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  • Phil/Bus - I think the risk of a collapse in the last quarter is a big risk for me as I havent ran many long runs above the 2hr mark... but this is the last race as such before the training undergoes a big overhaul, ideally with the input of a few gents in here as well. 1st target will be a 36:XX 10k next Spring and then maybe a 1:20 half in the Autumn of 2014.

    Stevie - What's your next scalp out of interest?

  • the only aim Slinky, is to stay vaguely in viewing distance of the fasties on here and not get kicked off my own thread!

    Race wise, nothing booked, although XC is coming up, so I daresay i'll do a couple of those.

  • My half PB = 80, 2*80 + 10 = 170, my marathon PB is 2:50. I'm not runing scared, I;m running to the formula. Just looking at po10, guess who is listed with two clubs?

  • don't worry Phil, i'd deffo set a calm target if I ever did one. Sub 3.15would be reasonable right?


    And yes, after the great Wycombe 10k controversy of 2012, I shouldn't let them have their club name next to my name any longer!

  • SG, a 12 miler on the mid week hump at 7am is admirable commitment. The only thing I feel like doing when I wake up at 7am is crying! No idea how you can rattle out 12 miles!

    I managed an easy 11.25 tonight, longest mid-week for some time. Doing a 'switchback' session tomorrow of 8 x 1KM tempo/5K alternating.

    Bus - sub 2:50. I believe in you pal! image

  • Stevie, it's funny how things change in your running life.

    Those first 7am runs on Sundays felt horrific. That sense of dread when the clock would go at 6am.

    Then that first time trying a 4miler early before work when commitments called for a free evening.

    Now, the early easy paced runs feel standard. It was the quality at 7am that was a new addition last week.

    Was an odd day though. 12miles 7am , fine. 10am onwards sneezing and streaming nose. The main positive is that the pelvis/stomach muscle has progressed so that each sneeze doesn't bloody ache now.

    Just as well, as when you're doing 100s in a day that would have been a real world of pain!

    Dachs/Bus, hope all is going nicely this week...I can't pretend I envy you, but you've both worked hard for sure.

    p Stevie, doing an evening 11 I think is just as commendable as a morning one. You've done a whole day of work, and then it's miserable out there, and you have to force one out.

  • It's not meant to be Bus. Learn shorthand.

    I had the choice of catching up on this, or heading out for a run before light and heat faded.

    My observation from running in Helsinki is there are 2 of us in shorts here; both British. Everyone else is in full on jackets. Not running jackets but ski/down type jackets. Meh!

    House move will get in the way of Tedious Shit Datchet XC. Will enjoy the lumpy challenging ones that the hardcore turn up to. image

  • And for the lack of an edit button, I am a member of two UKA -affiliated clubs, but am only affiliated to UKA through one.

  • they're really making a collosal balls up of this year's organisation (no offence to any lurkers involved)

    A couple of weeks before the first race, they've only just confirmed the 5th out of 8 events, haven't told the clubs that asked the join the league whether they're in or not, and haven't sorted other bits and pieces either.

    not an easy job, but something seems to have changed this year.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Stevies!

    Eh, yes SG - I meant the x2 + 10 mins to take into account some marathon specifc training, but have assumed Slinkz might have done a bit if its Amsterdam on Sunday image, Nice to see Philip's PB backs this one up, even if by that reckoning mine should be 2:47:32 rather than 2:55 image

    As for early morning runs, I must admit, I was surprised that when I did the 15 and 16 miler's recently before breakfast and work that it wsn't actually that much of a problem - probably easier than doing them in the evening for some reason. Even Philip's 20 milers before work in his VLM campaign don't strike me as insane any more! 

    I was on a training course today - spent most of the time trying to avoid those with the lergy and exercsing will-power not to eat the biscuits! Not so good on the lunch - had too much of that!  Only 4 miles running so far this week, as planned, but a bit more on the bike than I would have liked (as it's my main form of transport). Taper is really kicking in though today - a strange combination of feeling slightly irritable, but also full of energy and generally buzzing!! The hamstring is now in dull ache mode - whihc is progress. 3 very easy miles tomorrow, then 2 on Saturday, with a few strides. Weird doing these low numbers!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I'm liking the 2 x half plus 10 minutes thing.  I'd be happy with that.  Not like last year's 2 x half plus 17 minutes.

    God, cross country time already.  I know I should, but I really don't want to.  I'll think about it after Sunday.  A long time after Sunday.

    8 with 2 at marathon pace tonight.  6:05 felt more like half marathon pace for some reason.  Don't know what that's about, but I shall assume it's my mind playing tricks, because that would be ridiculous.

    Welcome Scottishrunner.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Re evening vs morning for long runs - I often feel like crap after anything over 15 in an evening.  Whereas an early morning long run before breakfast is no issue.  On the other hand, anything pacey is much easier in the evening.

    Starting totalling up how I will carb-load for the next 3 days.  I need something between 500 and 600g of carbs per day apparently.  That equates to more than 40 slices of bread. Yeah, OK...

  • My marathon time is also 2x my half + 10 minutes, if you don't bother with the seconds. So, er, that proves something.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Thinking about XC, I shall pay careful attention to when SG is planning on running, so I can avioid him extending his XC winning record over me.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    3 days of carb loading Dachs? I was planning on starting Friday, but if it's good enough for you, then I don't need a second invitation to stuff my face! I can start with a nice Danish in the morning, a big lunch and a Greggs Belgian bun in the afternoon imageHappy days! Oh, and beer is FULL of carbs....

  • experience is everything with some of those XC courses Dachs. Although I should also probably call them MT courses,

    At Tadley I doubt you realised that after a gentle, plush woodland couple of miles, where avoiding getting twigs in your face was the main obstacle, that there would suddenly be water jumps, and a gruelling mile or so hill up ploughed banks to finish on!

    Now just imagine when they used to run the course the other way round and you started with the water and the ploughed hill!

    No wonder in those days, being way less fit, the last couple of miles were a miserable plod, begging for it to end.

    One of those sleeps where you wake up drenched in cold sweat last night, but feel better this morno! Hopefully a nice rest day, and sleep and we're back on the programme tomorrow!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus, I'm just doing what it advises to do on the internet.  Maybe 2 days is better, who knows.  If I thought Belgian Buns were the answer, I'd have started carb loading 6 months ago.

  • Thanks for the comments thus far guys. I think you might be right about my easy runs being too hard.. I have been running them at 7:37-39/m (4:45/km... I converted it myself just for you SGimage ). Went out on 60mins easy this morning (as discussed, fasted.. maybe I need to cut out the fasted runs for a while, just keen to keep my fat oxidisation capabilities up in case I do another marathon) and tried to hold back a bit (was easy, seeing as my legs felt like absolute crap!)  so average pace came out as 7.49/mile...

  • Shocker of a run this morning... 2miles W/U into 2miles miles at MP (6:50), 4miles total... Felt closer to 10k pace than marathon pace, thinking of taking the starting pace back to 7:00's and see how its going at halfway. Maybe just taper madness as 6:30's - 6:15's on Sunday were fairly steady without over due exertion... Thought?

  • Scotty, when you say fasted run, do you simply mean not eating before it? Or something more intense?

    And without looking at your precise zones break down, that 7.37 pace has got to be somewhere near the top of your easy pace if not into steady. At the start of this thread i think i was a 37min something 10k runner, and my easy pace started at 7.24...

  • If you go by Jack Daniels running formula Scotty, your easy pace should be 8:16 m/m (based on your 10k time). 

    Dachs - I'm a fan of carb drinks and sports bars with high carb content as consuming the correct carb quantity though normal food alone is really difficult and can leave me feeling really bloated due to the sheer volume of food necessary. I use Hi5 Energy Source and Powerride bars 

  • Slinkz - i think everyone is due a crap run during the taper. I can guarantee you it's the taper. Just be glad you had yours now and got it out the way

  • Where did you drag that one from Johnas, You know I'm a Daniels advocate and I'm sure Scottish said 39:41. Hi Scottish by the way and Slinkz!

    39:41 is around 52.5VDOT with shows an easy pace of around 7:55min/mile pace. So 7:35's just a tad too much into Steady territory as SG alluded to.

    Will read back later...
  • Does anyone wants my cabbage patch race entry? message me. It has a timing chip on the number so I'll actually sent you the number in the post today so you get a proper chip time.
  • a couple of newbies spices things up a bit doesn't it. We need another couple of sub 40 women though i reckon, just to stop Lit getting complacent image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    just to confirm SG - when you say sub 40 women, do you mean younger than 40 yrs old?

  • I'm a JD advocate too Seb and find his paces a lot miore accurate than Mcmillan. it's also the basis of my training (Slinkz - you can't go wrong reading his Running Formula book by the way to start understanding structured training, paces and plans).

    Online I use the vdot calculator here which gave the 8:16m/m figure. Is 7:55 from the lastest edition of the book?

  • Don't be mean to me when I'm injured SG.

    ScottishRunner - I have similar 10k time to yours and do my easy runs in the 7:55-8:30 range, if that helps. I don't usually bother having breakfast first; is that 'fasted'?

    Dean, we'd be more impressive if over 40. image

  • dean, all are welcome, but yes, sub 40 in 10k pace!

    Does remind me of being 8k into a 10k once, a furious battle with this bloke. We must have been in the 38:xx category back then. So when he asked "under 40?" I presumed he meant pace wise.

    Turns out he actually meant age, as he was leading the vet race at that stage. However, eh was happy to let me go, being no threat to his win.

    I think he was overtaken at about 9.5km. Bit cruel.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Johnas, I'm trying to get a good amount from drinks this time.  My wife bought me a job lot of sports drinks last night.

    Writing is down for the first time kind of illustrates why my carb-loading strategy of eating about 8 granola bars over a couple of days didn't work last year.

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