NB W751

Ive come back from the running shop with these trainers, does anyone else where them? What are your opinions of them?


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    good quality shoe, don't know if they fit your description of a lightweight/racer though, they are more of a road shoe, but quite light with it.
  • Well its not too late to take them back, the guy in the shop said they wern't a racer, but for what i said, 'lightweight, neutral, low heel, flexible forefoot' he said they sounded ideal. I wasnt brave enough to go for the racer when it came to it.

    Have a few months in these first before i try the racer i think
  • I bought a pair of these earlier this year, first pair of NB I'd owned.

    I got on so well with them from the first run out of the box, they took no time to break in at all. I used them for all my 20 milers in training for London.

    In fifteen years of running I think these are one of the best shoes I've worn, quite light, flexible and fairly well cushioned.

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of the 830's which are similar but a bit lighter and these are good too.
  • Thats just what i want to hear!

    So are you a FF striker or heal striker?
  • Heel striker. The forefoot is well cushioned as well.
  • Looking at them last night, i was thinking maybe the heel is a bit high, even though the guy in the shop asured me it wasnt, ill just have to see how i get on...
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    have you worn them on a run yet?
  • No i was gonna go out last night but my leg felt a bit stiff, i was dying to try them but i thought it was safer to wait
  • DBSA

    I have a pair of NB751 and I am also very pleased with them. I forefoot strike and moved to the NB751 from the NB854, which I didn't like at all (some people swear by them) because they were not flexible enough. I have recently completed a 1/2M in them and they felt really good, I was like you, racing flats just feel too flimsy to me, but at 16st the NB751 probably feels similar to a racer for the whippets at he front!

    I do all my off road running in my Adidas swoops (fell shoes) and I can notice the difference in the heel height between the two, but it isn't too significant and off road in this weather is pretty firm.

  • So what a fell shoes like weight flexibily etc?

    I do quite a bit of running in the woods, will the NB 751 be suitable for this?

    I also thought the heal was quite high but when in compared them to my grid omni there is a big difference
  • DBSA

    A fell shoe is best described as a racing flat for off road, generally they have no support features and very little cushioning and large rubber lugs on the soles for grip. They are light and very flexible.

    In dry the weather the NB751 will be fine off road, as it would be after a light shower after a dry spell. In the middle of winter you would find it did not have enough grip, but it all depends on what you are used to!

    Often the sole is built up around the base of the heel cap to give it more support and make it look higher than it actually is! So do think the NB751 has a lower or higher heel than the Grid Omni?
  • looking at the 751 on its own i would have guessed about the same but actually compairing the 2 the heal looks quite a bit lower on the 751's
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    the 751 doesn't have to fit a medial post into the heel like the omni does (the grey bit on the inside), so doesn't need to have such a big heel
  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    I wear NB 830 's and plan to get the 751 as a shoe with a little bit more cushioning as i am getting old!High heels are OK to run in but I would avoid stillettos!
  • Well...... wore them out today for the first time, was out for about an hour, woods and roads, i am very pleased, they are so much more comfortable than the omni's the onmi's were just much to rigid for me i think, they allow me to do the FF strike a lot easier and i think the biggest difference is when running on concrete, you can really notice the difference in hte cushioning
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