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  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    What's your plans now Dean? Has the Achilles problem cleared up? 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    matt - i have the midlands vets cup final this sunday where im doing a 800 & 1500 double,  then a fortnight later its the british masters track finals where im looking at doing the 800 & 1500 (might drop the 1500 yet) then track season will close.

    midlands and national 6 stage road relays are coming up plus robin hood half mara at the end of sept.   XC all winter but focus is on leeds abbey dash 10k in november.

    achilles is ok, still feel it but its not causing any proper pain, although i woke up with a slight groin strain after last nights track.  im sure that will go away and was just a twinge as i havent done much track training for months.

  • Back to the world yesterday after a camping trip to the West Country..need to catch up and read through what's happened.

    Dean- glad to see you're back on track so to speak.. Busy month ahead for you.

    Managed 36 miles in my holiday week.. Mainly the Devon and Cornwall coast path. Some really amazing running I must say. The ups and downs are surely tough.

    Did 3 runs yesterday. An easy 5 miles in the morning, then went for a gym induction to join my new gym; jumped on the fancy treadmill and did 3 miles including 4x400 at 19kmh. Evening 5 miles trail reps 5x1000 m.

    May do the Blackpool HM this weekend but unsure of my fitness after way too much stodgy eating and not enough training. 


  • Mattl, hopefully that's the end of the unknowns and on the road to proper recovery. After beasting Ben Nevis.

    Dean, glad to hear things are on the up achilles wise. I'd still be wary as you can feel it. Are you doing eccentrci heel drops?

    I looked up what McMillan suggested easy should be and it tallied with SG's pace suggestion from some month's back so ran 6km at that today. Felt harder than usual to begin with but got in to the groove after a km or two. I've obvioulsy been taking life far to easy of late. A few niggles mainly from last night's ride and life in general, but glad to be back.

    Did anyone experience GPS wierdness today? I had 3 dropouts during my run, all with a clear view of the sky. I wonder if developments in Syria is causing the GPS accuracy to go awry.

    Tim - 36 miles sounds like a big week for me! Down time is good though.


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    hope you're all doing well. i'm too cheesed to be reading back/offering anything positive.

    8miler at lunch, went alright, except for some reason I thought i'd put my car key in an open pocket rather than holding it/sealing it in a pocket like normal.

    Result? a horrible feeling at 7.8miles realising i'd lost it.....3hours tonight walking 6miles of the route didn't find it.

    ho hum. arse.

  •  That really sucks SG. That is my nightmare scenario.  got to have a zip up pocket on the shorts otherwise I stash the key in the wheelarch or similar. 

    Hope everyone is ok. Congrats Johnas on the baby news, exciting times! 

    Just been busy with work and life, training reasonably. had afew races on, just another daft obstacle race win and a 3000m in 9:23 which was ok. 

    Getting a tad bored with running the same routes week in week out and motivation might be waning some what.

    Glad to hear Ironcat, Dean and Matt are all on the mend. If your not fit for the 'Ben you won't do it anyway will you Matt? 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    If I'm not fit to run it i'll still be going up for the trip. I've got two nights hotel and my transport sorted so would just walk up on race day and support my club mates. 

  • 3km at recovery pace this morning in the woods. Life is good! image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    good news iron and regards the achilles dips i try to remember to do them but if im being honest now the pain has gone and i can run i do them less frequently.  Which is wrong!

    Seb - good 3k there.  is that a pb? 

  • I have to schedule in the 5-10 minutes each morning and evening to do the heel drops. It takes up time but at what cost?

  • all dedication and time Iron I guess, I cant fit in corework, stretching, foam rollering, heel drops/squats/lunges much at all. need to, but the foam rollering and stretching come first! Got a really hip muscle tightness at the moment. Run a hard  session or long run and it flares up. Muscle on the outer hip right on the bone it appears. found a stretch similar to the butterfly stretch that really gets it but not easing much yet.

    Cheers Dean, Its certainly the fastest I've ever covered 3k in, when I was a junior I think I only ran 10mins. But its my first attempt since then.Thought I might get 9:20 but it just went away from me. when's Watford..

    tough solo inteval session tonight- 5 x 1200m with 2:30 recovery. all on target 3:51 (77's). last year I was doing 80s/lap so progress is being made.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Cracking 3000m Seb. Are you going to do more road and track or will your main aim be the x country and the off road stuff? 

    Ive had a full week off running, the first time for about a year (since I was last injured). I've been the gym everyday and twice a day on a few occasions where ive been on the x trainer in the morning then the bike and stepper in the evening. 40 minutes on a bloody step machine after a mornings x training, a day up and down step ladders at work then intervals on a spinning bike certainly took its toll on my legs. 

    Pain free at the minute and had a 9 mile walk and a 2 mile jog yesterday where i never felt the injury at all. i very nearly joined a group going up the Lake District for a run this morning but realised that I need to walk before I can run so to speak. 

    Going to try a few miles steadily away on the treadmill today and then I'm undecided. Do I keep doing some steady running before Ben Nevis this weekend or do I just stick to some lighter gym stuff and keep myself fresh for this Saturday. Thoughts? 

  • My 2p worth: If you're committed to the Ben then you'll want something to keep your legs loose.

    Elliptical/Xtrainer will be low impact and keep the legs moving, as would a spin bike (low effort, resistance enough for an easy high cadence - 90 rpm). Maybe an easy couple km plod Wed and Fri off road/on grass?

    Parkran yesterday, but after the week off ill it was hard - stomach said effort was correct but legs failed to respond. Trying to run before I could walk too!. Woke up late, didn't get a good WU, etc. Did some easy mileage afterwards to cooldown and bring the total to 10km.

    As I have committed to not being at the track before October I need to remember that and should stick to tempo effort at most at Parkrun. Very easy to get swept up in the atmosphere. Especially when there are some XC league faces about image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Haven't posted for a while. 

    Still taking things easy pace wise. Volume though is averaging 80 miles per week plus. 91 miles last week.

    Bumped into someone who I ran with around 20 years back. She ran 34 minutes at this years London Bupa 10k, at 42 years of age.

    Asked if she could join me for part of my long Sunday run. Not a decision that needed much consideration from me. Just like the old days.

    Here's a picture of the lady at her best.



     Number 637. Andrea Whitcombe enroute to the second of her three National Cross Country victories. Not a bad tri-athlete in her day also.

    Forgot to mention getting my highest ever 'age graded %' two weeks back with a 36:06 10k (last mile 5:37 into a headwind) worth 86.43%.

    Mind you, Andrea's last two races (on the same day) averaged 94%!

    I know my place.

  • Well done Ric Nice 10k at any age plus a great WAVA % but Andrea's 94% bloody impressive.

    I did another 5k yesterday won race in 16.19 WAVA 89.xx% not sure yet image Ran awsy from start won by 21 secs never headed things definately heading in right direction!

    steady 12 this morning with no after effects image

    Seb good 3k sure there ix more to come as well 

  • Well done Seb on the 3 and rob on the 5k.

    I'm just back from a windy Blackpool Seafront.

    Set off at 7:30 this morning from Penrith... Conditions seemed good but looked bleak when I got to Blackpool.  I felt good, pretty fit ansuture that I would run a PB as nearly 6 months of good training since my previous Half.

    Anyway, set off with another guy from Penrith, who was a 2:36 marathoner but hadn't come close to his best on a Half. 

    First mile felt a little quick.. around 5:40, so I slowed it down to average around 6mins. 

    Carried on well, keeping with. Group of 5-6 that were keeping the wind at bay.

    5 miles passed feeling strong at around 29:45, though it was an uninspiring course up and down a few times.

    Got a niggle of a stitch at 6 miles but it went away and managed to hold the pace.


  • ..hit 8 miles in 48 mins but the stitch suddenly got really painful.  I just about managed to hold it together for the next half mile then was in absolute agony so had to stop.  I've never stopped in a race before, so felt like I'd given up.. I started again after 30 secs to see if the stitch had gone.. Tried all my normal techniques such as pushing the spot and deep breathing etc, but it just got excruciatingly painful again, so I stopped, this time for good.  

    The last runner who is just lapped asked how I was and I said I'm pulling out and walking back so I started to walk with her. 

    She told me she'd had a heart attack so no point trying to kill myself. After. Short while, the stitch went, so I started jogging... Before I knew it, I was back up to pace so thought I'd carry on to see if I'd get to the next mil marker. 

    Was a lonely last 4 miles on my own wih the wind, but I think I cut ally ran better than earlier, so decided to finish.  Due to the forced ret, I put in a big sprint finish, taking someone just on the line.

    I sw the clock at 1:20:3x so not a great time, but i clawed some back.  Really gutted at getting such a bad stitch that made me stop as I was on for a sub 1:18:00...oh well, nevermind. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Tim, lets look on the up side. It was a great salvage job. The time recorded doesn't tell the story. The next race can only be an improvement.

    Great runs and races all round it seems. Injuries and niggles hopefully being eradicated. That hot spell of weather didn't do too many favours.

    Rob, that's a fantastic result. 89% Age graded is verging on international vets standards and with more to come I'd wager. Many of us can equate with sub six minute miling, or even 5:30's at a pinch. But feed a 16:19 into the calculator and it comes up with an average mile pace of 5:...'bloody hell!' that's quick'.

    Alas I feel I'm close to my own limit already.

    Been upgraded to a full 20 miles plus for the Round Norfolk Relay. At least it means I start before midnight.

    Had a laugh with Andrea about the occasion of her first National win when another women (sub 2:40 marathoner) tricked her into going on a run that was about double her usual limit. And that after a night out.

    Realising she'd been set up, and that the other girl was now pushing the pace while heading for home, Andrea simply went even faster and proceded to bury the lass. "I was waiting at the top of every hill for her and asking if she was ok when she came gasping her way up". Class.

  • Tim sounds a painfull and frustrating couple of miles well done for hanging in there and finishing you'll reap the rewards image as an aside I train with a team mate of yours at Wilmslow Graham MacNeil one of the best V50's around image

    cheers Ric for the kind comments I do enjoy being competitive against youngstersimage anyone under 40 is in that group!

    Obviously our unbroken training is helping us "old farts" I'm now at 155 days !!

  • Cheers Ric! You're right!

    Rob.. Yes Graham is quick... I failed to keep up with him on. 5 miler this summer but pipped him on the Warford 10... If I'm running like that in 15 years, I'll be happy. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Rob, I can identify with the old farts bit. According to the rest of my household thats what I am mainly constructed of.

    I'm now at 133 days with 1369 miles logged.



  • Tim whilst from my POV that is a great time, I know that everything is relative and I know what it means to come home after a really bad day in the office.

    Chin up, regroup and come back stronger.

    Welcome back Ric.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers IronC

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Good to hear from you Ric. Always nice to hear your words of wisdom on here. i hope i can still run a 36 when im a vet. Well done on the 10k. Quality Wava to boot.

    great win at the 5k too RobT. Must be a great feeling to be beating all the young uns with quality times.

    Tim, although you're prob a bit pissed off at least you know it wasn't your legs giving up which resulted in you missing your target. Definitely sub 1.18 without the stitch Next time out. 

    I headed to the gym twitch 20 mins warm up on the bike then straight onto the treadmill. The idea was to get 30 mins of running on incline. Got on and set the incline to 11 (I'm not sure if that's 11%)  which felt bloody steep, and then ran 4 miles in just over 31 mins. Overlooked it but thankfully came away unscathed with no after effects. Will x train tomorrow then maybe try a steady jog on Wednesday. 

    talking to people who've ran at the Ben it's pretty much an hour to an hour and ten mins running up then half the time to get back down. Lets hope the fresh legs and 5k training miraculously help me somehow. image 

  • Mattl.... I ran up Ben Nevis "for fun" a couple of years back when I hd just started running and marvelled at the whippets training up there..took me 1:45 to get up I seem to remember! 

  • Mattl cheers but not as quick as you but probably I'm alot olderimage don't do Ben Nevis if you're not right no point you're too good to cause longer issues!

    iron C are you SG in. Disguise because he ignores me completely as well if not hello I'm Rob an nearly 49 year old fartimage


  • robT wrote (see)
    iron C are you SG in. Disguise because he ignores me completely as well if not hello I'm Rob an nearly 49 year old fartimage


    Hello Rob from a recent V35!

    Cracking 5km result for an old fart there. Hope I can get to that kind of performance before I'm 50.

  • Great run and wava rob.  You are flying again.

    tim, bad news but look at the positive that you demonstrated great character and attitude by getting going again When it was easier to call quits.

    matt, I wouldn't run Ben Nevis unless you are fit as it could cause you some more damage, that said I didn't follow that advise today.

    lots of vets talk today so I will add some more. I had the midlands vets cup final today  down for the 800 1500 double.  Been nursing a groin strain since Tuesday track session so haven't been able to run at all. Was limping just walking until Friday!   Plenty of ice and stretching all Saturday and just fingers crossed I would be ok in the morning.  after a longggggg warm up I had the 800 First.   I flew out fast and had a 10m lead quite quickly, 61 first lap which was slower than planned, then tried to lift but  had half an eye on not bringing the injury on.  Out on my own and finished with a 63 for 2.04 And an 8 sec win.  happy with that considering!    1500 next I lead for the first 3 laps but its slow as I can feel the first race in my legs. with 300 to go a 2.01 man flys past me and a 4.09 1500 man pulls on to my shoulder.  I hold him off and then kick in the last 100, but although I close the gap I'm 1sec off for 2nd in 4.21.    The last 400 was a 63 to show how slow the earlier laps were.   overall happy with the times considering and  although I lost the 1500 I learnt a valuable lesson about championship racing.  Groin ok at the moment but I will wait until the morning to get a better understanding.

  • Brilliant Dean great to see you flying image

  • Ric - Great to see you back. impressive volume and 10k time. Whatever you're doing, it's certainly working. When's your jolly on the Broads?

    Dean - not bad for an old guy with a groin strain! anymore track races left? can't believe that i received an email yesterday with our club XC dates on it!

    Rob - 16.19 is 'heading int he right direction'? Wasn't around on here when you originally posted so can only assume you've an impressive track record (pun intended)

    Iron - good to hear you're still being patient and things seem to be on the mend long term.

    Tim - as others have said, you displayed good character there to brush yourself down and finish. And all in a decent time to boot too. Well done

    Seb - thanks mate. With a 3000m like that, looks like you've got some good speed endurance just in time for your specialism on the muddy stuff! Think you're going to have a good Xc season again this year

    Matt - not sure I can offer any advice as running up a mountain is about as far removed from anything i've done in this sport, ever. You're a sensible guy though and will make the right decision i'm sure but if I were you, err on the side of caution.

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