Flat footed bloke asks.....

I have worn (out) several pairs of Mizuno Wave Inspire. I get on well with them but am wondering if I should invest in a pair of 'racing' shoes for an upcoming 10k and half marathon this spring/summer?

Do racers have the same features as what I am used to, or is it that they're simply lightweight and that's it? In short I'm worried I'll be hobbling the next day after wearing racers!

Thanks in advance.


  • No i didn't image
  • Flat Footed wrote (see)
    No i didn't image

     Top corner a quality arf!

  • IMO i would not bother with racing shoes.....For the probable few seconds they would save me i couldn't justify the cost....But if your a good runner then there would be a reason

  • Flats will make a significant difference in time over 10km. If you have poor biomechanics then your legs might feel pretty beaten up after running in them. A good trade off are light weight performance trainers, which offer less weight than your regular trainers but more support than a flat.
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