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  • Had a quick peek at the Team GB thread. Nice to see you stiring the pot SG.

    Saw Dachs today at parkrun. I was some distance behind him and should have run it at LSR pace but got carried away coming in 9th at 20:00 on the nose, way ahead of the 20 minute pacer!

    I know the feeling Dean. This has been a week of hurt. Next week will be all easy apart from a single track session. I'm on the way back to form and don't want to ruin it again.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, Re 2004. Torn right anterior muscle.

    33 minute 10k! not quite, but better than most off next to no training. A closer look at the diary.


     Alas, its an 8 not a 3.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Good to meet up with IronCat at parkrun today.  Pacing duty went OK.  There were 3 (I think) who were following, but they gradually fragmented.  Was dead on pace until about 4.2k, but with no-one close behind I inadvertently increased the pace and ended up finishing first in 17:46.  Not sure pacers are supposed to finish first.  One guy did break 18 as well in the end, but not sure whether I was any help to him.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You're supposed to pace them Dachs not past them.image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Sodding edit. paste not past

  • that would have been mental..i'd actually first read it as a 2...32.56!

    38.56 sounds more sensible!

  • I was asked to pace at 7 min/m and duly did the first 2 miles at 7 pace. I then just sort of held station and came home in 21:32 so obviosuly that last mile or so with the downhill and finish is a bit faster than the rest. A scatterign of PBs ahead and behind but no definite correlation.

  • nice work Iron, Dachs and PMJ. 

    Slight change of plan for me tomorrow so ill be joining the thread outing to Slough. Ill be sticking 45 - 60 mins on the end at easy pace if any of you fancy it?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Interesting parkrunning chaps-dont think I would be any good as a pacer - too uneven.

    Slough Johnas? Slough? How very dare you! Black Park is in leafy Buckinghamshire dontcha knowimage

    My plan is to add a couple of miles MP on the end, then a warm down, before dashing back to taxi the kids t their various afternon activities!



  • Enjoy tomorrow in Sluff guys.

    Ric, some excellant archiving going on. I wonder in years to come whether the online services will still be available to draw info from.

    The comment from MrsCat was pacers further down the times were struggling too. Even though she couldn't keep up she thought they were having trouble going so slow.

    I guess the problem occurs with GPS pacing too. Frimley for meis 5km bang on, whereas I measure Woodley, Reading and Margate long.

  • ricF, bus, if you both end up at the posh end of Bucks and a pair of racers make it there as well, can bus bring them towards High Wycombe? bus, if you are at the track pm then shout out

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Will do. If time permits I'll come via HX on the way back but otherwise should be at the track 5-6 - will txt you.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    good parkrunning going on.

    long run today: 11.5m in 7.11 ave pace.  felt more comfortable than previous weeks but still a long way to go before i can be happy the endurance is back.

  • sounds like a nice block of base would help you out Dean.

    I'm 3 weeks in now, and today's 12 came out at 6.48 average, with oddly the last 7miles averaging 6.40 without trying to lift it especially.

    67mile week in the end (shaved a mile off last night's planned 4 to watch the United 2nd half!).

    Good luck to the Slough boys.

    Johnas, presuming you're racing it flat out, rather than some MP/Tempo/Threshold type effort, you've simply got to be looking 33:xx. You did over 10miles at 5.28pace last week in that 3x20min session for goodness sake! On a track maybe, but still!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Stop saying Slough - it's offensive image

    Good race today, and good to meet up with Johnas for a chat and warm up. He's got a story to tell !

    Ric - where were you? Kept expecting you to appear from behind me somewhere and blast past.

    As for the race details - I set off in a group just behind the front four and tried to hold back to a sensible pace. Felt unusually comfortable for the first couple of ks, but the GPS was all over the place. Shortly after the 2k point I could see 1 of the 2 other guys I was in a small group with seemed to be struggling and as the GPS said I'd droped to 6+ pace, I thought I'd better get a shift on. I soon dropped this guy, but was shortly overtaken myself by a runner who turned out to be Guy Bowles, the 3rd man in the group. Guy in turn quickly dropped me, and so from that point on I was running completely on my own until the 9k point, which made it a tad hard! Pacing was made even more difficult by the GPS contnuing to be all oever the shop, so I had to work it out on the splits. The usual drag up the only incline from the 4.5k to 5.5k point saw a bit of slowing, but I went through 5k in 17:53 - 6 secs inside my offical PB - followed by an attempt to re-gain lost time on the hill, which led to a near retch, and a weird feeling in the heart, whihc was slightly worrying! Soon went, and I got back into a rhythmn again.

    By 7k I knew there was little chance of sub 36, but it was still possible if I didn't fade. By 8k, that would have meant running the fastets 2ks of the day, but a PB might have been on the cards.

    Just before 9k I could hear footsteps, and those spine chilling words "first lady" and I was starting to find it all a bit tough going. Shortly after, I was chicked, but at least I had some company for a bit. By then I knew a PB was unlikely, as the last 0.5k is on gravel, with a couple of sharp turns so the necessary 3:30 was very unlikely. Despite finishing alone, about 4 secs behind the 1st lady, I still, managed to muster a sprint finish to finish 7th (for the 3rd year running!) in a course PB of 36:23 (with no puking - much to Johnas disappointment!).

    Pleased with that - not a PB, but a season's PB, 16 secs faster than last year and off very little speed work. Bodes well for Abo, and a sub 36 attempt later in the year (post marathon effects permitting of course!).

  • course pb is always tidy there Bus. And who is the first lady? Someone that might rival Sam as your new race twin? image

    Without spoiling Dach's story, has Johnas matched that I wonder? Or even...whispers....bypassed the 33 club entirely? image

    Either way sounds like I need to get faster...and soonimage


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Intended to run the 10k today but as the time approached it became increasingly obvious it wasn't going to happen. No motivation to race right now.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Shame Ric - it was good conditions for it today (I thought whooping my backside would have been sufficient motivation anyway image).

    Can't remember the name of the first lady SG. It was a PB for her though, so she is getting faster too. Johnas knew who she was.

  • Nice running there bus. Is it still off po10, shame if it is. I keep arguing that the course is too much net downhill: certainly the pull up from the corner where you go back into the car park up to the start is a long pull and that is the bit you don;t do twice so is the course drop.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Excellent course/season PB bus.  Shame you didn't have a group to cling onto in the middle of the race.  Looking good for abbo.

    i don't know how Dachs or johnas got on but they are completing 10k sessions in similar paces as me and I'm looking sub32.   No reason why they shouldn't either. Both are in good form.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Chaps.

    Philip - from race info "there is an overall drop of 10m, which meets the IAAF criteria". Not sure that drop makes up for the incline, or the gravel section at the end thoughimage

    For some reason it is listed on Po10 this year. Shame - if I'd known I might have tried harder for a PB imageimage

  • Dipped toe into a marathon race today paced a friend the last 10 mile of Chester Marathon really enjoyed the experience his target time was 3.15 he ended up with 3.09.13 and a 22 min PB felt great tohave helped him he even ran a 3min + negartive split image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I suppose I should have added that a good chunk of the lack of motivation was/is down to the side effects of using minimalist shoes most of this week.

    There's a price to be paid for trying to change running style, and the price at the moment is having rather tired feet and calf muscles.

    So Bus, it would have been debatable today, whether or not the verdict would have gone my way. I suspect not. In fact, a test run of sorts this morning pretty well confirmed things. Not!

    Work in progress.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ric - I can't believe you of all people are getting sucked into the minimalist bandwagon image

    Still, even with tired feet I reckon you'd have been well in front of me - damn shame, as my original tactic was to try and keep up with you as far into the first 5k as I could, and that might just have been enough to see me PB...(so it's all your fault image)

  • What are you running in at the moment Ric?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bus, I'm more than 20 years ahead of the bandwagon. In the book 'Winning without Drugs', published in 1990, there was a chapter dedicated to the promotion of 'less is more' as regards the protection of feet.

    I spent quite a while blasting about in the woods wearing just race shoes. I still recall the opposition to this activity. Not sure how and why I stopped.

    IC, the shoes are New Balance Minimus MT10v2 Trail Running Shoes, phew!

    They are like a track spike but with a really solid forefoot instead of a spike plate. I found they work best when really motoring.


     Ideal for XC in dry conditions.

    I conducted some tests based on percieved effort using data from the Garmin.

    For my last 10k race I covered the first two 800m splits at 5:36 & 5:41 min ml pace. At the Aldershot Road Relay I did the 2nd 800m (all downhill) at 5:18 pace.

    In the minimalist shoes along a flat road and dodging traffic, an average 5:19 pace, same sort of effort.

    But that's only half a mile. 10k is another matter. 

  • Rob, is that allowed, to join a race at 16miles? I hear the last 10 are quite tricky at Chester? Has it wet your appetite for a mara debut?

    Bus - great run and a nice 36 low clocking. A seasons best is all you can ask for I'd say at this point, after a few months back being close to jacking abbo in altogether!

    I raced the Northern XC relays on Sat, 2 of the hardest miles I've done. 11:57 - which was well down the table of quickest legs of the day. But we came 10th overall. Looking forward to the National road relays next Saturday, I'll ease up a bit towards the end of the week I think.

    14 hilly miles today in 7:45 avg. Nearly killed me! Lovely day to be running around the country lanes.

    Oh... and I've entered the four villages half mara in Feb for a HM comeback after 18months away! image

    SG, I'm impressed how you clocked 67 miles with 12 being the long run. Good weekly graft. Pace looks fresh too sub 7! What are you building towards?

  • Strange shoes Ric. But if it works for you (or not!). I was looking at some NB trail shoes and some of them are almost mesh. Admittedly my ASICS XC shoes are a bit clumpy.

  • Stevie, I'm building to not being an embarrassment to the thread, having heard about Dachs and Johnas performances today!

    I've already passed on my congrats to them both, so when they do eventually post, if I don't write anything on here, i'm not being a bumhead, or one of those posters who only turn up when they do a good time, lap up the praise, and disappear again (you know who you are image)

    70mile week next week.



  • Stevie See didn't really care that not good form the guy I ran with wanted some encouragement and It felt great to help image 18-24 undulating and going up sandy lane at 24 tough for the runners but great last 2k 

    He was so pleased with his time and I got as big a buzz helping worth every minute 

    The think I enjoyed was the crowd completely diff than shorter races as they do lift you and still think in my 51st year a marathon may be considered but I suspect having a sub 2.45 target will be a whole different experience !!!!!!!

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