Sorry for putting this in the tri section but I thought there'd be poeple here who may know the answer to this.

I'm considering doing an Aquathlon over the summer (no bike so cannot do a tri before the pirates try to recruit me!), I have seen details about a local series that run weekly and are made up of a 400m swim then a 5km run.  I am quite keen but worried about how the transition works.  The swim is in a pool, so do people wear normal swimmming costumes?  If so then does the changing into running gear time get included in your total time?  Do you have to cahnge really quickly and possibly start the run still wet?

I'm just a bit concerned about entering and then being the only one there that doesn't know how it all works!  Or the only one with the wrong kit!



  • lack of bike is a poor excuse..

    Enter a Tri and then you will have to buy a bike QED

    yeah swim in what ever you will be running in and run wet

  • Hmm, I hadn't really thought about that one, I was hoping not to have to buy more kit before trying something once.  The events aren't close enough to do regularly and I was really thinking about it to fill a gap where there are no running races locally.

    Kk - do people usually wear a sport bra under a tri suit?  I would have thought that a wet bra would cause chaffing!

  • no problem from tyhe bra puffin.........they are usually made from quick drying material.........and running after the swim is just the same really as running in heavy iosn;'t a problem.......hopefully it won't be too cold a day for you.try it its fun...and yes you want to try and have as quick a transition as you can because every second counts as your race time.....................

    good luck and enjoy

  • Agreed - just get out and run wet, it's never been a problem for me.
  • Puffin - you could just throw a running top and shorts on over your cossie.  Some people do that for their first tri (me included).  Saves buying more kit.  Enjoy it - you can then buy more kit for the next one including a bike.

  • Puffin - I've done a few aquathons and just swim in running shorts and a sports bra (crop top style), jump out and pull on shoes and socks in transition, then pop on a t-shirt and you're away. It's a good idea to spread a towel out to stand/sit on as you get your socks and shoes on. Also, you will start the run wet and your behind will FREEZE, but it's all part of the fun. You'll also have wet hair plastered across your face and will have to run past normal people walking their dogs and giving you very shocked looks - it's a hoot! image

  • Unless its a very long run, I really wouldn't bother putting socks on - it can take ages with wet feet. Just whack em into your trainers, invest in some of the lock-lace thingies so you don't even need to tie a bow, and you're off.

    Practice at home when you get out of the bath or shower (but remember it'll be harder to be co-ordinated after a hard swim). You can always put some vaseline in em ready.

  • but what do you do with race number?  I've done one triathlon, years ago and we didnt have race numbers as such, they just put stickers on our bikes and wrote our numbers on our arms and legs.  My concern is having to fiddle about with pins etc in transition, when I will be running with my swimming costume with bra underneath and not planning to put another top on.  any ideas?


  • Race belt - attach number to this prior to swim and just clip it on when you start to run. They're about a fiver from most shops

  • when you go to transition, put talc in your socks beforehand it helps.Wear a tri suit you can buy them for about a tenner on website. Buy size bigger than you normally are.Take bright coloured towel so you recognize it.


  • Or of course don't wear socks

    Not sure why you would want an oversize trisuit ? Isn't that going to be all baggy and cause drag ?
  • No tri suits come up small, mine is perfect.

  • Trisuits will be like normal clothes...every company will have slightly different just buy your size and try it on...they are supposed to be snug

  • Think I'd get a better one Sue, both mine are a perfect fit and are the size I would usually wear.

    Sweeping statements aren't very helpful, trying things on is the only way
  • It probably depends on weherter yuoiu nortmaslly shop..theory vasry sdo much....I can drop 2 dress sizes going to marks for an outfit

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