toilet problem during running

A little embarasing but..

When i run after 7 -9 miles I have to go for a number two. It can generally be described as loose. I have tried varying my diet, but irrespective of when i run, speed etc it always happens. Its ok in training as i do a circular route, but in my races it has caused some difficulties

 Any sensible suggestions. I have thought of over the counter drugs, but can someone advice on the dosages required and the effect on times.


  • Nappy? image

    Sorry, yeah, it seems a common problem, seems to crop up here a fair bit, I would say have a search, but I think the search is broken......

    Maybe immodium?

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    Does this happen even if you don't eat for 3 hour before a run?

    If not...then  that's your solution. IF it does happen when eating 3hours before, try the Immodium.

  • Loperamide is the generic name - it can be got cheaply from supermarkets & chemists.

    Don't worry too much, it's a common problem at all levels. Some people find that what and when you eat - if you get it right - can knock the problem on the head. If I want to be sure (e.g. before a race) I'll not only be careful about meal timing and content but also have a coffee and then after it has "done its work" I'll have a couple of loperamide.

  • I used to suffer from trots on my morning runs so adjusted my diet and it got much better. No cereal, bran  in the morning, no coffee or normal tea, only half a cup of herbal apple and cinammon. For breakfast pancakes with banana. Generally before a long run I tend to eat simple carbs like white pasta and white rice as wholegrain brings on the trots. If I have to run in the afternoon I make sure I have my lunch earlier and leave a gap of at least two hours between a meal and a run. Had to run 5pm last weekend due to husband's working shifts and as had spinach and broccoli for lunch both days suffered terribly with the runs and stomach pain. Generally now I tend to learn my lesson and eat easily digestible and neutral foods like banana, carrots, blueberries.
  • I get this nearly everytime i run. When I attend races or on Sundays which is my long run day I always do an Enema. You can buy these from any Chemist for about  £1. I feel Fleet Enemas are the best, Fleet being the brand. The first few times are a bit self humiliating but who cares no one is watching. Just make sure you do it around 2 hours before a run. Trust me it completely clears you out. If there is nothing in you you can't Pooh it out. Happy running.
  • Jees..! H-a-r-d-c-o-r-e...!
  • Holy Sh*t! I make sure all my runs have public toilets on my route or lots of trees! image
  • Asa, your dedication to running is truly outstanding
  • Or alternatively Asa is spamming... Cos that is a bit drastic...

    Immodium gets my vote... I've not had the problem before, trained for two half marathons last year without any urgent need for the loo but this year I'm finding that most of my long runs now result in some serious botty clenching and rushing to the loo as soon as I get home... 

  • No, I'm being serious, I get this a lot. Last year during the Edinburgh Marathon I had to leave the race 3 times to use the toilet, absolute nightmare. I've had it on long runs and had to run home before i have an accident. I've changed my diet around several times, and I must admit leaving cerials out of my diet has helped a bit but  it still happens. The only way I can garantee I won't shite myself is to do an Enema. Yeah it is a bit drastic but what would you rather do? Try it you even feel lighter and it takes away that haunting worry that we all have on race day. I have recently been diagnosed with Colitis which is the cause of my trots,  hopefully when I'm treated there will be no more Enemas but until then I haven't  many choices
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    Interesting first posts on the forum Asa!lol.

    This isn't yet another Jokerman/Window Cleaner/Zinzanger (!) hyrbid is it?

  • I have to go every time I run, usually after about two miles. It's really embarrassing as I always run with a friend. It's really annoying when trying to do tempo training or speed training as I have to stop part of the way through to go. Don't eat breakfast before running or drink coffee and always try to leave it a good 3 hours before running after a meal. I'm doing half marathon this weekend, beginning to think the enema might be a good idea. Lol
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    It's a problem I've had for ages. I do all of my training in the evenings, so if I have a hard or long session that day I don't eat cereal that morning. Always carry some loo roll too! Haha.

    A few months back I won a trail race and had to run straight through the finish line and straight into a pub! The organisers wondered what the hell I was doing. Only last week at a club session I had to dive off the track and into the woods twice! Lol

    It does seem the harder I push myself, it increases the chance of me having to 'go'. The common denominator for me though is cereal.
  • Couple of dulcolax the night before a race really clears me out.
  • I find that avoiding dairy helps me. I used to have cereal a couple of hours before a long run and after about 9 miles would get severe cramps. I now stick to simple carbs - typically 2 slices of white toast with some jam, washed down with good old water.

  • Thanks Chippie, I have just ordered my first Fleet Enemas in prep for a 10k in a couple of weeks.. I do struggle when I run anything from 3-6 miles stopping 3/4 times; always carrying loo roll with me, I also run with a friend who fortunately for me is very understanding! Will let you know how I get on!! image

  • mmmm, Carbo load? Go Paleo, Ketogenic or Fat adapted. The solution is a solid oneimage

    (once fat adapted, you only need a coffee and 2 spoons of nut butter in the morning for all your energy needs) 

  • Interesting discussion - one that crops ups a lot, and it's good to know that it's a common problem amoung runners.


    For me, it has definitely got worse over the past year or so, and many times I've struggled and suffered through a run, barely making it in the front door and not having time to even kick off my shoes before rushing to the loo.

    At the moment, for various reasons, the vast majority of my running I do at the gym, and right now I can't get up the nerve to venture outside again. At least at the gym a loo is within easy reach.


    I would love to get out and run the streets again, but despite trying just about everything to eleviate this problem, it doesn't seem to improving any.



  • These might help:





  • I avoid fibre/roughage, and dairy the day before as well as on race day and it has helped a lot. Not easy, but plain rice and chicken, scrambled eggs, toast/bread etc are eaten the day before and porridge with almond milk on the morning plus 2 Imodium and no coffee seem to do the trick.  

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