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  • Start of my 10k training towards Leeds abbey dash Today.  8*1k off 4 min rec target 3.15.  long recovery to ease me back in to long sessions again I hit the target on each rep so very happy.  Lets see how they go when the recovery drops to 2 mins image


  • Good start there Dean.. That pace won't seem too fast for you now after this summer. 

  • Nice run Tim, easier to do a 5km parkrun or timetrial instead of an interval session on the odd occasion.

    Cheers for the comments on the 3000m, If I can just sustain that pace to 5000m for next year that would be great!

    Why am I not suprised your still putting good miles in Ric, think you'll have fun in the relay.

    Those 2mile intervals seem rather fast RobT, they must have hurt!

    unlucky on the 10000m PMJ , 25laps is alwways tough, do you think you just were not ready for 89's. maybe 90's would have been a better target.

    good training johnas, I did the same Tuesday, although 3 x 9min. still working upto 3 x 2miles!  and Dean back on long intervals. thats alot though 8000m, are you going to keep that volume of intervals up?

    unlucky Dachs on the setback! how are you getting on?

    possibly the last session of long intervals for me tonight for a while, tempo runs are now the primary focus upto my target race. just did a pyramid for a change just 1k,1200,1400,1200,1k with about 60% of rep time as recovery time.


  • Tim, that is a very good time trial, must have been liberating running without markers or a watch.

    seb, the plan is to hold the pace but increase the volume to 10k and reduce the recovery.  I have until mid November so plenty of time.

  • Sounds like an interesting holiday Bus. Better luck next time PMJ.

    Nice result Tim.

    4km at recovery pace yesterday morning in the foggy woods. Followed up with a 10mi cycling time time in the evening (also cycled the 20 mi round trip to get there).

    Depending on work today may be a rest day. Parkrun day tomorrow with the family. Probably do 2.5km to pace my daughter (Fast Show dad) round a single lap, then tag 10km on to that to complete my long run (12 km image ). Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Impressive long reps from the old northerners there.  Must be all the Hovis.

    Sorry the track 10000 didn't quite work out Phil.  Lots of people seem to struggle to replicate a road time on the track, it's a funny thing.  But, given your previous injury woes, good to see you running those kind of times again.

    Nice work on the time trial Tim

    Good to see Bus returning, and Iron coming back gradually.

    Physio last night.  It's an inflamed tibialis anterior, which is the exact same muscle I damaged after last year's marathon.  Same leg as well, although it's a bit further up.  Cause seems to be inflexibility in my feet and hips, and also my feet not collapsing fully when I plant them on the ground.  This, apparently, is why I am so loud when I walk, although i in fact consider myself to be a very quiet walker, almost ninja-like in fact.

    Anyway, bunch of exercises to do.  I can run short distances as long as it feels reasonably comfortable.  I'm pretty sure the Maidenhead Half is off now.  The risks of running it in terms of the marathon far outweigh the potential gains.  Plus, I really feel like I need a confidence booster at the moment after some poor races, and I fear that running a disappointing time at Maidenhead could have the opposite effect.  Next week's training will determine whether I need to can Abingdon as well.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Makes tough reading does the tales of set backs and mishaps.

    I would never have believed that running 90% of my mileages at 8/9 minute mile pace would result in the speed that I can now generate. 

     My easy training cadence is 170 strides per minute, which is the rate that stops me falling on my face. My race/speedwork cadence is 200 strides per minute. 

    One session of 40x200m per week is the sum total of fast running I do.

    Apart from avoiding injury, I don't much care for exerting myself these days.



  • *Delurks*

    Dachs - what you've described sounds almost identical to a problem I had come on at the back end of an 11 mile run back in April. Outside of the shin, painful to walk fast on as well as run, and I self diagnosed as being anterior tibialis. I gave myself 5 days off completely, whilst icing, stretching and doing toe raises / walking round on my heels.

    Played cricket on it on the 6th day without an obvious problem, so at that point I identified a local playing field I could run round exclusively on grass, and bored myself stupid with lapping that for the next few days. Had a 10k scheduled for two weeks to the day from when the injury first arose, and whilst I could feel the shin grumble at the end of it, I still ran a sizeable PB.

    I continued to take as many opportunities thereafter to run on grass when my boredom threshold allowed, particularly immediately afterwards, and had no reoccurrence from that point.

    From what I read at the time, tight calf muscles could contribute to pressure on the anterior tib, so I really concentrated on keeping those stretched out, but my personal feeling was that taking the pounding out of the legs by seeking out the grass was the biggest factor.

    Good luck.


  • bob - delurk for a second mate and tell me about bingham mile race you did?  my parents are live near bingham and i was planning on coming down but was tired from my races last weekend.  what was the quality like at the front end?  many under 5mins? (congrats on your time by the way)  

  • Fingers crossed for Abo Dachs - hopefully it won't come to that. At least you know what it is now and can treat it.

    Tried a different session today - a 9 mile pyramid/progression type thing with the aim to build to -15 secs off MP. Like anything I've done recently even vaguely resembling speedwork, no doubt very bad for the hamstrings, but as nothing seem to make them worse or better I'll just get on with it! Also, not the ideal prep for Sunday's race, but as it's not a priority race, what the heck? Can't remember the exact spilts but was pretty close to:

    7:40, 7:20, 6:58, 6:45, 6:28, 6:14, 6:28, 6:45, 7:30

  • well, on the plus side for me Dachs, that one more place up the leader board I'll finish on Sundayimage

    nice progression run Bus and some decent volume too. recover well.

    you'll be proud ric - i've been working on my cadence and can get in the 180 zone but don't think my legs could possibly turnover at 200!

    nice speedwork session for me last night which i havent done in a good month as ive been concentrating on threshold. 10 x 400m (200m jog recovery). bearing in mind this Sunday is Maidenhead Half, target was 78s. Came out as 71, 75, 76, 77, 77, 76, 76, 75, 75, 73. 3 miles warm up and 3 miles cool down made up the volume. thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Cheers Bob, sounds pretty familiar.  Hopefully I can come back to it quickly.  Certainly when I had the same thing last year, it always seemed a relief to hit any grassy bits.  I do live next to a park of almost exactly one mile circumference, but don't much enjoy the boredom of plodding round it (or the fact that it's full of teenagers).

    I've no doubt it will be healed and long forgotten well before Abingdon, but I'm just not sure I want to run the marathon having missed 2-3 weeks of training at what should have been the peak of my schedule.  Sure I could get round it in a respectable time and even PB by a reasonable margin nonetheless, but I'd kind of rather postpone it to VLM and have a proper stab at 2:3x.  Plan B, if I don't get some improvement soon, is take a couple of weeks off now, and then target Gosport Half instead, before starting VLM training at the beginning of December.

  • But then you'll have to think of all the effort so far going to waste (I share the pain - going through similar thought processes myself, having abandoned any hope of evne PBing at Abo now!)

    Very nice session that Johnas and even better if you actually managed to enjoy it image

    Funnily enough, bored on my long run Tuesday I counted my cadence for the first time ever, and for that section it came out as exactly 180. Surely this is also a factor of leg length? With little stubby legs like mine I'd need a high cadence image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Also a factor of being fully loaded as regards glycogen. It effects the leg speed as its the fast fuel. When drained out through too much intensity training you're essentially burning fat as your main fuel as you've nothing else available.

    A test point is a run that starts well but degenerates within 3 or 4 miles.

    My own tests indicate it takes at least three days of jogging and 500g of carbo per day to get levels up, once drained out.

    Any run that gets you blowing is burning glycogen. And once you run out, its a struggle.

    So one reason behind loafing about for two or three days between sessions is to build up the glycogen stores. 

     Last 6 weeks for me, Monday to Sunday. S = 40x 200m. H = Hills, R = Race

    Everything in bold is a 'take out' session, hence the recovery days.







    10,12,S,12,12 so far

    Looks like marathon trainingimage


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    hopefully it doesn't keep you out too long Dachs. It's seriously disheartening getting a knock before a target race. 

    Ive been up an hour due to early morning walkers/piss heads walking up and down the hotel corridor. I didn't have a clue where I was at first and then instantly shat myself when I realised where I was and why I'm here.

    6 hour drive up yesterday but thankfully I didn't have to drive as a group of us travelled up. Drove around fort William to get a few different views of the great big lump on what was a clear day. bloody bigger than I was expecting and although you could see the zig zag walkers path on the mountain near the top I was informed that we go up and down it route one pretty much. 

    Im not really bothered about the ascent as I enjoy the climbing but it's having the confidence and wrecklessness to let the legs go on the descent. the previously injured calf feels ok but seem to have a very tight right calf. You can't have everything I suppose. 4 weeks since the injury in which I've ran a total of 3 miles on Tarmac and a total of 13 miles over 3 runs in the last 2 weeks. Lets see what benefit x training has on trying to run Ben Nevis! 


  • Good luck Matt. Rather you than me mate!

  • Good luck Matt.

    Ric, those constant over 10milers are a bit mental, but at your stage of your running you're entitled to do whatever you like!

    Having one of those weekends of trying to fit too much stuff in.
    England game last night, which I thought was ideal, being a Friday night, thus a lie in the next day.

    But then forgot I was doing a car boot, starting...well, as soon as I get there.

    Then realised I had to get a 6miler in BEFORE.

    Hence a 6am wakeup on a Saturday, which for all my discipline in general is a right bind.
    Hopefully sell a few bits of junk to pay for my mad week of car related mishaps!

  • Good luck Matt... It will be a great experience and I look forward to your report.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

     Ric, those constant over 10milers are a bit mental, but at your stage of your running you're entitled to do whatever you like!

    Indeed SG, however I accept that my personal circumstances allow for such things in a way that the vast majority of runners cannot or ever will be able to.

    I assume when you say 'mental', you're referring to the level of thought and analysis that's behind them (constant over 10 milers) Mitochrodria Capilliarisation if you can handle the science.




  • The OCD cut in today. I was on a fraction over 30 miles and like to do 40 miles a week so I needed 10 miles and decided that it would be better to do them today rather than spread over two days so I get a day's rest. As I like to do parkrun it meant 7 miles paddign so 3.5 miles out, Wycombe parkrun and 3.5 miles back via the hills behind chez SG.

    parkrun felt totally different to the 10,000 on Wednesday, guess mojo is as important as training. Started out sensibly and a couple of youngsters flew away and I know they were off and done, but there were also 4 other out ahead. The guy in second (blue top and iPod) I knew from previous runs when I beat him and wondered why he was trying to stay with the youngsters. Over the fist km I slowly pulled ahead of 3 of the 4, and that just left btiP ahead. I slowly pushed harder and it felt good to ask the body to go faster and have it respond, so slowly reeled him in by about 2 km. He tucked in behind and tried to hang on as we did the lap of the field at about half way and I thought I would get him on the steps. I went up the steps smoothly and he closed in on me but that was his downfall as I reckon he worked up too hard and the few metres he closed on me going up were reversed in a hundred or so metres at the flat on the top as I got back into full flow and he stuggled to do so. From then on the elastic had broke and I pulled away. At about 4km the route doubles back and I saw a blue and a pink top somewhat close behind. Blue top didn't worry me but pink top was definitely a lady and sometimes they pace well so i just kept the pressure on steadily and a sensible gap and cam home third. Turned out that blue top was not btiP who fell back badly over the second half. Time is somewhat irrelevant, just nice to go out and run easily and have the body do what it is asked but it was only a few seconds down on my course PB so nice.

  • Nice racing Philip. 

    Excuse anyerrors in this post, but I'm typing blind thanks to a helpful software update on my tablet,


     GOOD LUCK ON THE Ben Matt


  • Hope today went okay Matt. Sounds like a good parkrun PMJ.

    Interesting past few posts Ric, food for thought. I had a crap parkrun today but have some thoughts as to why, May share them later.

    Just had a meal out in Henley with some friends who are tackling the Challenge Henley iron-distance tri tomorrow. They won't sleep well tonight.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    18 miles for me this morning. Finished not remotely tired. The base is well and truly established.

    That's 12 weeks averaging 80 miles per week.


  • Sounds a sensible approach, Dachs.

    DeanR7 wrote (see)

    bob - delurk for a second mate and tell me about bingham mile race you did?  my parents are live near bingham and i was planning on coming down but was tired from my races last weekend.  what was the quality like at the front end?  many under 5mins? (congrats on your time by the way)  

    Thanks, Dean.

    Sorry, was up in Sheffield from Friday PM onwards for a reunion. Shame you couldn't make it to Bingham, though to be honest, the standard was decidely recreational so the mile would have been a bit of a solo time trial for you. None under 5 mins, it was won in 5:05, though as that chap was a V50, I felt that was a bloody impressive effort! Second was 5:19, and then there were three of us just either side of the 5:40 mark...and that was the supposedly 'fast' race!

    The 3000m was won in just over 9:30 I think, so certainly the stronger of the two, though guess you'd have been away and running solo in that too from a few laps in. Enjoyable night, but as it was really aimed at road running club runners who don't normally compete on the track, was as a result a very laid back, low key affair.

    Has given me an appetite for the shorter distances however, and something I'll look to do more of and train properly for next summer. Would like to get involved in some league racing, but we're not particularly well served on the track over here in the East Midlands from what I can tell - particularly as a Vet.

  • Just back from Wooburn 10k. Whilst not exactly a fast time, I was pretty pleased to break 38 mins for only the second time on this course (albeit a slightly amended version with a tad less of the hill). Time was helped by a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with a local Marlow rival, who eventually pulled away from me on the last downhill. To give an idea of the steepness of the hill, the first k was 4:16 and the last was 3:14! Happy with that, as I was exepcting the combination of injury and marathon training to lead to a really poor time.

    Bacon butties and tea in the sunshine after with the rain starting just after prize giving finished - perfect! 

    Only downer is Garmin connect has stopped recognising my 310xt again, whihc means another hard reset and loss of all the race data - grrrr!

  • Good turn out Bus. Shame they've meddled with the route a bit, with road races you like to know exactly how it's compared before. Sounds a tidy run, and shows that Marlow chap has come on a bit to be rivalling you these days!

    Not sure if we're expecting any big stories from the half marathon today, with Dachs doubtful and Johnas maybe running at MP with a marathon in mind? Not sure though...

    So I'll crack on...

    River Relay today, over at Virginia Waters for a 26.2mile length relay job. 5 person team, 3 seniors, and 2 others of your choosing, be they vets or Women.

    First relay for the team that doesn't start and finish at the same place.

    The other guys all seem to have their set preference leg, so I got the final leg, the classic glory/potential disaster leg, Suited me, as the team won it last year, without a full strength team, so I quite fancied monstering in to a packed finish line (but more of that later!)

    Loads of print out and directions were handed around, as pretty much non marshalled they said, so I checked the route on some random site that is along the lines of google maps but in 3d and you can zoom into proper landmarks in details.Ideal!

    With 4 teams from Sandhurst we had to sort out logistics within our 4, and so it was all to plan.

    Quite an odd relay compared to the others, as you don't see your team until after, so you presume it's all going to plan!

    Was running all the scenarios of what might happen through my head, but in the end our 4th runner, Jenny had racked up a decent lead, 2mins I found out later, so I set off at a silly pace.

    The route is a mixture of trailly type paths, cycle ways, and a few short bits of road.

    The route basically had 3 key parts. 

    Turn left onto Hampton Court Bridge, use the pedestrial crossing and hope the lights go in your favour, or risk life and limb smashing across, with the river now on your right.

    Turn right over Kingston Bridge, down the steps, back under the bridge and over the other side keeping the river on your left

    Make sure you don't head right on the later paths and take the left to the finish!

    So headed off sharp, and just had to watch out for metal fences with tiny gaps, boat club people carrying massive 20metre canoes across the path, dogs, people etc

    The pedestrian crossing was manned by a marshall, but the lights were red  as I was 200metres away, and came green (for cars) just as I came close. The marshall then did the lights..way too late, but said get across when you can, so I slightly risked a wipe out from some BMW clown, but got to the other side! (Waiting 2mins for the lights to change probably wouldn't help the team score!)

    Adrenaline easing down, and 5.29 first mile on the clock, came a stretch that was basically a long dusty cycling friendly road with a few gravelly patches. Key here was not to get stampeded by the 100s of cyclists coming the other way! Kept the mind ticking over, and basically 5.47,5.44 and 5.46 too me to Kingston Bridge.

    Marshalls greeted me there and told me to go down the steps, and back under the bridge and onto the run in.

    By now I knew someone would have to be doing ridiculous paces to catch me up. That would have been even more comfortable if i'd known the lead when I picked the baton up was already 2mins. Someone would have to have been doing 4x 5.15s on those surfaces to catch me, which would have been some display!

    Managed a slight directional screw up near the end, should have been hugging the lower path, but found myself whisking outwards a bit, but was soon corrected and no drama.

    Last 1/4 was the run in, where I came through and was expecting all the previous leg runners to be there for some epic welcome.  image</p

  • Go on, go on!

  • As it was a relay, I hope you'll be providing a detailed report on the other 4 legs too.

  • Instead, were about 7 organisers, none of my lot and not quite the return I'd imagined image

    However, 29.40 for 5.21miles seemed a good result.  39 teams there in total.

    Turns out 3/4were around 4mins behind..heck of a margin, but a good all round team display.

    Apparently we have the trophy already but didn't bring in, so the "award ceremony" was a mini champagne each!

    Very handy, for a complete non drinker!

    However, a good day out, home at 3pm, long day....and re-assurance some road racing will be on the agenda soon!

    Made me chuckle when I remembered getting a little bit of light hearted stick about not being a team player.

    That's 2 relay wins, 1 2nd place, team prize at the Wokingham half, and XC champs all in 2013. That's a nice little year! Certainly a better return than what I'd be getting as a solo runner, unless I really start cynically hunting some low key stuff out!

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    Go on, go on!

    that moment you realised you've written more than 1 message allows..and hope it hasn't wiped the ending image

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