Lost, small puddy tat who answers to the name of "Wolfy". Has anyone seen her? Reward offered.


  • I tink I saw a Puddy Tat !
    Was around Yesterday - but I think she's out of the office for a bit now ?

    Have you found any adventure races for us yet matey ?
  • Thanks Coug's, I'll follow that lead.

    No AR yet, but I'm still looking. Is it still 3 of us or are there more interested ?
  • I'm sure H. would be interested (we'll just tell her there is beer at the end)

    Dunno about Mr 'Hugs' - he might be busy knitting ickle Man U booties & fings ?
  • Ah yes, how's Mr Hugs and his three bairns? I hope everythings going well.

    What's new in Camp Cougie?
  • Coug's have a look at this please and let me know if it's what you had in mind.


  • me running round house madly packing - off to lanzarote in 3 hours - eeek !!!!
  • You lucky devil. Off for a spot of warm weather training? Or just training to be a bar fly?
  • club la santa - so should be training !
  • Sounds more like a Christmas Party!
  • Have a nice time in Lanza-grotty Couges.

    What's this about adventure racing? Me? In an adventure race? Does it involve hills? Any hills...I'm out. Beer at the end then again...
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