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    Ric, top quality flounce.  Sounds like there were other issues building up there too.  If you're cutting down the racing it doesn't make a great deal of sense to be a member of 2 clubs anyway.

    Seb, impressive pictures.  Have they written something on your forehead too, or is that just mud?

    Johnas - bl**dy hell, where did that come from?!  That must surely mean that another breakthrough is on the cards, that is a ridiculous tempo.

    Track last night, 6 x 1200.  Done between 3:49 and 3:55, with 3:52 average.  Again, took a decent 600m jog recovery since the main purpose is to get some speed back into my legs and avoid completely screwing myself up for the rest of the week.  Would nomally take a 400 recovery.

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    nice pics Seb, as requested by SG this is my one from this weeks athletics weekly from the british masters.  im in the white 118 118 style vest.  The guy in 3rd who finishes there is a former european masters champion (i think from a few yrs ago)

    also for those with nothing better to do my last 200m in the 1500m midlands cup final from a month or so back.  as the action starts im in second way off the lead who was a former 3.45 1500m man,  with a decent runner on my shoulder who has been pushing me hard all race.   this was a 63 sec last 400m & im trying to relax into the final 100 for a lift.  however looking how hard the guy behind is working i should really put more effort in earlier.image

  • Dean: Great picture! You're immortalised in AW now. I'm proud to know you!  Just looking at that video scares me at the pace you guys were running! Wow!

    Seb: they put your number on your head I see? Is that in case your body and head get separated?

    Dachs: great reps there.

    I trained with the new club last night. I'm tapering this week so no high mileage or doubles.  It was the third part of a 5k handicap series.  The first race was a time trial to set the handicaps. The second was the first handicap race: I was in penultimate starting position so chasing. Same again last night.  I came within 2 seconds of my original time which I thought was ok (17:14) on an undulating course, starting and ending on inclines (point to point). 

    The problem with these races is that I stand no chance of doing well. Those who run a 31 minute time trial can knock off a minute or two over the weeks. Last night, I would have had to run a 15 min 5 k in order to win! 

    Oh well, easy 8 miles for me today.

  • Dean, good snap, will have a look at that vid when i'm on a system that actually allows movement later!

    Dachs, i didn't even get the calculator out on that, but i know it'll be tasty.

    Tim, hiding to nothing. Certainly reminds me of turning up at the Last friday of the month 5k once, and them awarding someone the highest age grading of the year trophy.

    99.9% if I remember correctly.

    So just a 12:xx needed to better it.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I suspect Dean isn't who he says he is. Just look at the guy in second place, note the resemblance.



  • nice to put some faces to our Northern forumites on here rather than pokey little avatar pictures. Well done on getting in AW Dean - Ikea do some great frames image

    dachs - Nice reps there indeed. Solid speed and endurance. As for me, the move from tempo 'intervals' to much longer tempo reps (in duration and volume per week) in the last 8 weeks has paid off in huge dividends. I'm really pleased with the adaptations ive seen and can safely say that they work really well for me. 

    tim - love your competitive streak but ive never seen the best runner at our club come close to winning any club handicap

  • ric - imagei stopped watching athletics once i quit back in the early 90's so i have no idea who that chap is....looks fast though so i'll gladly take it. (cue futher embarrasment when i find out he is some olympic legend that everyone but me recognisesimage)

    Dachs - thats roughly the pace i did my reps in on tuesday and im training for a 10k not  a mara, so id say your speed is still there, in fact that pace for 10k is 32.13 so yeah id say your pace is looking good

    seb - im only just getting my head around running on grass for XC, not sure im ready for burning haystacks, carrying logs, throwing javelins at the same time as running. you clearly excel in any race thats on grass!

    Tim - strong 5k times for the club event.  i guess you have to only compare yourself  to your previous time trials rather than in your position.  Stevie S club is hosting the first xc league race on saturday afternoon.  Not sure how far away it is but you can run as a guest i think, if you are looking for something to do

  • Johnas, if there was one thing that would make me consider a marathon it would be the way you've come on.

    Can't say a bigger compliment than that image

  • i'll take it as a compliment SG. training at higher mileage definitely works for me

  • Hi Dean, I'm down in Manchester over the weekend as I fly from there on monday morning. I'm running the Macclesfield half on Sunday so will have to save my legs for that.. There are a few XC races this Saturday it seems.. The first Cumbria one is in Cockermouth this sat too. 

  • Dean, good picture. I recognose the guy in second:

    We ran Stratfrod marathon together from about 8 to 18 miles. His plan was GFA for Londn 2012 and he ran that in 2:46.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dean, his marathon pb is 2:07:13. If you click on the image you'll see his name top right.

  • Cockermouth!!!

  • relax lit its a place not an instruction image

    Philip, small world!  in fact thats him as well in the you tube footage in the lead that i chase down from a different race.  We were given the same time but he pipped me in my opinion .  got chatting to him, top bloke and warmed up chatting about races (I beat him at Lake Vrynwy HM last yr by about a minute)  in fact it was him who convinced me to drop out of VLM in 2014 saying that marathon ruined his summer last yr on the track as he couldnt get the speedwork in.   with the greatest of respect to RobT, if he races a mile race i think he will take the all time ranking off him.

  • image Cockermouth always makes me smirk, whenever I see the sign on the way to Keswick...

    Great pics Seb! Can't say I've ever done a race bare chested. Do the same clthing rules apply for the ladies?

    Dean-great one for the grandkids that! Wil take a lok at the video when back on a proper computer!

    Stevd Jones is my all time running hero, not least for breaking the half marathon world record the morning after drinking 10 pints of cider!!

    8 miles for me today, with a progression leading to 3 under mp. Relatively easy after a hardish week. Plan is rest tomorrow, before a final LSR of 25 on Saturday, assuming this cold I'm suffering from doesn't get any worse.....

  • Not much talk on here about in or out of London marathon. My facebook is a rash of "I'm in image" and "I'm not image"

    Come on SG, you know you want to. All that MP pace you do, just 26.2 of them back to back....

  • 25miler Bus?

    26.2miles at 6.00-6.10 pace Phil?

    I think I'm erm...busy for the remaining year or so of my running career image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Yep, fair bit of that on mine too Phil. Is it bad to feel smug that I dont even have to decide whether I fancy doing it until January?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Only two things the 'Joe-ignorant about running-public' understands about our sport. The London marathon (sub 3 to be truly elite) or the Olympics.

    Unless you've either one of those at hand its awkward dealing with detractors.

    Just imagine the scene, "Are you a runner?", 'yes', "Have you run a marathon?", 'er no', "So you're not really a runner then?", 'Well I did once run in the Olympics, does that count?'. "Ah!"

  • Well like that chap at work told me once...i'm not going to get to the Olympics, so why bother.

    I suppose it was my fault though, when I laughed at him describing himself as "average fitness for his age"

    The peril of mixing with a lot of people who by the general level are super fit!!

  • Stevie; you'd enjoy the Marathon magazine that arrived to my house this morning. They list the fancy dress records and ask that you contact the press office if you're wearing something unusual..

    There is practically nothing in there that's useful to more serious runners.  They seem to think there are 2 groups of runners; Elites, then fun runners. 

  • Tim - they do think that. In the letter they sent about the clothing regulations for champs start last year they put not to wear fancy dress or a charity vest as they were 'reserved for the fun run part of the race'. i.e. the rest of you. image

  • That's me then Lit! I better think about what to wear then... Could go for a world record attempt! 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, My club Harrow AC has several runners who have run a marathon just the once simply to get it out of the way.

    One of them could go sub 70 minutes for a half almost routinely but the one marathon (London) he did at 2:59 was enough to say never again. It was enough though.



  • Stevie G . wrote (see)


    26.2miles at 6.00-6.10 pace Phil?


    So that is a 2:41 / 2:42 SG has put himself down for, just a bit slower than Dachs' aim for Abo (of which I am supremely envious and hope he beats it with a xx.58).

  • Phil, there's more chance of you not sniffing through FB for info to post on here, then me 1) wanting to do a marathon, 2) having the lack of niggles to attempt it!


  • Niggles be damned! Mine aint gonna stop me for Abo! Though to be fair, they have stopped my plan to do a sub 2:50 and retire from marathons! I told myself that when I did Abingdon in 2006 in sub 3,  I'd never do it again, but there you go - no doubt if I ever did 2:49:xx, I'd feel obliged to try a 2:45 even thought hat would clearly be impossible!

    Ad despite myself, I'm already feeling slightly miffed that I'm not "in" for VLM, even though I clearly stated that I would only ever do London once, just to be able to fend off THAT question (it's not "have you run A marathon" Ric, but "have you run THE marathon!!) and then never do it again image. .

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I've just spent 3 days staying in Cockermouth whilst working at the Lake District cheese factory a few miles away. Got home yesterday. 

    Quality pictures Seb and Dean. A very impressive kick too Dean. Going a fair bit quicker than my return to the track tonight! 

    After a 7 week abscence from the track, or anything remotely below 6 min mile pace I ventured along. After a sports massage that solely concentrated on my calves last night I perhaps shouldn't have gone but luckily seem to have come away unscathed. Decided on 6x 1000 to see where I am. The first 3 off 1 min rec then the last 3 off 2 min rec. 

    i nearly packed it in after the first one came out at 3.22 bearing in mind I was running around 3.04-3.06 in one session previously. prob just a case of not being used to the pace and the pain and the rest came out at 3.16- 3.15- 3.14- 3.12- 3.12.

    really glad to be back and will prob do a threshold session on Monday then back to the track again next thurs. hopefully a few easy miles in between. 

  • Cockermouth - snigger - Cockermouth and cheese factory - guffaw, guffaw image

    Matt - that session may not be back up to your standards yet, but those reps look pretty quick from where I'm standing...

  • I knew people would enjoy a bit of Cockermouth. Especially with cheese!

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