year, as I've recently sent off my application to join Eastleigh Running Club, after not running for a club for about 5 years. Hope your team has a good run tomorrow Simon - are yu going off first leg? Get it out of the way early (or as I used to find fill in for someone else who hasn't turned up later on, but don't tell the officials!!)

  • Cheers - yes not usually this early, but I might get back in the sack for a bit and go for a run later!!

    I will probably end up doing a long leg tomorrow - I suppose someone has got to do it

    Footie would be nice, but I would have to be going now to get to watch my team at Grimsby!!!

    I'm doing the Eastleigh 10 next week too..should be good..

  • Morning Simon'

     Good to see another daily thread, but this is usually covered in the 'Training Section 'mate image!

    Have  a good one anyway.

  • yes - too impetulant image didn't know that!! ta
  • Twenty on the twenty !  Done it didn't I ?  Whoa yeah !  OK so it took four and a half hours but the point is I did it and in 4 Parks in London, that's Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James' Park and Green Park.  All for the Paris Marathon.  Taper starts here !
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