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  • Hey ric, yeah I went from running 11:xx 3km down to a 9:31 and being on the Hampshire team Running track..It was just my commitment that stopped anythinf else. I'm going to be training tonight with the same coach and will see what sort of sessions he has me doing .. Obviously when I train with Southampton AC they may have different stuff so I'm going to just keep an eye on everything.. I just want to pick up one of these sessions if I can't make the track due to work, and instead of running 5m steady actually complete a solid workout obviously 3x sessions in a week not one after the other etc egc

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Scott, Hi.

    It's results that count (Harry Wilson), so the training worked. 

    The difficult bit is deciding what training (that works) is appropriate at any moment in time.

    One of the problems surrounding coaching advice is that most of the methods came from coaches who have had a world class runner on their hands.

    And the one characteristic of those runners was that they were able to handle any old crap that was put their way, and still get better. So yes,"its results that count", but sometimes at a price, and the price is often a very short career. ie finished by injury by early 20's.

    Probably Harry's other line of advice is best, "Don't over do it".

    On another subject Re: The Round Norfolk Relay. 

    Following the fiasco surrounding this event, I have subsequently resigned from the club. Well tried to. The secretary isn't over keen on this decision.




  • scofflaw? a bit too close to my real name for comfort that one

    hot to trot reps there Dean. Not your normal short rep fare either!

    SG - you may not be racing on the horizon but good to hear you're running well

    Bus - nice midweek 10 miler

    so after more than a few weeks building the tempos, last night was 45 mins @ threshold. Managed 8 miles @ 5.38 average. Chuffed with that - sub 35 min 10k on my own, in the dark, on a cinder track and what's more, it felt incredibly comfortable.

  • Scott, don't waste all that genius here, save it for your thread pal

    Ric, what's going on with you son, the swears on the other thread, the angst over this relay, bit too much stress coarsing around. You need a nice 12mile at easy pace.

    Dean, your reps almost got missed amongst all this lyrical debate. Top work. I probably wouldn't be able to do 6 1miles at that pace if I had 30mins recovery in between image

    Johnas, 8miles at 5.38? Cripes. Even on a track that is madness! 1:24 lapping (ish) sounds comfy for a while , but x32 (+ 48metres extra or whatever) would be a heck of an ask.

    It's almost enough to make me want to do a marathon. Not.

    Meanwhile, while i'm base training,  I'll do my best to stay involved on the thread, maybe as some kind of thread jester, with a crazy word for the week, or thread lookalikey's.

    10miler today at 7.03 pace, tidy 30mile week so far this week. I should probably relish these weeks where strides and steady running are the max paces, as it'll soon ramp up! Will enjoy the rest until Friday now.

  • Scott, don't waste all that genius here, save it for your thread pal

    Stevie - you do realise that makes you sound like a w4nker

  • How very rude, how have you been old son

  • Not to bad and gearing up for a crack at my half marathon PB. Trying in my own small way to pick a few tips from this thread but apply at a much slower pace! Obviously I still try and incorporate the Bus now and again, with some tempo running thrown in between my steady paced runs.

    I will go back to lurking but please play nicely with Scott as you are the older boy in playground.

  • Saw a few others yesterday and with Ric's resignation I was looking at the V50 6 stage results. Interesting that it seems that consistency was the key with very tight bunching for the winners all round 21:30 for a leg and the others knocking off legs a minute faster and the best part of 2.5 minutes slower. So to get  medal next year, Ric needs to join Barnet (easy gold medal then) or Herne Hill (close race with Woodford).


    1   Woodford Green & Essex Ladies     1:26:21
         Matt Flannelly          21:31    15    4
         Dave Cox                21:28    11    3
         Ray Dzikowski           21:36     9    1
         Tony Pamphilon          21:46     9    1
    2   Barnet & District A.C. - A Team   1:27:14
         Adrian Mason            20:32     9    2
         Andrew Kelleher         22:26    10    2
         Vladimir Zalesky        23:56    17    5
         Richard McCormick       20:20    11    2
    3   Herne Hill Harriers               1:27:27
         Tony Harran             23:18    35   11
         Gary Ironmonger         21:25    19    6
         Victor Maughn           22:08    16    4
         Mike Boyle              20:36    12    3
    4  Harrow A.C.                       1:27:34
        Mike Baron               22:42    29    8
        Chris Finill             21:31    17    5
        Richard Francis          22:00    14    3
        Mark Cursons             21:21    13    4

  • ric - seriously? you are resigning because somebody ran faster than they estimated in the leg of a relay before you, if thats the only reason you need your head read. i know its frustrating you didnt get to have a tuna bagette and scotch egg in the first mile or so but roll with the punches image

    Scott - obviously there are many ways to train but those sessions sound familiar and look good to me.  its how you blend in with the long slow / easy running to build up your base. Will be good to watch you charge through the PBs mate.

    Johnas - every week you sessions look tough and this week is no exception.  The mara cant come quick enough i imagine.

    For those who get Athletics Weekly turn to page 27 of the current issue and the centre photo is me leading the 1500 at the masters. Both feet off the ground too.   It has "legends collide" as the headline on the front cover. There is still some confusion if they are refering to the 1500m or the GNR between mo, bekele and gab. image


  • Ric, you need to save resigning for when a clubmate rats you out at a 10k race or something like that, not just the action of one clearly amateur chap in the squad who didn't realise what he was doing.

    Dean, post the pic on here...

    Max, I have missed your abuse, last seen on some KK thread I believe. Maybe i need to take hold of you and force you to be trained and improved as per Skinny and Litty image

  • You say abuse, I say constructive feedback. Following previous feedback you definitely started to play nicely. The earlier post was just quick piece of feedback to help get you back on the right path. My years working in training and development haven't been wasted.

    I have followed the Skinny thread with interest and picked up a few things along the way. However, if I was looking for a coach i would definitely be wanting one with more grey hairs than me (or bold). Think from this thread Phil or Ric would be better suited!!!

  • Ric, fancy taking this chap on. I would be very interested in seeing how that panned out.

    In a separate thread mind! image

  • Actually though this is a good point. How many grey hairs do you have SG? I may have been hasty in selecting a coach.

  • Swear a bit - check

    Tuna bagel - check

    200 metres session - love it and occasionally gets dusted down

    10-12 miles every day for 6 months - er, maybe Phil is a better bet image

  • If you wanted to crack a good marathon, and aren't a machine like Johnas, Phil would probably be the best on the thread to advise in fairness.

  • Phil will probably recall but I tried to mirror his training when he did London marathon. Added in long runs earlier in the training schedule, added in mid week longish run , etc. Ended up with PB at half and full marathon.

    Also, I would be willing to accompany him on his secret service trips. It would be so cool to be coached by a real life James Bond.

  • SG, I think what he is saying is Phil is cool and you're not. Sorry. image

  • To be fair to Ric, there was more to it than just the young chap (I won't use his current nick name from the UK vest site image) being early. It sounded like the team responsible for passing the info down the line and sorting Ric out didn't play their part - not sure it's worth resigning over, but then that's why I stay out of club politics!

    Phil Cool? Not the rubber faced comedian? My idea was to follow the Phil marathon training schedule, but unfortunately it all went pear shaped in the early stages, so back to the stacking it all in at the end!

    Johnas - you are on fire (which could be unfortunate seeing as the fire brigade are on strike today

    Lit I've got plenty of grey hair (but couldn't coach for toffees!)


  • /members/images/650134/Gallery/Phil_Cool.jpeg

     Phil Cool lived on the next road when I was growing up! Didn't realise he was a runner image

  • Yeah - there's was even a film about his hobby - Cool runnings!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bearing in mind I've waited 10 days to weigh things up, the resignation is from my second claim club Metros of which I've been a member of for 25 years.

    Sounds odd eating and drinking prior to a race, but for me it works. It prevents all sorts of pain and damage in the latter stages of long races, that's why I do it. Not because I fancy a bite to eat.

    Dean, you are aware I'm not talking about the relay at Rushmore Arena? The damage that cost me (can't really prove this) at least 30 seconds at Aldershot and cost my proper club medals was caused by the fiasco the previous weekend. (I think from the results that Phil has put up, it was too close for comfort)

    My part in the RNR fiasco was to train for twelve weeks and be in position a few hours ahead of schedule. With appropriate pre 'hand over' preparation I was going to race 20 miles. I also had an eye on Aldershot one week later so I was determined to avoid any unnecessary physical damage.

    The team managers were fully aware of how much effort I’d put into this.

    Ok I'll admit that racing a 20 before Aldershot wasn't ideal but i was trained up for it.

    Metros part was to make sure I had a race number and to ensure that I had sufficient warning as to the arrival of the incoming runner. Well they completely  cocked that one up. The officials on the line simply confirmed it. 

    If I had only self interest in mind I’d have just quit on the spot, but I simply put up with it and ran the 20 miler already several minutes down and on empty.

    Its what you discover later that really annoys you, like discovering that the guy who was chatting away to you with his hands in his pockets. Knew the incoming runner was only three miles away when he stopped supporting him and drove to the hand over to watch. WTF, I was telling this git what I was going to do and he never even ventured why I was still fully dressed.

    No –one else appeared until the last minute. It was as though they’d followed the runner down the road.

    Out of curiosity I drove down the course where I discovered the information to the out going runners was total, a continual update on the progress of the incoming runner for a start.

    I think the moment the others realised I was a bit put out by their incompetence I was cut out of the email loop going around.  I guess they want to keep it to themselves, and now they can.

    Cut and pasted from 'word' too risky otherwise, re Bus.

  • Never counted my grey hairs. I know that as it grows longer, it looks greyer. I now use haircuts and kit as a tactic for races: if I have my hair long and put on old kit then I look like a coffin dodger and people don't take me seriously. If I have a haircut and wear smarter kit then people think again. It is much easier to slip in behind someone and take a wind break when you look harmless.

    Max, training for VLM 2014 starts on Monday October 21st, you are welcome to join in (in a virtual sense of course). Plan will be pretty much the same but with a few longer and slower runs thrown in. I did 5x21 miles last time round but they were in the 2:35 to 2:40 range so I need another 20 minutes or so which means maybe 22 or 23 at a slower pace (7:45 and not 7:30 average), maybe even 22.5 @ 8 pace for 3 hours dead.

  • Ric, hearing your passion there, one thing stands out obviously, you're too big time for them.

    For them it was probably a casual fun day out, whereas you'd focused on it 100%


    A fair bit different to you, I must admit, I was a little surprised at my relay the other week that none of our previous leg runners had  even attempted to get to the finish to see us win it. Even more surprised when a couple of them emerged clasping wine, having gone to Tesco instead of the finish! They would have had well over an hour/hour half to get the 10-15miles to the finish!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, spot on.image

    Racing retirement now on hold. I've some unfinished business. 

    Any ideas? I have a list jotted down until the end of November. 

    Enter on the day 10k this Sunday afternoon at Moor Park perhaps.

  • Nice little track session for my tonight.. Posted on other thread.. Not read back through as been busy with my little one today.. will catch up  after footy now image 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Obviously Cabbage patch should be on the list Ric. Gives you a measure from last year too. If a runner came in 20mins early to handover to me I would not be happy either. It is a joke there was no advanced warning. Didn't realise your road relays had such a close finish. Tough one to take.

    Serious tempo that Johnas, I only managed 25mins a tad slower than that last night.

    Great start to those 10k paced sessions Dean, be interesting to see how they progress.

    DOMS took a while to wear off from the weekend. Worse than I've ever been I think.


  • Have all the cuts and bruises gone too? image

  • Have they hell, When I was trying to catch the bloke at the end I tried to sideways roll under the barbed wire but ploughed straight into it. big ouch from the crowd! It was actually tougher than I portrayed, dragging tyres about, carrying ammo boxes and random objects up hills. madness. And in true Bus stylee...bare chested












  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Seb, I guess it must have really hurt when they branded that number on your chest.

  • Seb, get some food on board son, you're wasting away image

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