Left Buttock pain!

Have been unable to run since Saturday because of shooting pain in leg when and buttock which spreads across lower back. Have been rubbing in Ibruprofin which helps. It is easing, but is this caused by worn out shoes or have I been overdoing it? I've never had this prob before.


  • Linda, I've suffered a bit in this dept too, tho' whether my problem is the same of yours, who knows.

    Pain in my left buttock, radiating down to the hamstring, turned out to be a muscle called the piriformus, deep in my bum, being in spasm. This in turn presses on the sciatic nerve, thus causing the other pain down the leg. Physio gave it a bit of manipulation, and recommended lots of exercises to stengthen core stability muscles ie. glutes, abs etc. Must say it is a lot better now. I also have pain in the other hip, and that turned out to be that my lower back muscles are tight causing the sacroilliac joint to become sore. She manipultes this too, and very effectively. That and more blessed strengthening exercises!! Hope this helps, but probably best to see someone who knows!

  • linda

    natural blonde is onto something, what you have defo sounds like a prob with the perifors (its a muscle that runs across the buttock connecting back to hip, over the sciatic nerve)

    i had problems with it leading up to marathon, apparently it can tighten because of overuse, running is a classic, and then aggravates sciatic nerve and can range from irritation to alot of pain!

    i saw a sports physio and got some manipulation and ultra sound and then given stretches to do and told to do them religously twice a day. problem is gradually easing over time.

    as with natural blonde if it doesn't subside would recomment a sports physio sooner rather than later coz we might be wrong.

    for stretches, just put 'periformis stretches' into google search engine, theres loads of stuff out there
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