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  • Stevie G you profess that this is an inclusive thread but you continuously have a dig at in frequent posters when you yourself disappear if your pelvis plays up or other in minor issues and you feel your results inferior to others especially "old farts" don't be passive aggressive if you have issues with anyone other than "your mates" posting just say Stevie's group only!!!!

  • Rob the rebel, so did you just leap over a barrier? Love it. Good deed done for the day I'd say.

    SG, those 2 fellas are tearing it up! I can't remember the last time I stonked a race so I'd like to think I'm not good time Charlie! I'm here to save your blushes. If you're kicking out 70 miles weeks you know you're in good touch.

  • Go Bus Go! Getting close to all round PB shape, good tune up race for the big one.

    Nice base mileage SG. It wasnt long ago you though 6:40 was too quick for an easy. So your probably as aerobically fit as you've ever been.

    I though I might have been near enough to join in the 10k today as was staying somewhere with a Guildford postcode last night but when I ended up in Alton gave up on the idea.

    I have also had a minimalist shoe attempt but when the plantar came realised they are no good for me yet. Stepped down too quickly to trailroc 245's when the 255's would have been much more suitable. More heel drop, cushioning etc. In the cupboard now.

    Entered Leeds dash a while ago. Not that I'm 100% running it but I'm entered. 

    Better long run this week Dean. You coming Race 1 Brum Xc in Leamington?

    Mostly running easy now for me till next weekend. Averaged 50miles/week last 13 weeks. Hopefully that did something! 


  • easy now Rob, I can't stand any of these guys image

    And Stevie/Seb, we'll see. Or I'll be getting kicked off for being too pony.Or perhaps even for using the word pony on a too regular basis.

    Seb, 50miles for you is top end mileage isn't it? That's a huge run at it too.

    Stevie, you had the last 2 years utterly smashing pbs. It's natural to have a brief period stabilising again.

  • 'Stabilising'... or flogging myself for a 5second PB every 6 months! image Without sound like a Liverpool fan, 'next year is my year!' image 

    Seb, Leeds is great get it done mate. Can't believe we're back to hammering XC again! Wish I was eligible for the Brum league, looks a good crack.

  • you have at least one distance you will smash to such a ridiculous level it'll be erm...ridiculous!

  • Stevie G - I post infrequently because I feel that I have little to contribute with regards to training as I don't follow a designed system but I like to share positve news to act as encouragement for the older runners or the younger espiring runner to see what is possible even as a guy or woman approaches the twilight years. There are too many people out there who strive for medocrity when more is required and indeed is achievable image


  • Stevie G - I post infrequently because I feel that I have little to contribute with regards to training as I don't follow a designed system but I like to share positve news to act as encouragement for the older runners or the younger espiring runner to see what is possible even as a guy or woman approaches the twilight years. There are too many people out there who strive for medocrity when more is required and indeed is achievable image


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Rob, well done on the pacing duty, good to hear you've got a taste of marathoning.  Go on, you know you want to.  You're clearly pumped up, it'd be a shame to waste all that energy...

    Bus, great work on the 10K.  No retching, no hills, no Sam A though - all very un-Bus.  Can't expect to be in 10K PB form off pure marathon training, but it all sounds very promising indeed.  Are you sure you aren't ready to revise your Abingdon target downwards from "anything sub-3"?

    SG has alluded to it, but I ran the Reading O2O 10K this morning.  A nice local riverside one a couple of miles' jog away.  First place I broke 40 a couple of years ago.  Flat as anything, but still not the fastest due to the fact that a good third of it is on trails and grass, which is deceptively uneven.

    Set off and a couple of eager young bucks went with me, but I injected a little extra pace after about a mile and opened up a gap, which grew for the rest of the race.  Ended up winning in 33:48.  I got to break an actual tape, which was cool.  Not the fastest time I've run this year, but given the course and the marathon miles in the legs, I am happy with it, and it gives me 6 sub 34s this year.  Felt strong throughout the race, and that must be the endurance paying off.  Could have gone a little quicker with some company I would've thought.  So definitely all promising.

    That makes 10 podiums in a row (not counting relays), and this time I actually got to stand on an actual podium.  Or some painted boxes anyway.

    Dean, I like you're confidence, but I'm nowhere near sub 32.  I won't be running sub 33 this year either, but, assuming I run London next spring, I am intending to really focus on that 10K time in the summer afterwards and hammer a big chunk out of it. 

  • opps sorry don't know what happened there!!!!

  • Exactly Rob. My strive for mediocrity has fuelled a whole thread image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I must apologise for my truly awful you're/your mistake in my final paragraph.  I never make that error.  Shameful.

  • Stevie G image 

  • Dachs, your transformation, from the normal bloke I first met at Wokingham, to the sculpted behemoth you are today has been immense. That's about 27 10ks in a row at 33mins now. Epic.

    I'd probably sell Litty's commercial rights to the highest bidder for one 33. Ever.

  • SG, mind telling me which distance that will be? Makes training easier for me image

    Dachs - breaking a tape is a silly dream I have so for now I'll live it through your eyes! Good man. Great time too. Have a go at the Leeds Abbey dash (I'm not on commission honest fellas!).

    Rob, I kind of agree, I feel I've undersold myself a bit this year with safe targets and not pushed myself. Your positive experience today has again raised my marathon apatite. Although my coach says it's too soon as I have 'plenty' to take of my 5/10K times.  

  • Rob, we can be good pals now. Just throw a few more bones our way, and cover for the times I disappear off sulking or under performing  image

  • But... I thought you loved me SG. image

  • I do love you Litty, but the older boys tell me it's essential to treat em mean to keep..or even get them keen.

    Stevie, your half is so fat now, you could probably give me a piggy back for a mile or 2 and still beat it.

  • Stevie G I could bore for England posting training etc but I miss so many postings sometimes from the regulars on here I feel 'm trying to  say well done on training and racing to everyone and get paranoid I'm missing or offending someone there is no doubt the main contributers on here are all quality runners and continue to perform above the norm well done all!! and I mean all!


  • just steam in old son...I can't take the full responsibility for boring everyone on my own!!

    I would definitely describe the thread as split in 4. The quality runners (your Dean, Dachs, Crispy, Zattu, PubPhil,  yourself, Matt, DT2, and now Johnas,   those with monster potential not yet realised (Seb, Tim, See-man, Litty), the Super vets (Ric, Phil, Bus), and image

    If I've missed a regular out, shame on me.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Thanks SG.  Schulpted behemoth, I like that,  I would get it printed off and stuck on my office door.  It's open plan though,

    Having seen Johnas's result today, I hope no-one ever calls me a sandbagger again.

  • 1:21:13 - I had to actually look that up it's been that long. At the Four Villages half I'm aiming at sub 79. Which is basically 6min/miles. So I have a lot of tempo work to do, but I know I can crack it if I keep the winter grind up.

    Here's a funny one. Had an awful pain in my right foot wearing lunar glides on Wed and Fri. Felt skeletal almost, really sore to the point of not weight bearing. It was every step too. Very worrying. Then ran in my flyknits and nothing! Even when I ran in my XC spikes yesterday nothing. Bit crazy - but means I need an everyday trainer change as doing my long run in racer was not ideal. More £££ on new shoes.

  • sometimes you just get unexplained very short term worries that disappear Stevie. Sounds like yours has easily been sorted which is great news.

    1:21, I think I remember that being an incredible breakthrough. Funny how things roll so that now seems ridiculously soft!

    The next time I put a massive training block in, and say i'm after a 1sec pb over long distance, I'll be "doing a Johnas" image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Congrats mr podium, another good 10k.  Ignore my slip I meant to say sub 33 not 32. However my point still stands, I think you are more than capable.  a week ago we did a similar session 8*1200 in roughly the same pace and it hints at a sub 33.  

    Seb, I'm in for Lemington and Leeds abbey.  Looks like I will try to use leeds to get my revenge on you handing me yet another Xc defeat. image

    rob, Im sure if you ran down south stevie would build a statue to you and worship it daily. image  I can honestly say you made me up my game early on in my training.  Christleton 2012 was a significant point for me and it was you who convinced me to go for a sub 16 and hold your shoulder.  I changed my approach to racing that night. The day I stop listening to an international and fast bugger like yourself will be the day I go backwards. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Hey what's going on? The world is turning upside down!

    Stevie See is having a bad Nike experience, Seb is running big miles week-in-week out (13 M at 50+ - there's gonna be some big times coming!!), SG and RobT seem to be getting all luvved up (please show Samir and Scott how to kiss and make up!) and I didn't puke at the end of a 10k. All very weird...

    Thank God Dachs is keeping us grounded with some sort of normality - ten podiums in a row (to be honest dachs, all tose quality results are getting a bit boring now image). PS - I'll put down sub 2:55 on the Abo thread tomorrow...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Looks like results of all sort, all round.

    Had to have to look on PO10 for the results of the South Bucks 10k for the time that Johnas got image.

    However, what caught my eye was the result of the chap in 5th place, a V50, but a V50 I'd never heard of. Go have a look at his race profile on Run Britain. Hmm.

    I'm not casting aspersions, but...

  • He was obviously just saving his whole career for this one race Ric. A bit like that Brighton marathon woman...

    I spy Mee Meep in the top 20 too...

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    It does seem a phoenomenally rapid improvement since March doesn't it...

    Could just be an error in the results perhaps.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Results error - the photos show that the 5th place was runner 117, not 17. I've emailed the organiser (not sure who 117 is, but he's about 30 years younger than number 17!).


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Blimey, no wonder the guy behind me seemed to be labouring a bit after 2k - he ran Berlin in 2:46 the week before !

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