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  • Good work Seb.

    In fairness, I doubt anyone reading this thread would fancy the madcap events you do anyway! And probably wouldn't be able to match you anyway!

    And I don't just mean the 15people who actually post on here, I mean the many who loiter in the background (hello by the way...)

    Just a note on that by the way, there's a not very well known "secret" page on RW that shows all forumites currently on line, and also one that shows which threads they lurk on the most...interesting...well borderline!

  • Must show loads of forumites online then. For example I probably have 30 internet tabs open on this tablet and one is probably on RW permanently, so am I shown online almost 24/7? Either way your last post has a PMJ touch about it.

  • I didn't say I monitor it, just that it's there image

  • £250?? Blimey Seb - great result! Sounds like another mad race mind! You could make a lot more on Total Wipeout though image

    Not heard the marathon podcast? The intention was a big loop, but I changed my mind about 8 miles out, as it would have invlolved a realy steep downhill, and the quads were feeling a little stressed, so I came back the same way for about 5 miles, to within 3 miles of my house with another 12 or so still to do image!

    Where's the secret page then SG (oh yeah - it's a secret!)

  • Oh no my lurking isn't secret!

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Johnas, Aiming for a 33:42 10k? 


  • £250?? Nice pot hunt Seb, and prob deserved for another wacky races affair! Agree you should try Wipeout!

    Nice long run Bus. Jealous of the amount you've got in even with your injury woes

  • Top session bus, looks like you are getting back on track.  Abbo looks good.

    seb- imagewtf! road racing must seem dull.  Congrats on a monster prize.

    good to hear from you warren, a great comrades too

    Well first Xc of the season, in 20 degrees.  Something's not right running Xc in the warm.  Got stuck in monster traffic so arrived with 10 mins to go but luckily the race was delayed 10 mins so managed to find the team and get my spikes on, no warm up but my plan was to treat this as a tempo as I am sorely lacking in endurance, but still go off hard but accept the fade at the half way point and just try and hold on. Race starts and I find myself up front.  but it's about 5.15 pace so I ease off and loads fly past. as we go into the third mile my body is screaming at me. I'm feeling the lack of long runs and this is my first race since June that goes beyond 1500m. However my mind wanders and I'm chatting or laughing with the crowd And getting told to concentrate and there is no smiling in Xc.image  but it passed the time now I'm in the 4th mile and have club mates just ahead and on my shoulder and i think they are happier than I was about that.  This focused my mind and I started to work harder. This was a race now.  I'm about 15th so I start to put some bursts in.  This took me to 12th then the coach shouts out that most of those ahead are fading and top 10 is on.  I work hard, again in bursts and drop most of those on my shoulder and I'm reeling in 2 in front and have a battle as they fight getting overtaken. Going into the last mile and for the first time this race I feel confident.  I'm feeling too strong for anyone to come back and I can see some more people to chase. Then the red rag is thrown down, a shout from one of our supporters that the guy 20m ahead is a vet 40.   Right I'm not having that.  I push hard and can see he is struggling, I float past.  there was a group ahead and I just go for it, they are all struggling and I drive by, into the last 200m and I can see a youngster, and he is slowing and I'm speeding up into the last 50 I pull on to his shoulder and he kicks, so do I. We have a lot of support here and they are screaming at me to fight. I focus only on the line hit it and turn round and he nowhere to be seen.  Job done!      5th place,  my highest position last yr was 10th.  ave pace 5.44 mm 12 secs faster per mile than last yr course.  Very very happy as I didn't think I had this in me, so hopefully its a postive sign as I build my mileage towards the Leeds abbey dash.    Good to see SS and robT, thanks for the support ,  Though not sure what rob made of me grinning round the 2nd lap. image  

  • Johnas, McMillan reckons 33.32...but I was going off your 1k targets...

    Dean, xc in September? What is wrong with you northerners! Good performance, and the step up from last year is always a good barometer!

    Appalling day of football today, both my boys lost, including United against a poor W Brom team.

    It's up to Litty to salvage the weekend pressure...

  • Dean you looked way too comfortable but I could see you switched into race mode last lapimage 

    Well done to you and Stevie in warm conditions on what has to be said is an easier course when dryimage

  • agreed, the course is like running around a golf course but on the down side I have blister on the balls of my feet from the spike plate as the ground wasn't soft.  

  • You could probably have run in flats !


  • To be honest I wish I had done. But it's bad enough getting my head around I have only just finished track season & it was sunny.  Wearing flats on top of that would have melted my mind image

  • Dean, brilliant report - edge of seat stuff (oh, and a pretty good performance too image)

    xc in September oop north, normally = cold wet grimness, surely image

    Johnas - I've got the quantity runs in, but the hammies have not been up to much in the way of quality, whereas your sessions have focussed more on the quality, which is what is going to get you through to a great time in Fankfurt. 

  • 41st for me today with an average pace of 6:15 per mile. Was very hot and to be honest I found it all hard work, but that's the point after a big week of training. A world away from my last XC race at the Nationals in knee high mud and snow in the middle of a snowstorm. Good to see Rob (having promised his Mrs a nice walk in the park!) and another excellent performance by Dean, having coasted the early parts of the race.

    Nice long run there Bus, put your feet up son!

    Seb - £250? Whhaaaaat! That's crazy money!

  • Good sessions and good racing guys. XC in summer...?

    Manflu still abounds so no run today, just fed it instead. Will see what tomorrow brings; LSR done midweek so only 10km to bag tomorrow.

  • cross country in Sep, still can't quite understand that...but then as my "xc" league is actually more Multi terrain, then perhaps it is standard after all!

    12 today at 6.50average, to end a nice 64.5miler week. That's the kind of mileage that always mentally feels right.

    Can feel a slight weakness in 2 places, but perhaps if that's the mileage and pacing today, then it can't be that bad...but then things are low intensity at the moment...

    however, a sunday recovering always helps!

    Good luck Lit in her half today...and anyone else racing? Johnas you're not doing a 10k are you? Surely not after that session on Thur/Fri...but maybe?

  • No, no racing for me. Just 75 mins easy, 65 mins at MP, 10 mins easy. Should work out to around 23 miles image Btw, I think low 34 for 10k is more realisticDecent week for you - must be thinking of a comeback race no?

    Good luck Lit!

    Good work on the XC too from SS and Dean (great race report btw!)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Iron. Just wondering when, not if, I'll get it - everyone at work is sick as a dog

    Excuse my rudeness Warren. Good to see you back on here. Those SA'ers love an Ultra. Hope one day to run the 2 Oceans as my parents spend their winters in Hout Bay. I have fond memories of running with the Hout Bay Harriers up and over Chapmans Peak so hope to race it one day.

  • 23 miles in 2.30, with 85 of that "easy" - sheesh!

    Nice early 12 miler out the way SG.

    Lit - Good luck, or as I suppose you won't read this until after, hope the half went well!

  • it's a different level of training really isn't it, when you see up to half training and full marathon training isn't it.

    Having the strength to regularly do 20+ milers especially with 10 or so miles at MP I find pretty impressive indeed.

    ps Johnas...maybe in 2-3months if this level of training doesn't ruin me!!

  • Been lurking on this thread a short while now to see if I can get any  training tips for my next marathon  and despite the original thread title saying "Decent times, but average training!" the training seems to be anything but average image makes me feel tired just reading about it . .

     back to lurking again image .....

  • velloo wrote (see)

    Oh no my lurking isn't secret!

    Leslie H wrote (see)

     back to lurking again image .....

    We've all been rumbled!!!

  • Leslie, sometimes when I compare myself to some of them on here, I think it should be renamed "decent training, but average times" image

  • Just raced Cheshire 10k unofficial time 33.50 have to be pleased with that image

  • Great cross country Dean and Stevie See yesterday and well done Rob on a great 10 k time!

    I raced the Macclesfield half this morning.  I'm staying at a friend's house and she cooked me a massive meal last night.. Ate seconds and then cheese, then cheesecake. Woke up still stuffed and had some weetabix.

    Set off with the goal again of sticking to 6min/mile as that should be doable. 

    As Macc is V hilly, I set off faster. The odd thing at the start was that there seemed to be no faster runners. The course started with a lap and a half on the track then onto the streets. I stayed jyst off the back of the leader for the first half mile or so then realised he was a lot quicker. 1st mile in 5:45, felt good. 2nd in 11:30, 4th in 25:40 and 5th in 29:2x. A killer hill started at 5 miles which is why I had thought about making up 30 secs beforehand to compensate. 

    At 7 miles, a stitch started to bother me... Was painful unless climbing slowly. I noticed that no one was behind so came off the pace and thought about maintaining 2nd. 10 miles in 1:00:30, then another long climb... The stitch was really bad so I slowed off.

    The last mile was downhill so a rest, then I managed a sprint finish on the track. 

    Really not happy about my time again like the other week, darn stitch and didn't PB.. 1:20:01, but get this... Second place and £80 voucher prize... Very odd for such a slow time !! The winner was 1:16:xx and third place was another minute or so behind me.

    Id forgotten just how hilly it was though.

    Felt like a hard Sunday run as there was no one in front for 12 miles and no one behind.. 

  • Good going Rob! What did that place you? I think this distance is where your strength will lie in the years to come!

    How come the slightly shorter Sunday run SG?

    Off for my long run, no aches or pains from the XC yesterday. Probably because of the gentle profile. Hoping to hit a couple of hours so 15-16ish... or 'an easy' 20 if your Johnas!

  • robby, sub 34 at 48/49 is plain ridiculous!!

    Tim, hey, 1:20 is never a slow time, especially not if it's a smaller hilly half! Great prize money...this thread will start to attract the taxman soon!!

  • ps Stevie, shorter? That's my longest run for 12weeks!

    The programme is slowly ramping up, will go up 3-4miles total mileage next week, and the MP sessions have begun again.

    ps as Phil is already trying to second guess my next race, no that isn't a clue i'm doing a marathon!

  • Class run Rob. as you say, got to be happy with that!

    Nice cash prize Tim. Can't complain of no PB when you get 80 squid for your efforts. worth getting up for

    SS - think you'll be forgiven for 'just' running 16 miles the day after racing XC image

    My work done for the day - I'm off to find the biggest piece of steak I can find this late on a Sunday at the supermarket. Good thing I've literally got a SHED load of beer though



  • Official time 33.49 came 12th but only 2nd V45 check out Steve Cairns he ran 32.50 !!!! no wonder didn't spot him too far aheadimage

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