I'm nervous!

I desperately need some words of encouragement as I am running the Paris marathon in less than 2 weeks and am experiencing a lot of self doubt. I have trained hard and am now tapering having done my longest run of 22 miles 2 weeks ago. Last week, I ran another long run of 20 miles but now have the most disgusting blistered toes. I have held off running for the past 3 days to give them a chance to heal. I am nervous that my inactivity will have a knock-on effect.

Additionally, does anyone know if the Paris marathon has loos along the route?

If there is anyone out there running the Paris marathon on 11th April and is in the 'rose' category (4h 30m)perhaps we could hook-up as I am running on my own and could do with the company!


  • 22 miles with a month to go..youv'e cracked it..!!, the buzz of a big race will carry you through the extra few miles. Youve done the work, look forward to your big day..and enjoy every mile..!
  • if you sit on your arse and do nothing but eat cake and drink beer from now till the race, you'll get round it just fine. you cant go losing fitness in a few days! good luck and have fun!
  • Common fear - all you can do now is mess up your chances of getting to the start line. It can take 2 - 3 weeks for the effects of training to kick in so any training you do now will help your fitness for after the race which is when you should be eating cake and drinking beer. For now I would stick with pasta and potatoes and not get dehydrated.

    You'll be absolutely fine - honest.

    Bon Chance!

  • er, just to be clear, i wasnt suggesting that a strict regime of cake and beer commences immediately! i just wanted to make the point that there is nothing you can do training wise to improve your marathon now, so relax and look forward to the big day.
  • Absolutely - I agree completely.

     Just that I've tried the cakes and beer before the marathon tactic and (bitter voice of experience) had a crap run in the marathon!

  • I think EE realizes that you were merely illustrating a point.image
  • The Paris marathon has loos along the route - but be warned there are hardly any at the start - they're all about half a mile or so away with queues so make sure you get your loo strategy right.
  • And you need tricky dicky's paris marathon thread image
  • Thank you to everyone for all their encouraging words....I feel much better now!

    Thank you also to Johnny Blaze for the tip-off about the loo situation.

    I have run many half-marathons but this is my first full marathon; I dare say that it will be my last as the training is so time consuming. My family are looking forward to proper cooking resuming soon!

    Fingers crossed that I don't develop whopping great big blisters on the day; I've managed these despite having 1000 mile socks and Compeed...impressive or what?

    What a great on-line community...thanks!
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