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  • Shall we aim for 7.10 at the bottom. If we don't magically meet at the exact same time, we know which direction the other is coming from, so just jog slowly in that direction image

  • "Bearing in mind your average army bloke makes your average rugby bloke look refined".

    Stevie.... Your getting confused now with the army women...

  • I was quite fond of Biscuits Brown and Biscuits Fruit. A couple of short runs whilst away. Normal service to resume shortly.

  • haha nice one Phil! I actually cant remember the last biscuit I ate, strictly off the diet!!

    7M easy run tonight, was cold and good to run with my club or probably woudnt have made it out!

  • This weather is a bit of a pisser at the moment. I can stand hot and I can stand cold and I can stand wet, but Tuesday I was at the track and down to vest and shorts for reps in bright warm sunshine and then yesterday it was strong cold winds again. I need spells of consistent weather to get used to it.

    SG, see you at 7:10 Sunday. I assume whoever gets there first will jog back and forth along the pavement outside Wycombe Abbey Girls school, opposite the police station, so it will be a case of meeting up or being arrested.

  • It sure will Phil. But be careful what you wish for, March onwards brings the threat of a rare hot day which is the last thing you want in a race.

    Odd week this week, having had  1 1/2 days off, it feels odd it's Thursday already. But definitely embracing a non running day after 37.5miles over 3 days!


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    A bit quiet on here!

    Track tonight which was bloody cold for 5 x 1200. All 5 came out between 3.52 and 3.56. Legs felt really tired so might have tomorrow off in prep for a club championship fell race on Saturday.

    Found out I'm off working away for two weeks today which will see me return home just in time for the Trafford 10k. Not ideal preparation regarding getting some speed sessions in so I may just do 3 or 4 tempo sessions over the next two weeks.

    I'm off to st Ives in Cambridgeshire. Anyone been? Much going on?
  • Matt - used to work down that way occasionally a few years ago. Not exactly much going on, but it's pleasant enough. Stayed at the Old Ferry Boat Inn on the River Ouse in Holywell just outside St Ives. Lovely spot, though got lucky in always being down there in warmer weather. Probably not quite so idyllic at this time of year, but whilst it was before I started running, I did have some good walks along the river, and you'd probably find some decent runs along there too if you can find some daylight to do it in.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Cheers for that Bob. We're not sure where we are staying yet but I think there's a running track there, so I maybe able to get on that sometime. It's working 8 til 8 that makes everything hard work. It's always dark when running, I don't know any routes and I usually have to give up my evening meal to get out there.

    It pays the bills though. image
  • I know the feeling Matt.....last couple of weeks I've been forced to run early as the evening is taken up with meetings and prep work. Today I chose to run in the morning, as the UK time difference means it's light here at 7am, unlike in Europe.

    Undulating 11km long-tempo (i.e. LSR) at 4:22/km.

  • Bloody life getting the way of running! Been the same the last couple of weeks ude to having Chief Marshal duties at this weekend's Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. Out doing sessions pre work is 10 times harder than post work.

    Did manage to get out last night though as there was no way I was doing this session before work - 90 minutes including 3x 15mins @ MP with 5 min jog recoveries. Happy with MP intervals at 6.14 pace, 6.15 pace, 6.14 pace. Just a shame I timed the run wrong and was still 2 miles away from home at the end of the session. Doh!

  • Your MP sessions are looking tasty Johnas, you're running really well and I'm getting excited about what you could do at VLM. Have you shared targets yet? image

    Matt - sub 4s for those 1200 is tasty looking. I was doing 4:12 when I did them, and that was too quick for 10k pace. The 2 weeks should be OK. The week before you'll be doing mainly easy running anyway. The other week just try to get out for some timed intervals - those sessions won't contribute a great deal, if at all, to your performance at Trafford. Let's pray the weather is kind to us.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    just realised trafford 10k is on mothers i will choose my battles wisely and not run. 

    Injury looks like its not going to cause any more mischief, Im gearing up for a 1mile fun run on sunday.  Im running alongside my kids so should be with in my current fitness...just!   i have a 10k the week after and it should give some pointers to how much i have lost due to injury and maybe need to set a more realistic target for wilmslow hm in 4 weeks

  • nice sessions going on, johnas, no wonder you didn't fancy that before work! I know you call a "session" a hard work out, so i've never done one pre a full day's work. Have done some utterly monster sessions at lunch before though, and come in wiped out image

    Heading towards shorter distance biased work now. And after years presuming I was some kind of short distance specialist, i think the evidence and feel is screaming the opposite these days.

    It does take getting back used to though.

    Aim was 4x800s at 5.30,5.20,5.10,5.00 pace off full recovery.

    I judged a full recovery as 2mins, although that could probably have been a minute longer.

    800s came out 2.43,2.39,2.32,2.33

    x2 + the 2secs to round it to a mile, that makes paces of 5.28,5.20,5.06,5.08

    Not too bad then, but the 3rd one came out a bit too fast and probably disjointed the 4th one.

    The wind was down the 200-300/500-600metre part of each rep, and although smashable for the first lap, became a bind for the 2nd lap. The wind disappeared down the back straight and felt like I was jet heeled in comparison!

    Therefore,a decent enough session, doesn't hurt to sometimes not smash the target, it's all good training.

  • Nice session that one SG, little wayward on times but still good effort. I hate the penultimate one and sometimes give it too much wellie and then the last one suffers: looks like you did the same.

    Couple of days off seeing 1xdaughter, 2xparents, 1xsister-in-law and 1xniece, 1xfather-in-law so no excuses if I don't do a fatsish parkrun tomorrow. Must be sub 20 and really need to be a lot closer to 19 than 20.

  • Cheers Stevie. My target is to qualify for a Champs start in 2014, so sub 2.45. Even if it's 2.44.59 i'll be happy and then I'll see what I can do in frankfurt in October once I've got another marathon cycle under my belt.

    SG - we dont have showers at work so lunchtime running is a no no for me. I wouldn't inflict such odours on my team mates! I have started to move more of my 'easy' runs pre work though as it frees up my evenings and keeps the wife happy

  • Spot on Phil, i knew I was overcooking the 3rd one when i clocked a 1:13 400 on it!

    Shocks the legs running at these paces, I can only imagine 1500 and undre racing must be horrendous, and requiring a lot more gym work (...some gym work)

    Johnas, is the sub 2:45 route the one you think is the more realistic then, over the sub 1hr 15 route?

    It takes a lot of single mindedness to put the sessions first at times, I'm certain past gfs have simply not understood the running fair play to you (and others) managing a full life so well!

    I used to watch people go out for lunchtime runs and wonder what kind of nutters they were, and how busy they thought their lives were. Now it feels odd not to!

  • Toughest I had for business and running was inside a closed city in Russia. We were not allowed anywhere unattended so to run there was luckily a very old and rutted track and we took our chaperone out with us at 5am and did a session in the cold and dark. It was more like steeplechase than laps due to the big puddles.
  • 1:30 on the turbo this morning.  It was crying out for a 2 or 3km race pace brick afterwards but the wife & kids faces said no.

    Nothing quite as bizzarre as PMJ's experiences. Had a week in the US last March and did some running, though not much due to gout like symptoms in my big toe. Did plenty of swimming but no bike. Got to the airport for the return journey a little early and found the nearest Hilton and used their gym bike. Gave the concierge $15 to make sure the car wasn't towed away. It was nice to get on the plane after a shower and with the happy burn in my legs. Good sleep too.

  • a closed City Phil? Like Chernobyl, and the film Chernobyl Diairies? image

    Iron, you're not only rivalling old Phil, but I think you are THE biggest thread globe trotter now!

  • ps good luck to the Sunderland national xc-ers including one of our own posters.

    Looking at fb a few from down our way heading up too.

    I just don't get it really.... a near 600mile round trip for an xc race!? image

    When does it get decided where it's to be held next year?

  • Its in the midlands next yr SG, alternates south, north, mids . Im about an hour away from Sunderland now heading to the race. 2" snow here! Stevie See should be there...
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    good luck seb and SS. 

    seb if you run like you do in the birm leagues then you will go great.  & stevie with the base miles you have churned in the last few months i think you will fly round

  • When was it in Leeds then? Was that a full 3 years ago?

    Midlands and south sound better obviously.

    Unless they choose Exeter or somewhere ridiculous!

  • Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)
    Toughest I had for business.

    I forgot the toughest I had for pleasure: way across to the east of Turkey where throwing stones are runners was considered a pass time

    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    a closed City Phil? Like Chernobyl, and the film Chernobyl Diairies? image

    Exactly like Sarov. This is the track, and the way they keep it closed.

  • Remind me not to go to Turkey...

    Right, back - with a decent internet connection!

    Will read through properly and catch up later, but for now, just to say I've checked the Abingdon marathon site and it seems like I'm in. Gulp....

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Ss has just slaughtered a guy who ran 76:30 at Wokingham by 1min 30 seconds in the National.

    The man is flyingimage

     Dean was right. Good call.

  • hard to make sense of that list of random names! but 1,000+ finishers! blimey.

    Will see what Stevie and Seb make of their days with interest

  • on another note, in the women's results, shame Katie Brough broke the little run of  bird related surnames from 9th to 12th image

    9 0:31:31 Lily Partridge Aldershot Farnham & District AC

    10 0:31:34 Katie Brough Warrington AC

    11 0:31:46 Emily Pidgeon Aldershot Farnham & District AC

    12 0:31:46 Claire Duck Leeds City AC

  • RicF wrote (see)

    Ss has just slaughtered a guy who ran 76:30 at Wokingham by 1min 30 seconds in the National.

    The man is flyingimage

     Dean was right. Good call.

    and not to spoil Seb's story, looks like he's beaten a chap by about 41 secs who did a 1hr 12 half and low 33min 10k the other week image

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