Waterbeach 1/2M

Who else is doing this one on 20th October? I'm looking for around 1.35 ish.


  • I should be doing this one, although if you're doing 1.35 the last time I see you will be about 1k in, and then only using binoculars.

    I'm also doing the Cambridge Wildlife Trust 10k the week before.
  • Do you live somewhere out that way, then, Glenn?
    I'll combine it with a visit to the parents who are out in the Fens.
  • DS - I live in Cambridge itself, on the North side so handy for Waterbeach.
  • Guys - can you enter this on the day? My folks are also in the Fens, but I'd have to travel from Shropshire.
  • Gumby - yes you can enter on the day - no extra charge either.
  • BTW, details are on the RW events listing, but it's down as the Royal Engineering half marathon, with the location incorrect as Waterbridge.
  • Glen - do you do any running with clubs in Cambridge? I'm also Cambridge and am looking at some way to prevent my usual burst of inactivity after this Sunday's 1/2M. I was wondering what the local clubs were like. Can't do the 10k as I'm at a wedding, but I've been plodding along the coton footpath for most weekends recently as part of my long runs.
  • Doobs - as far as I know Cambridge and Coleridge AC is the only local club, based at the University's track on Wilberforce Road.

    Don't know what kind of pace you train at - their slowest group is 9min/mile pace. I need at least another few weeks for that.
  • Had heard of C&C, but don't know what they're like - might give them a go and report back.
  • I'd be interested to hear how it goes. Good luck with the 1/2.
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