Bra under tri suit? And wet suits?

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spot the triathlon novice.... Injury meant I had to do lots of cross training and could not run. So - numerous swimming, cycling and aquajogging miles later I thought I'd put all this training to good use and do a few triathlons. Now - questions: wet suit. Any advice on what to look out for? How to decide on the correct size. Can you try them out in an endless pool and is that reasonably realistic compared to open water swimming? Also, what has kind of baffled me: tri suits. Obviously worn under the wetsuit and then worn throughout the race. Now - being a girl I do need a sports bra for running. Do these suits come with inbuilt bras, and do these do the trick? Or do you wear a bra under the trisuit and then hope for it to dry on the bike leg...??? May sound a stupid question, but seeing I haven't really been near any trisuits yet with any intent, I just don't know.

 Any advice will be welcome - thank you!


  • US - you might be better asking this in the tri section of the forum.

    lots of questions!

    wetsuit size - you need to try a few on as all brands fit differently. go to a decent tri shop and talk to the staff there. afaik, there are only 2 places with an endless pool where you can try them out - TriUK in Yeovil and another place (name escapes me) in Manchester. and what to took out for - nothing special for your 1st one, just go with a budget one that does the job - you can splash out more in the future!

    tri suits and bras - based on my missus' experiences and reading other threads, some trisuits come with an inbuilt support but they often aren't good enough for the more well endowed, but again this will depend on brand. most larger ladies wear a bra under - my missus uses a seam free Falke one as it doesn't rub when wet and combined with a tight top holds her in place enough for the run. It also dries quickly on the bike leg. I'm sure other ladies will have alternative suggestions.
  • You might have been better off posting this under the triathlon section.

    Wet suits, you need to try them on and ideally if they let you swim in them even better.  They are about as individual as running shoes.  Some are longer in the body, some have quite short torsos, some provide more assistance than others.  Some very experienced swimmers don't like wetties which provide too much assistance in the legs as it can make you arch your back and your feet stick out of the water etc.  Pick a place with an endless pool.  The places that have those also have experienced staff to help.  ps they are meant to be TIGHT!

    Bras under tri suits no problem.  Just make sure you tried it in the pool forst so it's not chaffing with arm movements from swimming.

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  • Thanks - will try the tri bit of the forum. For some reason I thought I was on the triathletes' world website. Maybe not... Interesting that bra under trisuit seems to work - good! Will head up to Birmingham next weekend and am hoping for lots of inspiration on the tri show there... Wetsuits are what has partially kept me from doing triathlon in the first place - but that does make open water swimming a bit difficult here. Thanks again!
  • US - you can always hire a wetsuit rather than buy
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