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  • Does anyone know if Dorney Dash this Saturday is a Po10 event? PMJ?

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    Johnas, it has a full UKA race licence so I assume that means yes.

    Feel free to join my 45min pace group if you want to enjoy the event to the max!

    If you are going to enter then don't delay - there are no entries on the day.


  • cheers Wool. appreciated!

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    At least Tunbridge Wells has a bit of rock climbing to mess about on though Johnas...

    Harrison's Rocks. Haven't been there for years. Also haven't been to High Rocks on TW for years either...

    5km in the morning sun (6:30 am). Too hot to run until ~9pm here.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Yep. Run home was very unpleasant - combination of muggy heat and really tired legs for some reason. Will have a day off running tomorrow.

  • Back from a sunny track meet in Trafford.

    Ran the 3k with Stevie.

    Was in the B race.. Already daunted after seeing sub 2min 800m kids!  The first 3000 looked fast and I was a little nervous.  Stevie said a good strategy was to sit in with the 17 year old girls!

    Managed to start on goal pace.. was tempted to try and keep with the front group but knew I'd blow up at 1500m if I did.  Kept my pace all the way round and started to wind it up on the bell. Took a girl at the last 200m mark and had one of the guys from the group in front  in my sights.. Gave a good last 200m and took him.

    Had the time at 9:49 which I'm fairly pleased with for my first track outing.

    Sure Stevie will be here for a report, and Dean's 800.  Will post some pics later! 

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    10:10 for me, same as last time. On time to the seconds up to 2K then rigamortis set in. The last 2.5 laps were horrific. Oh well, try again next week! image

    Well done to Tim on a very strong 3K debut, much more to come I would imagine! Good to meet you too!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    It seems your pic uploading is on a par with mine Tim. Great first outing though. 

    Whens the next one Stevie? Are they open meets? I might have a bash at one. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    i was standing with stevie and tim after my race, when my coach walked over and said, that was shit.  He was 100% right.

    2.06.49.  I went through the bell in 61 so was a little slower than I planned so thought I would pick up the pace.  Nothing in the tank. In fact I got dropped and was 10m down off 2nd to last at 500m.  Basically the rest of the run was irrelevant as I lost  more and more time.  I tried to kick in the last 100 for pride but after about 30m I gave up on that. There was nothing there.  The winner did 2 dead so it's not like the race too fast, i could go about my Achilles and how that affected me but its an excuse. Truth is I was flat from increased mileage last week And I raced poorly.  Hope I can clear the injury so I can have another crack in a few weeks.  

    Congrats to tim on a good debut 3k

  • Cheers Dean.

    Thanks Matt.. Highly recommended... Was great fun! Although puts things into perspective seeing how fast people are!

    My photos were there before.. Is there a thief in the midst?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Tidy track exploits fellas, Tim a nice first 3k, and I can vouch for a first 3k being an odd experience, both in opponents, strategy and 7 1/2 laps! Stevie, another 10 something!  You're hoovering those up now chief!

    Dean, 2:06 and disappointed, I think that says it all!

    It's your track time tonight fellas, and it's also a bit late, so I'll leave the summary of the Relay my boys (and girls) picked up a trophy a piece at tonight, until tomorrow image

    ps spellchecker...stop changing hoovering to hovering!! GRRR

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    well new morning and the sun is shining, has my outlook improved on last nights race......nope!  i was getting more and more frustrated driving home as normally you can find some positives in a poor race but yesterday there was nothing.  SG you used the words disappointed above, its worse than that as i feel more embarrassed by the performance than anything else.  the clock doesnt show the story of how i felt or the race unfolded, my coach said after 100m i was almost shuffling, no knee lift no spring very heavy and flat.  i looked like a prize mug out there in a faster heat trailing in a distant last in a race i should have been near or at the front of.  I hate that. I also hate the fact that im limping and cant go out and run it off and find another race to put this right.   image

    edit...just thought of a positive....i didnt get disqualified this week.  Yay image

    Stevie S - i didnt quite clock that your race you werent far off a PB.  and whilst the heat didnt affect a 2 lap race it would tell in a 3000.  i think you will dip under 10 soon enough once the heat drops.  Looks like we will both be going to watford to put our races right.

    Matt- yes they are open, £5 for 1 race £7 for 2.

  • Dean - shuffling to an avergae of 63 second laps. surely that's a positive! Which I could shuffle like that. I do know what you mean though - when you put the work in, you feel good and then don't deliver to the standard you expect of yourself, it's a tough pill to swallow. The thing is, we all have days like that and it's all par of the course.

    SS - love your determination and it's for that reason you'll be rewarded for sticking with it. Quite clearly that sub 10 is in you.

    Seb - good steady building of mileage from you. In these conditions, take joy in easy mileage!

    Tim - looks like a well ran, paced and strategically ran race. nice work on your debut.

    Bus - sound like a rest day is due indeed. hot sweaty cross country not my idea of fun. And to do it as a double day is commendable!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Last ten days for me:

    12, 12, 12, 10 inc 20 x 400m, 12, 15, 12 inc 40 x 200m, 12, 12, 8 inc 30 x 200m.

    The last session was planned around 40 x 200m but was going so well I stopped at 30. Doing another 10 reps would prove nothing, I'd done enough work.

    Bus, personally I'd have packed it in about 2 miles into that 20 miler of yours and taken 3 weeks off. 

    Durable and tough I'm not.

  • fookin 'ell... epic reps Ric. Epic.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers Johnas.

    I try to set an example.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ric, how can you say that off the sessions you are knocking out - 40x200m Bloody 'ell!! 

    Seriously though, I am VERY pleased that first 20 is out of the way now - a good pyschologial barrier to get through!

    Tim/Stevie - very nice 3ks. I've never done one - must get around to it some day before I'm really too old!

    Dean - behave! Even you have to have a crap race every now and again, and it was only crap by your standards image

    Bloody humid at the moment - hoping the breeze generated by cycling home will help!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Ill second that.

    I was talking to somebody who had adopted a similar approach to your high mileage/easy paced training Ric. He's a V40 and earlier in the year I was surprised he'd been picked to run for the county at the national XC after not doing a lot of racing and not running quicker than 34.xx for 10k over the last couple of years.

    after disappearing off the radar for a while he came in the top 200 at the nationals and has since raced lightly but had some cracking runs. Most recently a 15.38 at a 5000track race. He'd spent a few years trying to do reps on the track without making the gains he was hoping to make. he said for he has really increased his mileage, albeit at a really steady pace, plenty of hills with a couple of tempos a week. 

    No track work at all and nothing at above race pace. Obviously working for him. ive done a club session with him twice in the last 6 month and I've been left in his wake on both occasions. 


  • Damnit! Results show 9:50:xx, not 9:49:xx.. 

    Just back from a horrible 10 miler in the heat. Exhausted, hamstrings hurting and Achilles very sore. Should have taken the day off. 

  • Hold on a minute.. 30 reps?! Really?! 12x200 kills me! 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Tim, 12x200 at the intensity you do them at would kill me! Ric, you're not doing those 200s flat out clearly, as 30 is mentalism.

    Miserable 3miler today, an unusual dull sort of ache just under the kneecap, and real upset stomach. Hopefully the knee thing is just some random thing that will go quick, maybe I've been overdoing the lunge type strengthening for the pelvis!

    however, let's have a little report of last night's relay win.....

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    mattl, I'm doing the same as he is. The miles are really easy; as in not pushing pace at all, but plenty of hills. No track work for me either and the pace of the reps with the short recoveries resemble a broken up tempo run.

    I'm with Mike Gratton when he says "Don't force the pace, let it come to you". 

    Now that I've said that, if you are hide bound on zones and target paces then there's a danger of 'putting the cart before the horse'. What happens when you don't get the numbers you want? exactly! you use force.

    As for pace of reps. I don't run a 200m rep as fast as I can go. I use 200's to run 5 miles at a faster pace than I can run 5 miles in a race. It has to be faster than race pace for the neural pathways to get the message as regards tempo and balance but not so fast that I cannot sustain the 25 plus minutes needed to 'bed in' the message without blowing up from lactate accumulation.

    I have the feeling that most runners only equate training adequate if it causes pain and exhaustion. Working on the principle that muscles are 200 times more dynamically active when jogging compared to those when asleep. There really isn't anything to be gained from 'over-riding' the endorphins and mashing yourself.

    I don't do it myself for the simple reason it doesn't work. 

    SG, I've run the sessions on road, on grass and up and down slight hills on both. The pace, today on a sloping grass strip (6:15am) I averaged roughly 39 seconds, so only around 20 seconds recovery. So far from 'eyeballs out gut busting'. I calculate 80% of top speed for just one.


  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Those pics haven't worked! I bet I looked goosed, and you looked all triumphant!

    I'm doing an easy 7 tonight when it cools, the heat is very oppressive at the moment. Last night I blocked it out my mind but it does make a difference.

    Considering doing the Watford Open next Wednesday to give myself another opportunity to run sub 10.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Right, Bounders Relay last night. More relaxed version of the epic Runnymede Relay from 2 weekends back, but still 35-40teams there looking at the photos.

    The drill was teams of 4, one vet, 2mile ish leg, start and finish at the same place.

    I was on leg 3, and we were ordered slowest to fastest.

    Route was offroad, fairly steep fist 400metres, very sharp 20metres or so turn off, and then some nice flat and slightly down terrain, before a moderate incline midway, and then home to the finish. Glorious 100metres slight descent to the finish.

    You never know how these relays would pan out, although we knew we'd have a great chance of a win.

    However, after leg 1 we were in 3rd.

    Reading had a couple of good runners there, their best runner on the night being on leg 2. Our 2nd legger kept nicely in the game,getting us into 2nd and as the changeover happened, Reading's 3rd guy perhaps had 8-10secs on me.

    He went off quite hard up the incline, and I must have looked that way as I got a "don't overdo It on the hill" from Our Graham.  I could feel the breathing was hard, but quickly got on the shoulder, and knew it was just a choice of picking when to overtake.

    The 20metre steep bit was the perfect time, and as I emerged into the open, I imagined Dean's voice saying "put the boot in", so did, and monstered what felt a good lead.

    Saw some of the guys from my club on the course, and 1.2miles or so in one said I had a 150metre lead. Which caused me to worry a little, as I thought that doesn't sound much. So upped the effort.

    Then I realised that probably is a lot over 1,2miles! Was glad to see the finish, and already thundering in, put on a ridiculous burst of pace for the last 50metres, only to see Graham almost level with me, not expecting me in yet!

    Luckily the handoff was a bit better than my last one at Runnymede, and Graham was away.

    Hard to approximate, but he must have had a good 30-40secs lead, and it'd take a fantastic runner to take that much out of him over 2miles on that terrain!

    Had a nice walk around, caught up with my coachee Nikki who was in the women's team, and then 11:40 or so later Graham was back to wrap the win up.

    The women won too, so a nice double header.

    Will be interested to see how the individual results come out. I think our other 2 guys were in the 12.05-12.20 territory, and I was well under 12, but managed to screw the watch up. Would be nice to beaten Graham's time as per Runnymede, but we'll see.

    Either way a nice trophy, and erm bottle of wine, a nice night's work, and another trophy for the thread!




  • me your email address and i'll send you the pics. There are some ok ones. You look better than me at the end !! That last lap killed me! Must have done it 10 secs faster than the others. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Nice report Sg, sounds like agood race too. I'll have that wine if you don't want it old son image

  • Stevie seeStevie see ✭✭✭

    Well done SG, get that wine down yer!

    My 7 turned into 3.6 recovery after 10 steps. Felt like a 18stone lump. The race and heat has just done me in! Plus I've a lot going on (not bad things but tiring) at the moment.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Great report Sg and reads like a really good performance from you. Congrats.

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