HI there,

Running LOndon this year Virgim Marathon and really want to go for ther London to Brighton ultra run Sept 5th.

Could you give me an idea as to the training and amount of time I would need to trsin for this?

I have done london once before and a few 10K's and a few half's but really ewant to do the endurance.

Kind regards,



  • Simplest way is to stick with the marathon plan but lengthen the long runs up to 35 ish miles, done with a pack on similar terrain to L2B. I assume you are talking about the L2B that is mostly off road and requires you to carry a pack with stuff in it? There is not a lot more time involved for ultras unless you are a bit anal, have the time and want to do loads of mileage or are really rubbish and need to do lots of mileage.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on image

  • THanks for.

    I will check out a plan for the L2B. I need to know when and if what kind of training and when should I start the plan for L2B?

    I am upton 18M todaya nd 20 next week then taper for London....will I pretty much continue for L2B or have a month off from Long runs?

    Will also check out a plan for ultras.

    Thanks again.


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