Marathon Schedule


I haven't been running for very long, but I have got through the last 11 weeks of training for the London marathon OK.

Yesterday I completed my longest training run of 18.2 miles in 3 hours 40 minutes, and up until now I haven't had a schedule to try and run to. I was pretty much knackered after yesterday's run, and I am not exactly sure how I will manage the next 8 miles, but is a schedule of 5 hours 30 Ok ?

I was on my own yesterday, and I was hoping that the crowds/other people to run with (chat with) will help?

Any help would be appreciated. 




  • When it gets to marathon day your legs will be rested as long as you taper properly.  At the moment you are running on tired legs all the time.  Have heart.  You will get there. 5:30 sounds a good target and every minute you are inside that will be a bonus.  But to be honest.  The first one is an acheivement what ever time you do it.  You will be back for more image
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