Long run grumble.....

As hubby is away this weekend (beer festival!) i'm on my own so the blokes in the squad asked me to go for the long run with them - and would i please set the pace. So i set the alarms for 5 am and 6 am (they make awfully early starts which is why i don't usually go out with them) and met them on the corner at 6.45 am. (yawn yawn)
I gave them a one mile warm up then upped the pace to the required long run pace of 7.50 min miling. Then the complaints started.... this is too fast, too soon, too hot.... I slowed down for another mile. I'd given up my long run for this. I picked up the pace again. This time one of them stayed with me, the others stayed back. - they finally settled on 8.30 min miling. Me and the one willing disciple went off into the wild blue yonder. We passed the rest of them on the way back - they'd taken a short cut as we'd left them behind. MEN!!!!
Now i remember why i don't usually do my long run with them.


  • Men?
    Are you sure?
  • I'd love to be a fly on the wall and hear their excuses to each other for not keeping up with you,
    'These new shoes are giving me blisters'
    'Got a hangover/injury/tapering/recovering/there's an R in the month '
  • 'Yeah well, we fort we'd let her feel good by leevin us behind.. good for her ego.. we know we don't need to proove it.. know what I min?'
  • No doubt i'll hear all the excuses at the Club tonight. But thanks for letting me get it off my chest!! Did a brilliant 10 miler this morning on my own. Mist in the valley, baby cows in the fields (funny time of year for them?!), and the farmers ploughing ready for the winter planting.
  • Hmmmm DS

    Can't answer but if they knew how fast you are they must have a masochistic streak

    However, in mitigation for males, I ran past two ladies out cycling their dogs for a walk the other evening. There was an exchange about how embarrasing it was to be overtaken when on a bicycle. I could only respond with " terrible...dogs get so unfit, blame them" as I plodded on my recovery run. Did your male colleagues have their lap dogs out for a walk.
  • I did accuse a cyclist of having a very strong Yorkshire terrier once as it was running in front of her.
    And someone on one of those 'parent plus child' bike things of having a very strong little girl on the back who'd obviously done all the pushing up the nasty hill in Richmond Park.
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