Garmin 305 HR readings

I wondered if anyone else had got some strange HR readings from their Garmin 305. I treated myself to one last week and on my third time out today, it says I have had a maximum HR of 219bpm which seems rather high for a middle aged woman. The graph I got showed the HR increasing to this figure by about 1.5km out of 5 then dropping off to something I would call more normal at about 150-155 bpm by 2.5km. The gradients on the run didn't tie in with this either. Has anyone else had strange readings or should I be worried about my heart? image


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    It's quite normal, just a glitch in the way the belt picks up beats,  Try wetting the sensors a little before you put it on.  I've just looked at my run earlier and I had a MHR of 200 for the first mile or's really 186, and I never got anywhere near that figure anyway. Don't worry!
  • Thanks Mr Puffy.
  • The HR function _is_ pretty accurate when it's working - wet the sensors, as Mr Puffy says, and make sure it is comfortable and stable (my SO has to wedge it under her bra a bit).

    On a static 'treadmill endurance' test, I got up to 199bpm, so 216 probably isn't impossible for short bursts, but not recommended!

  • Thanks hamilton, I think fidgeting with the strap may not have helped, it feels strange wearing the chest strap when you aren't used to it.
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