Hi there! Wondering if anyone out there has any experience of running after a severe bout of Sciatica. Though am relatively pain free now (stiff lower back, no more excruciating leg pain) I've been left with waekness in my left leg & even walking at my normal pace poses a problem. Am willing to take it easy, but wondering if I'll ever be able to run again? This time last year was doing half marathons & am getting a bit despondent. Sciatica came on 7-8 weeks ago now & have had Physio etc. My Gp has referred me for futher investigations possibly to include MRI. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?


  • Hi Elaine

    I have been seeing a physio for 'Piriformis Syndrome'. The Piriformis muscle is tucked right inside the hip / pelvis. In a small percentage of the population, the sciatic nerve runs directly through the piriformis. If the Piriformis gets inflamed this can cause quite bad sciatica that shoots down the leg. It may be worth enquiring about this when you go for your scan.



  • Hello, I've posted on another thread re pain in buttock, which I've had for a month now, I was told it was sciatica, but I'm not getting the pain down leg or up back, but it's very sore and I don't know what to do.  I can cross train and move about no probs.  pilates etc. just when my foot hits solid ground does it strike me - do you think this is the same?

     I am very upset not to be training properly...



  • Thanks Laura, Will do that...haven't heard of that before. Karen; honestly not sure. My back gives me gyp all the time doing lots of things in everyday life. Not sure if everyone's Sciatica like this though. Mine was orimarily in my buttock in the past, but high up  & again,  troubled me whilst doing lots of things, not just  during footstrike. Any Physios online would know better am sure.  Sorry can't be of more help



  • Hi everyone,

    I had lower back problems on and off  for over 15 years. Last year went to a very good oesthopath who recommended yoga. Started yoga in January and realised how inflexible and tight my back and hips were despite doing a lot of martial arts and running.

    My back seized up on Wednesday this week and I could hardly walk, but did 15 mins of yoga each day and have been out for a run today no problems. It would normally take a lot of painkillers, 7 days and an oesthpath session. 

    Before yoga I was having regular back problems and in pain most weeks. 

    My advice is get good yoga teacher. There are specific poses for sciatica. I found the work my oesthopath did to release my back were very similar to the ones I was given at yoga.

    It has worked for me, but make sure you get a good teacher.


  • Hi Elaine

    How have you treated the condition and has the root cause been defined?

    I have been suffering from sciatic pain for just over four months, although for the first 2 months it was treated as a hamstring injury!

    To be fair, it wasn't until I had an MRI that the condition was more accurately diagnosed as a bulging disc L5 S1 but even the MRI has caused conflict in terms of the interaction of the disc and the sciatic nerve.

    In terms of my treatment, physio offered nothing but an increase in pain and the only relief has been sought via an osteopath and I have recently had a spinal injection through a referral.

    I have researched the matter in detail as the condition has stopped me from working and obviously running.

    In terms of returning to running, there is no doubt, subject to accurate diagnosis and correct treatment that you can return to running but be very careful, be fully clear of any smptoms and take it really steady.

    I have swapped emails with many people and it can be done.

    I have already tried to return to running to quickly on two occasions and I am back at square one and the disc has flared up fault no one else's.

    The problem is that the running can make you feel better in the short term as the endorphins and adrenalin rush will give you the high and mask the pain for longer than you would guess but cumulatively the high is replaced by intense pain in the long run.

    I think I am trying to say just be really careful, get the best diagnosis you can and be clear of all symptoms for a period of time before returning. You are better off out for a period of months even a year or so, trust me, I am currently repenting at my leisure as every time I get a brief respite from the pain then I am back out pounding the road.

    Ice is good, applied to the lower back (if lower back is the source) for 5-10 mins.

    Pain killers - osteo recommends course of ibuprofen and paracetamol which work well together as anti inflammatory and pain killer.

    Posture and length of time sat down has a massive effect as sitting is extremely load bearing on the discs.

    Recommend Osteo as they may improve some bio mechanical issues such as pelvic conditions which can be part of the problem and hamper recovery.

    Push for the MRI and then when you get the results make sure you track down the disk with the images of the scan as they belong to you.

    Best of luck and if you want any more feedback or can offer me any feedback, trust me it is useful as the most frustrating thing of all is the lack of clarity and agreement of diagnosis across all medical professions on the source, diagnosis and treatment of the condition.


  • Thanks Martin,

    that's all v helpful & informative. Going for another GP Referral appointment on Tue & will certainly be pressing for an MRI otherwise feel am groping in the dark  with regards as to what is really going on. Didn't realise I could have copy of MRI disk results so that's good to know. Also, han never really considered Osteopathy wear Orthotics & am aware that Biomechanically am a bit Lop-sided so guess that's a good route to go down.

     Plenty to think about!

    Thanks so much,


  • PS Pocket Rockette, have actually bought a Pilates book & dvd as figured that sort of stretching/strengthening exercise might help, so good to know!




  • Pilates is fantastic
  • Hello Elaine

    I am a Physio and yes there is light at the end of the tunnel! can most definately make a full recovery and get back to running.

    Dont be surprised if your GP is reluctant to refer you for an MRI, these are usually reserved for patients with worsening neurological symptoms who need urgent surgery and not recovering sciatica..unfortunately when people know they have disc or joint pathology they often become more focused on their 'damaged' backs..this can lead to the path of gradual deconditioning as people avoid more and more activities

    I sympathise sciatica is excruciating but it looks like youre coming out on the better side of it.  I think someone else suggestion of yoga or pilates is a good idea, it sounds like you have some residual stiffness from obviously being a little immobile due to the pain! your joints will enjoy a good stretch!

    With regards to running..suck it and see..start slow..walk..jog/walk...and build up again gradually. if youre a little bit stiff/sore later or the day be expected..if increase in leg symptoms..its not quite ready to run..but still walking is great!

     Hope thats a help

    I see people make full recovery all the time, good luck

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