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    dachs - do you not mix your own drink? i buy a giant tub of SIS iso drink powder and then make it to my strength/taste as and when i want it.  Works out cheaper as well.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Dean - it never occurred to me.  Next time maybe.

  • Am on SIS drinks/energy bars etc. See fine to me. Tasty too.

    Very naughty VDOT calculator that Johnas! I thought the code was written wrong but in my opinion its just not a good tool. Firstly I dont think Daniels until recently had an 'Easy' pace band. The easy paces quoted from your calc are 15secs or so slower than my books E pace. This is the slow end of the new pace banding. The main flaw is the calcs code was written without the true original 'oxygen power' tables, by Daniels & Gilbert, which all McMillan calcs etc. are also drawn from. Your calc jumps a vdot. Click HM in the tab. Calculate the VDOT for 1:14:54, then try 1:14:55.

    I don't use it but the real deal is here...
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    im i the only one who has no idea what a vdot is?  image

  • Dean LOL that's why you're so fast you just runimage


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Venereal Discharge Over Time

  • Seb wow, you're revealing a deep inner geek side there!

    I love a bit of pace zone magic, but your last post is getting into stuff most of us know jack all about.

    Feel slightly hyped up now, hopefuly i've seen this light cold in and out within 1 day. Will be convenient if that's the case, as tomorrow is 4x200metres, 4miles MP, then 4x200metres for a classic bookend session.

    Getting to embrace the earlies now, so unless it's a "has to be on a track" vibe i'll do just that.

    Dachs, Bus, can youi explain the 3 days before a marathon thoughts running through your head for us never doers?

  • thanks Seb. makes sense. I do tend to use the book rather than online calcs but when needing a quick reference, had always used that link. I'll use the propper one from now on!

    and on that note SG/Dean, if you're vaguely into running geekness should have a read of Jack Daniels Running Formula at least once image


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    SG - it feels magnificent.  Would you like my number so you can experience it yourself?

  • It must be a truly joyous feeling to get 13.1miles into one, and think, YESSSS I get to do another 13.1!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Joyous indeed!  It's getting to the 20 mile point and thinking, great I get to run a nice easy 40 minute10k now - how hard can it be? image

    Couldn't get to sleep last night - and that's 4 nights before image


  • Best part I find is the excesses which come after finishing. Food, beers, sleep, rest days etc...

    To be honest i'm looking forward to jumping into some short sharp sessions after some down time after Amsterdam, probably dabble with some XC as well if I'm in at the Dashers before that all starts up.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Jeez louise - just looked at the forecast for Abingdon - heavy rain, windy and a good chance of being zapped by lightning if you don't finish in under 3 hours image

  • Have to agree with SG re the XC dates for Thames valley. 5 dates so far up and I don't see any real gaps for the others to go. The calendar on is pretty full and early 2014 is champs season.

    Cabbage Patch 10 forecast is not too bad, come over that way bus. I do like the 1pm lightning and you are out. at school my son is doing a sort of election so I suggested he stand as an independent. I explained that this is a single issue thing and asked him what he wanted and he said faster internet. I suggested he run under the Make the Internet Lightning Fast banner but he declined.

  • Bus, not to be a downer, but your chances of winning future V40 prizes locally takes a major hit tomorrow.

    A champion joins your bracket image

  • (delurks) SG you want more women on the thread? I'll pop in then, but I am over 40 in age but not time. 

    I was thinking about you lot last night...when I was running a very miserable track session on my own in the pissing rain. 4x1200m at 5k pace(ish) 10 miles in total, horrible.

  • And Phil, yes they are making it tricky this year.

    It doesn't need to be.

    Sort out the dates you have to avoid, slot in the 7/8 or so fixtures in the 9 remaining dates, job done!

    Apparently some of our lot can't make the Dec 22nd fixture, as they're doing the Portsmouth Marathon.

    Seems a particularly mental time to do a marathon!!

  • howdy Velloooo, you snuck in between my 2 posts, and Literachy ticked me off for missing it. Whoops.

    Track reps in crap weather on your own, preferably on a track at the top of a hill by a motorway for maximum distress are what it's all about.

    None of this training in a massive gang. That's cheating.

  • Hi Velloo.

    Will check the TVXC dates later. Bound to clash with HM training, but good sessions none the less. I find I get faster over the XC season. I certainly place higher towards the last few image

    Nice touristy-run around town tonight.

  • For all those nutters, sorry I mean all those doing a marathon at the weekend, I hope you achieve if not better you targets... Due to the horrendous weather forecast for the weekend, am now off to the coast, apparantly they'll be a lot less tourists down there to contend with.....

    Reading back over the last weeks pages, it seems everyone bar Stevie G has been achieving some fantastic results, but Stevie your training seems to be going well, it amazes me that your not tempted to enter a race with the form your in...

    My training seems to be going well at the moment, but suffering with sore knee's the last few weeks... Knocked 23 secs of 10k pb last Sunday, but still pissed off knowing that if the last 2k was more road and less farmers field, then it would have been something special... 

  • "it seems everyone bar Stevie G has been achieving some fantastic results"



    cheers mate image

  • good work on the latter day pb. Where was your Victory 5 report old son. I needed you to back up my tale of it being the windiest day the world had ever known!

  • SG, 40 tomorrow and a champoion I only have

    1973 – Michalis Kapsis, Greek footballer
    1973 – Rachel Nichols, American sports journalist
    1973 – Brian Scolaro, American comedian, actor, and producer

    Lina Radke would be 110 and was the holder of the 800m world record from 1 July 1928 to 28 August 1944, that is over 16 years!  2.16.8 is a time even I bettered when young.

  • Sorry Stevie, nearly forgot...


    You know where to send the chequeimageimageimage

  • why does Linda Radke even remotely fit into your last post?

  • that's a little bit better Mr Bluey. Just the 6 weeks or so too late!

    I always know when M Dog can see a lull in performance, as it normally means no recovery days after, a ban from racing, and back to the hard graft image

  • ps Phil, Lit has pointed out what you meant.

    She commentates on the thread to me. image

  • If by 'commentate' you mean 'respond to the question "what is Phil on about?"', then I suppose I do. image

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    I got it - hope your son didn't Philip!

    Mr O'G will be in the top three of any of the village fete races he's in that I'm pot hunting a V40 prize at SG, so no worries just yet image

    Hello Velloo - nice track session - they should all be done in either boiling hot waether or reaaly wet for maximum benefit!

  • Cheers Johnas for the VDOT thread... Put in 38.46 for 10k, it come up with a VDOT of 85 and easy pace of 5.33mp... Nearly rushed out and brought a motor bike image 

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