Talkback: Asics GEL Nimbus 11

Rubbish. I bought the 'wide' fitting ones, which are as narrow as most normal ones... the forefoot cushioning is feeble, the sole unit is narrow & feels precariously unstable, & the soles have absolutely no grip in the wet. The slanted lacing has sawed a ridge into my high arched foot, and something on the inner edge of the shoe lining has bruised my heel. What a complete waste of £75!!!


  • so you don't like them eh?? image

    mine are fine as it happens

    did you take advice from a running shop before you bought them to see if they were the right shoe for you?? let me
  • My feet are very wide and the Nimbus 11 fits extremely comfortably.
    I do a lot of VERY mucky XC running and have no problems coping in slippy conditions. It just takes a bit more core stability.
    Highly recommended.

    Edit to add that I choose to wear my nimbies for XC as I prefer their weight and flexibility to that of my offroad trainers.

  • My Nimbus are superb - I have a wide foot and their cushioning is wonderful!

    Takes all sorts I suppose.

  • FB, I'm interested. Do you always get your shoes from a running shop, to see if they are right for you?
  • yes - but if they're the same as a previous model, I might not as I know they will be OK. but I get a loyalty discount from the shop that internet buying can't always match by the time you add delivery costs in.

    I think it's good to try new brands and versions as you might just find something better - and the only way you can do that is by running in them. my local shop lets me do that along the road outside and you can quickly get a feel if they are right or not.

    even between version shoes can change in design and structure so again it's best to try. as an example, Asics made a big error by changing the sole design between Cumulus 9 and 10 such that the 10's didn't feel the same and for me they were uncomfy underfoot, so I changed to Brooks for a while before going for the Nimbus.
  • I agree a complete waste of money.  I was fitted in a specialist running shop, they fetl great but I can only run in them for very short runs as they cause a lot of pressure and pain for my right foot.  They are really narrow (this is the woman's version) and a complete waste of £85. I got them to run the marathon in and am now going back to Vomero's which suit me better.  If they weren't so narrow I would love the responsiveness of them though, compared to the Vomero.
  • rossy67 wrote (see)
    I don't think it helps much going to a specialist running shop, and it costs more. You can't tell that much in 5 mins.

    Go to a running shop that offers a 28 day return service then even when they been used for that time.

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