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    My quads are now in bits, i can barely walk and have to pull myself up the stairs. I've got scabs and cuts all down my arse cheeks, a swollen ankle, cuts on my shins and even my arms are aching. 

    My calf feels fine though! Certainly something that I'd recommend people at least watch once or even have a go at. it has a sort of Tour De France feel with walkers and spectators lining the route and cheering the runners on. An amazing experience. 

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  • Johnas- top performance and fantastic time.  All bodes well for the marathon.

    tim - whilst slightly short of your potential, a PB and another good race.  For what's its worth i am poor at tempos, so it's possible to get to a certain level without them.  Although it could be argued I don't convert well at the longer distances from my 5k too!   however I substitute them for mile rep intervals.

    sg - another good win, relays are a funny race to review but if you increase or maintain the lead then its a job well done.

    Bus - good work as well considering your recent injury woes.  And not far off a course PB and of course a wretch!

    matt - it sounds a great performance.  10m uphill in 70 mins on that terrain, superb!

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    The race is roughly 10 mile in total Dean! Haha. How do you get pictures from Facebook onto here? I'm on an iPad and my computer skills are poor at best. Perhaps Phillip could hack my account and post them for me somehow?image 

  • Aha! Can see the picture now if I click on it. It looks kind of... fun.

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    That's roughly half way Lit. 

  • Ha matt , that makes more sense. I did think 10m up 4400ft in 70min was a bit warm!image


  • Matt - very well done for completing it after all the recent trials and tribulations.

    The Ben is something I've always wanted to do and now you've made it sound like such a fun expereience, even more so image

    I imagine the stark naked stumbling drunk at 5am is fairly commonplace in the Fort William Travelodge - bet the receptionist didn't even bat an eyelid!

  • Nice one Matt; looks like you had some good weather too. Well done!

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    Matt, I can feel my quads aching just reading that. Well done.

    The nearest to a calculation in a race I get are 'mile splits' based around six minute miling.



  • matt. you're a nutter. well done on such an epic feat

  • Only one step away from this kind of madness image


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    Only one step away from this kind of madness image



  • Kilian Jornet on his recent record breaking "run" up and down the Matterhorn - totally nuts!! You should see the video....

  • Just about to head out for a run - absolutely pouring with rain image

    Here comes Autumn....

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    Johnas - wow, fantastic result!  A massive milestone broken, and a strong finish reeling people in.  All of that work has paid off in spades, and I can't say I'm massively surprised you hit a time like that given the paces you've been posting in training.  You've just beaten my PB by one second though, which is rather rude.  Couldn't you have just walked the last 5 steps?

    Matt - again, phenomenal stuff.  That descent sounds absolutely appalling, well done on not actually completely breaking yourself.  Naked people in Travellodge corridors are probably a frequent occurrence.  That's why those of us with real taste choose much classier joints, such as Premier Inns.

    Bus - back to the local 10Ks eh?  Decent performance given the issues you've had to contend with.  I hope to see a return to fast times and targeted vomiting soon.

    As Johnas mentioned, I was indeed a DNS at Maidenhead.  Leg felt OK, but I decided I had much more to lose than to gain by racing a half.  Disappointed to miss out, but not sure I'd have done myself particular justice if I'd have run it anyway.  However, on the plus side, I managed a 10 last night without any pain at all, and my shin only started to feel even vaguely not right after 9 miles, so things seem to be on the up.  Have to be a bit circumspect about it though.

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    Just about to head out for a run - absolutely pouring with rain image

    Here comes Autumn....

    I'm back from mine. 7 miles which started as gentle rain and just got heavier and heavier as the run went on. That marks the end of the dry tow-path until summer 2014. 

    Good run there Matt, I have run Ben Nevis a few times but only as training, once was the weekend of the 3 Peaks Race and it worked out that my descent was slightly ahead of the leaders so I was bemused as I ran up the back and then got clapped all the way down, only saw some sort of race organisation once close to Fort William itself.

  • Yeah, the mud around Grange Farm was sepctaculalry slippy and sticky for some reason today!

    10 hilly miles done though at a nice relaxed pace to shake the race out of my legs.

  • Thanks Dachs but I'm sure you'll redress the balance at the next available opportunity!

  • Sorry Dachs, somehow missed your post earlier. Shame about Maidenhead but great to hear you had a pain free 10 last night - fingers crossed that's the turning point.

  • Unlucky Dachs,  but the one thing I know about marathons is that they are THE target, and everything else is secondary. You can do another half whenever, but marathons aren't as simple to just throw in.

    Johnas, sub 1hr 15...i'm still thinking about that, what a lovely benchmark...would like to be there one day , having been delighted to do a 1:15imageomething earlier this year!

    Matt, you certainly have the look of a fast runner. Looks an epic course just from that pic! Nice work.

    Must admit I don't go out of my way to seek out monster hills these days! Cross country and one 10k a year is about my limit on them!

  • Missed your 10km too Bus. Dachs, better luck next time.

    As I left for my lunch time run it was spitting. By the time I was halfway round the rainfall was almost biblical. Haven't been that wet whilst running since Marlow duathlon last March.

    The drop in temp and cooling provided by the rain certainly helped the pace though. Energy levels have resumed, fuelling seems to be ok, and yesterday's bike ride long forgotten. An slightly faster than easy 8km in the bag. Nowhere near tempo pace though.

    I like to seek out hills on the bike. Not so keen on the run, though considering the Ballbuster again this year.

  • Great weekends racing by all. Nice 10k PB Tim!

    Good report Matt!, sounds like my kind of fun. crazy decent by the sounds of it! Is the D.O.M.S getting any worse?!need to get on the crazier events next year.

    Another front running relay win SG! maybe you should go first not last, you never get a  proper race otherwise. Good time for the distance.

    Yet another 10k Bus, I think you like racing just to wretch and  to win spot prizes. Top job.

    Johnas has only gone and done the sub 75! Brilliant race mate, good splits too, nice steady start. Tempo work has done you well. Should combine well woth some good long runs to set you up for a quality marathon.

    Entertaining parkrun Phil and hope the pain free running continues Dachs.

    Just same old training for me...

  • Ah Seb, that was my first experience on the "glory leg", or in this case, "come home and find barely anyone is at the finish" leg. image

    Have done a mid leg, and leg 3 out of 4 before, so I've had a nice mix of the different parts.

    Leg 1 would clearly be the most race-esque leg to do.

    Either way, 6 team wins/trophies this year. ( 2 relay wins, 1 relay runner up, XC champs, Wokingham half winning team, and obviously the biggest of them all, the MTSG Social team prize at Marlow 5 image

    Not a bad haul, especially as I was billed as a non team player on here earlier in the year image

    Just need to become less pedestrian as an individual now! image

  • I do envy the sub 75 Half gang though. Finishing a half is satisfying enough, getting a pb terrific, but hitting perhaps the last BIG rounded target (with sub 70 being the reserve of the real top dogs)  like that would be immense image

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    SG, if you did what I've done over the past 4 months then reverted back to your normal training pattern, you would get close to 72 minutes.


  • Stevie G . wrote (see)


    Not a bad haul, especially as I was billed as a non team player on here earlier in the year image


    Ha Ha, you big blouse ! that was me wasnt it?image around the time of the national road relays you said you didnt see the point/lustre of them. Looks like you can see the point in relays if they are low key village affairs, lets see if that team spirit glows as bright at relays where a sub 16 5k and 32.x 10k is distinctly average and chances of placing for a medal/bottle of vino are zero.imageimage 

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