Asics Gel Innovation

Hi all,

Does any one has opinion about Asics running shoes - Asics Gel Innovation.
I am from Bulgaria and A friend of mine was in Norfolk and he bought this running shoes for me from Sports Direct, so I have to be ready what to expect. I am runner with normal arch and my weight is 183 pounds. My weekly mileage is 15 - 25.

Thank you in advance:



  • Over priced, other than that, dunno.
  • Sorry I was made an error. The model is Asics Gel Innovate!
  • I was in Sports Direct 2 weeks ago whilst my 14 yr old daughter tried on at least 20 pairs of footy boots . The Asics stand caught my eye and I ended up buying a pair of the Innovate mentioned above . 1st impressions are they are not as cushioned as the equivelant Saucony Omni 7 I've been using for the last 3 yearsand I've also developed blisters on at least 3 toes . However they are signifantly cheaper than most equivelant brands . At the end of the day "you pays your money and makes your choice"
  • That's the problem with trainers - all feet are different.

    To leap to the defence of Asics 'Innovation' I've just run through my first pair in six months and liked them so much that I ordered a second pair. I found that they had good surface 'feel' and the dual-density sole has helped my technique.

    The £100 pair of Saucony's which preceeded the Isacs gave me the worst blisters I've ever had. 

    With any reputable brand of sportswear I'd say that you need to find a manufacturer who's sizing works for you and then stick with them. For me, Asics Euro 45.

    I've probably owned five or six pairs of Asics and always come back to them.

  • I've got a pair. Decent value for £38 (somewhat reduced) but not very supportive compared to their higher-end models, so my feet can ache coming back from long runs. No blisters or anything, but I think I'll be going back to the Gel-2100 series once the Innovates are worn out.
  • Doing nearly 40 miles a week in mine and i think they're great. Nice and supportive but wearing out a bit too quick.

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