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  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Does SG need to borrow a pound off somebody to put in his meter? not posted for a while.image 

  • Good luck everyone racing this weekend! And that quite a few of you by the sounds of it. Put that training .... Or resting up ! to use and get some PB's.image

    Normally when SG disappeares its not a good sign, Unlucky with the niggles those that are suffering, get healed soon, only minor hamstring ache from me to report.

    Happy belated Birthday Bus and good race win last weekend. Everyone likes a win, bootleg race or notimage I've got a 10mile adventure race thing next Sunday on my Birthday just for fun but still want to win.

    Struggle to run early so I think I've not done any doubles in 2013 , guess thats one reason I haven't hit 50mpw yet. 

    Been busy working away but getting some decent running in, trying to take my mind off finding a chap who lodges with us, hanging from the rafters two weeks ago. Seemed like a nice chap been with us 2 years, so bad times.

    Ran a 27:54  5miler last week so a 51second PB, things heading in the right direction, slowly. 

    Best get out before the rain hits....



  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Jeez Seb, that must have been a shock. Puts our trifling running niggles into context, that's for sure.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Ill second that Bus. :-/

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Awful stuff Seb, hope you're OK pal.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    first rule of StevieG thread is you do not talk about StevieG thread.

    second rule is...when someone gets injured everyone does

    But then how do you define an injury? Something that stops you running completely? Or just something that stops you racing/doing quality?

    The last post of our glorious leader. Hope all clears up soon.

    On this thread, that list defining what an injury stops, should include typing.

    Seb, finding a guy like that is pretty shocking. Worse when you know them. At least the guy I found last year was unknown to me. Made light of the incident at the time but it had its effects.

    10k race for me tomorrow. A free run for the club and only two miles from where I live. I'll run to the start as a warm up.

  • That's some heavy shiz Seb. Sorry to hear it. Hope you're ok.

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Nice hill session to day 6 reps of 25 seconds, 4 reps of 75 seconds, 6 reps of 45 seconds. 9.8 miles for the whole session. Heading towards another 50 mile week with 3 quality sessions and a long run.

    Good luck with the 10K tomorrow Ric.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers Ss.

    Your hill session resembled one of mine. 4x 25 secs, 4 x 60, 4 x 135, 4 x 60, 4 x 25.

    Turned the session into 10 x 135 seconds, with the whole up/down element at sub 8 minute mile average (6 miles in one hit)

    I've done the first set once and the second set twice since my last race.

    On 66 miles so far this week with a few more to add tomorrow. I have a feeling its going to be fun.

  • Thinking happy thoughts Seb.

    Good work all round for those training. Ric, that was very early. Still no running, but after moping Thursday I wasn't doing any training I went out on the bike yesterday and today. Clicky ankle (other side to achilles) image.

    Have done enough eccentric heel drops on the stairs to know what paintwork needs touching up. Could probably do it in the dark now.

    Hope all is good for SG.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Keep the faith ironcat.  Injury will be behind you soon enough.

    seb. That sounds rough, keep a strong mind and hit the training to get a release

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    GB masters 5k champs for me today. 

    Not a fast course by any means, 3 laps and a longish drag of hill on each lap, but it was all about chasing medals not PBs.  A quick look around at the start line made my heart drop a little as there were a few low 15min men on the line.  never mind just place as high as I can.  despite setting my watch to KM pace I forgot to set the auto lap to km so only recorded in miles.

    First mile: 4.59 (or 3.06 ave km pace same as christleton despite the hill).  I could have been faster but I eased off.  Dropped into the lead group but after the 1st km I noticed we went through in 2.53, this is too fast ease off.

    mile 2:  5.13 (3.15 km pace) lots of people pass me, they all seem intent on keeping this high pace, I drop down to about 25th now. I dig in and hold it comfortable (maybe this is the wrong feeling in a 5k, shows I have eased off too far maybe!)

    mile 3: 4.59 I work through the pack, I know my chances of a GB medal have gone but this is about pride now.  Im angry that im not in the race so I go hard early, over a mile out and reel back and pass loads who are all slowing due to holding a fast start. suddenly I spot Lee Jones (lee won this race last yr V40) ahead of me and my spirits lift.  im back in a race...sure I have left it far too late but Im reeling him in.  with only 400m to go and most of its uphill I kick to try and catch him.  I turn a 30m gap into 5m gap but the line comes to soon.  And if im honest Lee had a look over his shoulder and knew he had it so maybe I would never have caught him.

    Unofficial 6th V40 in 16.01 which would have got me silver last yr image 2 secs behind Lee who beat me by 5 secs at christleton.  I guess the fact we were so close on both races shows how much slower this course is than christleton.

    I wanted a medal but I wasn't good enough, this is disappointing particularly that I didn't fight hard enough in the middle mile but I can live with coming 6th in a GB race.

    Good to speak to so many people after, some were occasional posters like RobT & Darren Russell both of whom had good races & others lurkers who came over and said hello.  

    right enough of these long races & back to 800m image


  • Haha... Long races. Great report and sounds like you ran a good race. Tactics and 5km aren't usually something that go together - its normally a balls out effort from the B of the bang. But that's not to say they don't require pacing and it sounds like you played it about right. 6th in a GB race is a fantastic result. Well done fella.

  • Oh well, no podium finish here today either in the Staplehurst 10k. There was an outside chance but that was soon forgotten when on arrival i bumped into a fellow club mate (who's a 32 -33 min man) who informed me the whippersnappers from Tonbridge AC had turned up. Still, the real target for me unlike Dean was to PB and break 35 mins - the podium pressure purely self imposed due to the great thread results of late!

    A good flat course through the Kent countryside, the plan was to break 35 and see what I need to do training wise over the next month to have a really good stab again towards the end of July.  

    As I expected, the Tonbridge lads fired off straight from the start and went through 2 Km's in 6.10. I was back in about 8th at this point trying to settle into planned pace. A few of the guys ahead looked a bit too stocky to be 10k runners and sure enough, by 5km I'd chased them down and picked up the pace to try and catch my clubmate who was in 3rd. I'd started to ignore the km splits  and just concentrate on the average lap pace as the markers were clearly placed on the nearest tree, sign or bush and were far from accurate: 3.18km split to 3.52km split between km4 -5! Don't think so.  

    Around 7km to 8km the course is uphill and although not steep, were leg sapping. I could feel my pace slowing from 8km and just had to grit my teeth. At 9km I got passed by one of the lads from earlier who I never really managed to shake off and I just didn't have anything to keep with him. Target was just to not get passed again and quick look over the shoulder revealed no one within eyesight. Sweet.  

    Over the line in 5th but glad to report 50 second PB in  34.38. Definitely some work to be done but I'm about where I expected off only a few weeks 10k training. Time to work on speed endurance and those final kms!

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Great racing fellas!

    Dean, was Stu in the race?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Good and successful racing guys.

    Can't match the paces of these races but held my own today ok.

    Awkward 10k course (3 lap compromise design) with 25 'right-angle bends' to negotiate.

    Mile splits: 5:41, 5:36, 5:45, 5:45, 5:46, 5:57 & 5:49 pace for last bit. Garmin reckoned on 6.34 miles.

    Finish time 36:27. (fastest official 10k for 10 years)

    Over cooked things around 5 miles 28:33 (AG 86.83%) so took a hit over the next section, uphill into a breeze.

    Ended up in 5th place less than one minute from the winning time.

    Here's something. Of all the miles I've run leading up to this race, from the last one (race). Thats 142 miles, only 13 have been faster than 8 minute miling and the fastest was only a 7:46!

    Speedwork anyone? 

    Ok, I'll get around to it. maybe.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Johnas great race and a deserved PB.  Scratch that...a deserved HUGE Pb image  Your performances aren't making it easy for me to back out of VLM 

    stevie big stu was entered but I didn't see him.

    nice work ric on your PB

  • Thanks Dean. More to come I hope.

    Fantastic result Ric. Those hills working wonders. Now imagine what you'd achieve WITH some speedworkimage

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Seb, that's a real shocker.  Hope you and everyone who knew him are OK.  Can well imagine that might knock you for six.  However, at least the running's heading in the right direction.  Good PB on the 5 miler, but I've a feeling there's a lot more to come from you.

    Dean, great race report.  Must be excellent to get involved in a national championship of any kind, almost makes me want to be 40 (almost...).  Not a podium, but you've shown you can mix it at that level, so that's a plus.  And 16:01 is still a pretty tasty time in my book.

    Johnas, excellent 10K!  Breaking 35 is still one of the highlights of my, albeit brief, running career.  It was exactly the same circumstances as you too, 5th in a race I'd expected to be top 3 in, but breaking 35 made me forget about all that.  Now that's off your back, you can kick on again.  No doubt SG will be pleased again that you were polite enough to stay just behind his PB.

    Ric, good racing.  A 3 lap 10k sounds a nightmare, particularly with all those twists, as I find 10K is all about rythym.  But a very gratifying time, and good to see all your recent work paying off.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Johnas, Dean & Dachs.

    Thanks for that. The components are coming together. As long as I get at least two weeks between races; preferably three, then I can make progress.

    A race (5k/10k) per week may be fun but recovery issues hamper the adaptive process to such an extent that you end up free-wheeling around the same standard.

    My next race is a 5 miler on the flat-lands of Perivale, so the emphasis will be towards the aforementioned speed-work.

    The day to day mileage is averaging around 8:20 pace XC. It seems to be pleasant and effective so I'll continue with that.

    Next 3 weeks should include 14 days easy, 2 hill sessions & 4 speed sessions.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Leg 1 of the Ridgeway Relay for me this morning.  We had a pretty decent looking A team, so the onus was on me to give us a good start, despite off-road and hilly not generally being my strengths.  Meant leaving home at 5:45 am (on father's day!) for a 7:30 am start at Ivinghoe Beacon, not far from Luton.

    Raced with my new Garmin for the first time, but I didn't realise that you can't ask it to find satellites 5 minutes beforehand and still expect it to have said satellites when the gun goes.  This meant some frantic pressing as we started, and in the end I gave up.  So no exact times or splits, I'm afraid.

    Slightly odd start - I went straight into the lead at a very comfortable pace for 200 flat metres, but then you immediately have a pretty hairy descent off the Beacon, and the fact that I was out of my comfort zone with fell running type stuff became immediately apparent as 10-15 runners poured past me at breakneck speed on the descent.  I overtook all but 2 immediately as soon as it flattened out, and tried to settle into a sustainable pace.  Gradually pushed up alongside the leader from Vale of Aylesbury, and ran with him across the grasslands for a mile or so, before he dropped me heading towards some woods and opened up a pretty big gap.  I had no inclination to chase him, as I didn't imagine that thrashing myself in the first couple of miles was a good idea.  However, I was starting to regret wearing the layers that had seemed such a good idea at the top of a windy hill.

    Pace was fast and comfortable into the valley and across Tring station, but after that the uphill began. Halfway up a hill after crossing the dual carriageway a small fly went into my mouth and stuck to the roof of it, which meant an involuntary stop for a couple of seconds of Bus-style dry retching.  Took the opportunity for a glance behind to see that 3rd place was catching, so pushed on again.  Around the 4 mile point, which was the highest point of the course I felt like rubbish, but in the knowledge that the large ups and downs were mainly behind, pressed on, helped by a beautiful wide and largely flat pathway through the wooded part of Tring Park.

    This was followed by a road section, and at this point I realised no-one was close behind me, so I allowed myself a bit of comfortable pace before pushing on.  More woodland was followed by a field full of cows, and another woodland.  Almost turned my ankle on, ironically, one of the few flat bits, but managed to pull out of it.  A steep, very loose descent followed, and I was grateful to get to the bottom with both ankles intact.  The final push was an uphill then a long downhill through woodland and finally finished down a farm lane to hand over in 2nd place.

    Seems like I came home in about 1:06, which for 11m dead is 6-minute miling.  Fairly happy with that given the off-road and ups and downs (albeit that it was net downhill).  Fulfilled my three aims, to (a) have a good run at a decent pace, (b) keep the team in contention and (c) not get injured.  Think I was a fair way behind the Aylesbury guy, who the likes of Bus may well know of (think it was this chap: - he seems to be pretty good at this kind of thing.  But I was also a decent way ahead of 3rd.  Last I heard our team was 4th, but it's still going on as I write.

    I'm aware that that was a long race report, but off road stuff is just a bit more eventful.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Yep, Charlie is a pretty speedy guy with plenty of off-road under his belt, and he seems to be getting back to his fomer speed after a post VLM blip, so no shame in coming in behind him - especially at that pace over that sort of terrian Dachs - most impressive!

    Top running from yourself Johnas - very well done on getting such a big PB, and it looks like a bit of focus in that area will see it drop even further. It's doubly good that you seem to have escaped the post-marathon curse!

    Dean - also a very good time, and showed a steely determination to get back up there that has slightly faded in some of us vets image

    Of course, that's not the case for Ric - another stonking perfromance, and even more so after such a big mileage week! Your training may not follow the standard patterns, but it definitely works for you!

    Double for me today, with 5 easy paced XC this morning and a short interval session tonight to take advantage of being at the track for my son's athletics. 

    3x 800m, with 400m rec then 3 mins, then 3 x 400m, 400 rec - came out at  2:41, 2:42, 2:41, 1:17, 1:17, 1:18, which, albeit short, is pretty speedy for me, so pleased enough with that. Also my biggest week since March, with 61M. Legs are feeling very tight, especially both hamstrings, so I'm going to make next week a cut back week before the next bit of proper racing and scaling up the miles for Abo.  


  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Bus, reps on a Sunday?!

    Johnas, a cracking PB, and no doubt more to come in the future. But it's kind of a double delight of having invested all the marathon training and now reaping rewards over other distances. All that tempo work has added up too! Great stuff mate.

    Just looked at the Master 5K results Dean, if you look at them I think your run looked even better considering the fellas ahead of you. Lee Jones is always a good marker but I'm sure you'll have him. In fact I bet he does that mile on Wed, show your speedy wheels off then! (please don't lap me!)

    Ric, a cracking effort and a best of 10 years is some going. You going to start training properly then?! image 

    Dachs - an eventful race. Sounded like a bit of a testing route so 6min/miles is a cracking return!

    10.5 for me, 50 miles for the week, 2 tracks session and a hill session. All looking good.image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    RicF, most definitely going well at the minute. A 10k best for 10 years on the back of some big mileage takes some doing. The knowledge of training techniques/sessions that you've picked up over the years are obviously proving fruitful in the Vets now. (And also the senior men)

    Dean, did you need to be top 3 for a GB vest? still a solid run nevertheless. will it be next year before you get another crack at it? 

    Johnas, solid run there with a PB, I'd be surprised if you finish the year still in the 34s. I think I've only ever finished one 10k feeling as though I've so etching left, I'm usually dying on my Arse. 

    Decent run too Dachs, sounds a bit similar to my relay run the other week. I enjoyed the sense of not running for a time and trying to get a good place for the team, a completely different pressure. 

    Nice running too Bus and Stevie. 

    I ran the local 13.5 mile road race today, billed as probably the toughest half marathon in the country (Albeit its slightly longer) 2000ft of hills on country roads and I turned up with just trying to beat last years time of 1.25.33. 

    That was until I was pointed towards the 'legends' board where a time of sub 1.23 gets your name on it. Got to give it a whirl I thought. the course is that tough the record stands at 1.16 and has stood for 23 years and was set by a 48 min 10 miler with an early 60s half time. I had no chance of winning as a local 66 min half runner Tom cornthwaite had come  with the sole aim of taking the record. I was absolutely gobsmacked with the pace he went off at considering the hills that are littered throughout. A clubmate who was on the lead bike was dropped by him on the courses toughest climb about two miles from the finish. 

    I went off in 5/6th and by the halfway I found myself 3rd but felt I was forcing it too much and was struggling. I was well clear of 4th though and around 100 yards off 2nd but couldn't close the gap. I ran the last 6 miles on his tail but couldn't gain anything And finished in 1.25.09. He broke the course and ran 1.15. They say the 1.23 is an indication of a 1.13 half so I can't grumble with my time after no specific half training and no real long runs recently. 

    Just the small matter of my debut 5000m track debut on Saturday. Shit the bed!image 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Good report Matt - edge of the seat stuff! Sounds like a really tough race, and a good time that promises big things if you were to focus on a fast half.

    SS - I occasionally do reps on a Sunday just cos it's free access to the track and I'm there anyway image

  • Well done Johnas, Dean, Ric, Matt, Dachs. Speedy times.

    Bus, I'm used to mixing things up to keep every ball in the air. If Sunday fits then so be it.

    Forget RicRule #1 today: hydration. A tea, a coffee and a sip of squash do not happy calfs make. Could feel cramps beginning to fire on the bike today on a long uphill. Quads cramping as I go down the stairs now. Have rehydrated with one of the ales my kids bought for fathers' day. Also plenty of squash tonight.

    I do wonder with all the low sugar and low salt food and drink we have whether I'm missing out on some electrolytes and should top up?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    IC, thats an unusual amount of muscle cramps you seem to be aflicted by. I had similar when my calcium levels were all over the shop. Just a thought.

    Mattl, I note that you appear to have discovered that having a new addition to your family has in fact enhanced your running rather than stopped it. Found the same thing myself. The year after my lad was born I smashed all my best times and never ran better. Until now believe or not.

    The reason was simple. My wife wanted to do nothing more than play with her baby. Still does in fact. Problems arise when mum wants to carry on her former life and go out with all her mates of an evening, and 101 other things because she's sooo bored.

    That's when you get home from work and she's on the way out, saying "your turn, I'm off". TBH this is a OH selection problem, involves thinking ahead.

     Had an email which confirms my suspicions that my Garmin (basic 110) measures long. Consistantly 2% long. 

    So for the sake of consistancy we can all accept that when I ran a 5:45 mile. It was in fact a 5:52. 


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    its not hindered my running at all up to now. My Tuesday and Thursday track sessions take a bit more planning as that's when the wife plays netball but all the other days are fitted in whenever I can get out. As long as I give a bit of notice about racing its not a problem either. Thankfully the Missus is a homebird and not one for gallivanting either out shopping all the time or going out with friends. She also knows how grumpy I get when I don't run. image 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Stevie see wrote (see)

    Just looked at the Master 5K results Dean, if you look at them I think your run looked even better considering the fellas ahead of you. Lee Jones is always a good marker but I'm sure you'll have him. In fact I bet he does that mile on Wed, show your speedy wheels off then! (please don't lap me!)

    stevie - agreed. just seen the results and speaking afterwards with some of them its clear the course is slower so happy enough. most of the chaps ahead have PB in the very low 15s.   Spoke to Lee after the race, he is a good bloke and is hoping to do the mile but as he is 4th on the all time V40 list i will be happy to be there and there abouts.

    Matt and Dachs - excellent pace on difficult courses. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dean, at least the V40's have their own fastest guy. The V50's and V55's have to accept that the fastest V60 is also faster than all of them too. Sub 33 minute 10k, bloody hell!

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