• At least it's done LB
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    Floof LOL

    Glad all is well LB

  • Have you never heard "floof" before HC? image

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    Nope, made my day image
  • My kids call it their "Mary"

    Which caused all sorts of problems when youngest Miss LB was cast as Mary in the Christmas play.....image

    And even worse when she announced at school aged 6 "My mum is going to get her Mary looked at by a man today who is not my dad"

    I was seeing the gynaecologist.image

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    image  My mothers name is Mary image

  • Your Gran and Grandad named your mum after a VAGINA?image
  • My dad's middle name is Isaac. He always said it was a good job his surname wasn't Hunt.

    Think about it.image

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    image  Yup, my mums a Vagina image

    That would have been unfortunate indeed for your dad, especially with a scouse accent image

  • I did  meet a Mike Hunt once image
  • S'ok HC - Your mum might be a vagina.

    My dad's an arse.image

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    Glad that is over and done for you, LB, and glad there is nothing wrong 'down there'. I LOLed at 'floof' too and I have heard many things over the year!

    Bridget, I'm afraid that I don't remember enough about your situation to comment. Feel free to speak to me off-line if you would rather.

  • Essentially the situation is I'm on Depot and have no periods.  Hormones checked last June and were raised.  GP said to repeat in 1 year and if still raised then I'd be ok to stop Depot a year after that.  I'm wondering what the chance is of ending up having any bleeding once Depot stops or should I have got through that phase?
  • LB the good old transvaginal scan image

    My last smear was done by a nurse who is also a mum I know from school and I used to serve at the library image

    lol LB at Isaac and Mary, we have fannies and willies at home image

  • BOING!

    Hot flushes are back and I haven't had a period since November. Off to see the Doctor on Friday to find out what's going on.

    Symptoms seem a bit worse this time round and I'm noticing I'm becoming more forgetful. It's a weird sort of forgetfulness though. It's not that I've forgotten to do things, it's that I've forgotten I *have* done them. Odd!

  • Ladies

    Looking for some help with this one!  I was 51 in October and have been "regular" as clockwork for many years.  No pill for me as it caused horrendous problems with PMT.  No hot flushes but had a period last week, finished for a couple of days and then got menstrual cramps with a lighter "show".  Does this mean that it's started?  Also, if I started to take something like Menopace would it lessen the impact of flushes etc when they start?

    Many thanksimage

  • Hi trigger2

    Don't know much about Menopace, I'm afraid. I'm due back at the doctors in a week or so to find out the result of my blood test so I might be able to give you some info then. There is a test you can get from Pharmacies that can tell you if you've got low hormone levels or you could see your Doctor who can do blood tests.

    Good luck image

  • Thanks Little Nemo.  Good luck at the doctors - may make an appointment myself just to get checked out - my self esteem is at rock bottom at the moment no matter what I do to try and improve things.
  • Hi trigger2, how's it going? image

    I've got an appointment on Friday to find out the result of my blood tests. Still having hot flushes and I was in the most awful mood Sunday-Tuesday. Depressed, feeling sorry for myself and tetchy like really bad PMT which I haven't had in ages. I hate being in this sort of mood because there's nothing I can do to get rid of it, it seems like I just have to wait until it goes of its own accord. So I think if I am menopausal I'll definitely be giving HRT a go!

    I had a quick look in the chemists at Menopace and it seems to have soy as its main active ingredient. I presume this is because it's a natural source of oestrogen which is what HRT gives you. However I don't think it has a large amount as you can take it with HRT.

    Edited for bad grammar image

  • Hi Nemo - haven't done anything about it except start to take a supplement (similar to Menopace) from Healthspan.  Had a couple of night sweats recently and self esteem is rock bottom.  Am on Easter holidays in a couple of weeks and am going to ring up to see if they have a Wellwoman clinic or something similar that I can go and get this checked out at.  Am on the verge of tears even when typing this - for no good reason!  Hope all goes well with you on Friday.  I can really empathise with the PMT issue - it almost cost me my marriage before I discovered Agnus Castus which turned things around for me.
  • Sorry to hear you're still struggling with it image

    I think getting tested would be a good thing as I'm sure the Wellwoman clinic or your doctor could suggest things to try? My doctor was v. good and gave me an article to read about HRT. I haven't actually read it all yet (must do this before Friday!) but so far it's been v. informative. The only thing it doesn't cover is alternative treatments. So hopefully if I do turn out to be menopausal I'll have an idea of what treatments are available and what to expect.

    The funny thing with my PMT was that it had eased over the last few years so it was a bit of a shock to go back to how I used to be. I have to say I would rather take medication than feel like that again!

  • Well results are back and I have started the menopause. I've decided to go for HRT so I'll be starting this today or tomorrow.

    It's a big change! image Not sure exactly how I feel about it, probably need a few days to come to terms with it.

  • Oh Nemo at least you know where you are now and help in the form of HRT is at hand - good luckimage

  • BOING!

    Just thought I'd stick an update in on how the HRT's going. I've been on it for about 3 weeks now, using a low dose oestrogen/progesterone one. I have to say I loved the first 2 weeks on the oestrogen only. Felt a lot calmer, most of the hot flushes stopped and I was sleeping better. I've felt slightly different on the progesterone part, a bit angsty and I'm not sleeping as well but still better than before.

    It's early days but it seems to be so far, so good.


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭


    Can I have an update. I am getting the flushes and snappy at random times, loss of confidence etc. Going to see the docs.

  • Hi SteadyCJ

    Some of my symptoms have come back a bit over the last few months so I'm planning to talk to my doctor about trying a different prescription. I still get occasional hot flushes at night especially when I'm taking the progesterone pills. Moods have been a bit iffy, have had a few spells of feeling really down for no good reason. Also I've only had one period while being on them which might be a problem.

    It's definitely worth seeing your doctor because having a proper diagnosis means you can start to do things about it. I'll be sticking with HRT because even though things aren't completely right they are better than before I started taking them.

    The only downside is you get charged for 2 prescriptions because there are 2 sorts of pill in the treatment - grrrr image

    Good luck and let us know how you get on image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks, I'm 48 now and had a contraceptive implant (the progesterone only one) put in 18 months ago, it replaced one that did 3 years with no problems and only 2 periods a year so like it a lot. Not sure if it has moved slightly, its in the upper arm nestled between some muscles or my being more active is causing it to send out more hormones or just the rest of my body doing daft things.
    I bought some dry roasted soya beans to nibble on, will have 10 little beans a day as the serving size on the packet is massive and no way would I want to eat a whole serving. Some years ago I knew a group of women who swore that the bread with soya helped them.
    I agree to the grr re the prescription, seems mad that you have to pay twice even though its one treatment.

  • Can they tell when the menopause starts if you have an implant? I'm a bit ignorant on how they work image

    People keep talking about soy so maybe I should try this as well as my HRT.

    My other symptom is problems with my short-term memory. Not sure if this is menopause related or just a sign of getting older! I'm getting a bit fed-up forgetting things...

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Little Nemo, that's my wondering as well, I know that the nice nurse putting it in said the new ones show up on Xrays now, apparrently the old ones didnot! I do know that its the ends of it being touched makes it release a small amount of hormone, as they tell you not to keep feeling for it as that will release a bit more. Its a bit smaller than a matchstick in size. I have heard people say they get their HRT in the same format but for some reason it was placed under the skin of the abdomen.
    My mood improved on having the soya beans, long may it last.

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