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    Saw the doc today, he suggested that it might be my thyroid levels are a bit out of kilter, as a long term underactive thyroid person I had forgot the symptoms of over active, although I have weight gain not lose, so I am booked in with the vampire aka practice nurse for full blood test to check all hormone levels.

    Got given 11 pages of bumf on HRT to read. Roll on 14th September for the blood test. Nothing earlier due to bank holiday and being busy.

  • Just popping in to say I got the blood test results, very high levels so definitely in menopause. Need to give thought as to what to do as the hot sweats have eased but been replace by swollen boobs. Will look at going back to Well woman clinic.

  • Well I suppose having a diagnosis is good news in a way as at least you know what it is now.

    Are you going to try HRT?

    I've changed over to a combined oestrogen/progesterone pill that is the same dose all the time. No more periods! Hot flushes have virtually gone now and although I'm still a bit prone to mood swings I'm hoping that having a constant dose of hormones will smooth these out eventually.

    Good luck! image

  • I wish I were in the fecking menopause.

    I have a uterine polyp the size of Brazil. image
  • Careful what you wish for. Although I do hear the end result is good.
    My body has decided that after just a few weeks to have another period.grrr. This time it has come with a migraine headache, nausea and heartburn as well.
    Must make an appointment to get sorted, this cannot go on. The downside is that implant removal or exchange means no swimming for a week.

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