Running after an Hernia op

I am having a hernia op on Tuesday, the old fashioned way as a previous key hole operation didn't work properly.

I have only done a couple of short runs (5 miles each) since FLM due to being completely knackered post marathon together with other commitments, but want to enter a local 1/2M in september.

I would appreciate any advice on how soon I should be able to start running again post op?


  • I've not had a hernia op, but have had both a C section and Appendicetomy.

    After the section, your not recommened to do anything too strenuous for 6 weeks. (This included lifting children... hang on I'd just had a baby!)

    I felt fine after 3-4, but I wouldn't try anything until after 4.
  • Vinny - My Mr had a hernia op about 10 weeks ago and he was also fine after 3-4 but surgeon told him 'nothing strenuous' which included swimming & cycling, running etc for at least 6 weeks. He didn't feel like it anyway but has been back to cycling since without any ill effects. He also had traditional op and was fine. Day after the op he was up and about, got himself dressed without help. Did have some minor pain and needed to be careful with moving and what not but he's okay now.
  • Vrap is currently recovering from hernia op - would be a good source of advice?
  • Many thanks for your posts..

    Vrap - Where are you? (and) how are you?
  • I was told at least 6 weeks of no running etc. I'm having my op tomorrow. Does anyone know if you can physio after two weeks. I'm needing some work done on my hamstring and calf muscle? image

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