don't know what to do

Went out for 'day 2, week 8' (or something) of RW 'Run an hour in 12 weeks (or something) - run 20 mins, run/walk 10 mins, run 15 mins - last night. Managed it, but today, just walking up the stairs makes my legs feel like jelly. 'Rest', you say, yes, I say, but my theory was, do day three tommorrow - 'run 40 mins' and then do R4L on Sunday (and I really wanted to run it all, this would be the first time ever for me to run a whole 5k). 'Stop showing off and chill out' you say - but I've become a bit superstitious - if I don't stick to the programme I'll never be able to run again. If my legs feel like jelly today, will they feel even more like jelly on Saturday if I run on Friday so I won't be able to do it on Sunday? If I don't do anything until Sunday will I be jinxed? I know I am a sad individual, but it took me so long to get the hang of this, I don't want to lose it


  • this is normal before any race. You have to relax!

    whats your goal, to demotivare yourself completely, or to get into a hobby which will keep you fit and happy


    Youve done your best
    now just enjoty the race
    good luck!
    oh, and we want to know how you get on
  • Recovery is important listen to your boddy - training programmes are not ment to be cast in stone

    If needs must, you can repeat week 8 next week

    Listen to your body it pays in the long run (pun intended)
  • For god's sake rest! Sorry to shout but I didn't listen to my body in week 5 and that cost me 2 weeks to get back to where I was.

    I didn't injure myself but it sure dented my motivation and please, please don't do what I hurts more than your bruised ego, I can vouch for that!

    Now I always run one day, rest the next and so on, 4 times a week... it's hard because I have to REALLY reign enthusiasm that I can actually truly run for more than 5 feet and coughing and spluttering! lol

    You WILL NOT be jinxed and I know that feeling too: you will do even better because of rest :)
  • Hey Keeptryin', I'm at exactly the same point in the training programme - in fact I ran that very same run yesterday! Then I looked at the prog, saw the 'run 40 mins' instructions for today and thought "Bugger That!" I know that I won't get anywhere by overtraining - actually you are more likely to go backwards.

    So ease up on yourself. You can always do that run another day.

    Have a great time at your RFL!
  • Keeptryin, I understand.

    Being a natural-born obsessional, I too have the superstitious feeling that if I deviate from the programme, I will never run again.

    I know it's daft, and that the programme is there to serve my needs, not the other way round.

    I have now found a way to cure myself of this. I am currently training for a half-marathon, so I have found 3 different training schedules (one from RW mag, one from a running coach I met on holiday, one from a training website). They are all slightly different, so none of them is "THE TRUTH". As long as I keep to the basic principles, I can now "pick and mix" sessions to suit myself, how I'm feeling, work commitments etc.

    Sorry. Long answer to short question.

  • Go with the flow. Listen to your body. Schedules are only a guide. If you're feeling good increase the speed/duration of your run, if your legs feel like lead, reduce it by 5 mins or put in a couple of 30s recovery walks. Your fitness won't suffer.
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