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  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Ric, I hope so, but would swap it for the wind!

    Worst night's sleep ever last night! Nerves, plus neighbours having a firework display at 11, then a police helicopter doing a search over the woods at the back about midnight, th3n torrential rain-grrr!

    Anyway, just porridging myself up, then off we go!



  • Fair play Ric. I like to think all of us would do the same if it was obviously a critical situation. Hopefully we never come across anything similar!

    Bus, was going to say, the rain was so darn loud it was a wake you up job! Seems to have gone now, so hopefully won't re-surface either here, or for any of the race venues in a couple of hours!

  • ric, my facebook was full of spikes versus studs discussion yetserday and the concensus was that studs were the way to go so I am surprised that flats were so bad. At Watford there is a reasonably long stretch of tarmac and then also a long bit of compressed stone chippings. When I have worn spikes there I was very consicous of tyrign to run on the edge and watch people in studs or flats go by on those bits.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Phil. Two years ago I wore studs at Watford and the conditions that day were drier. 

    I had a new pair of Salomon Fellcross in storage; having worn the last pair into pieces. Should have taken them out of the box.

  • Longest run since May today! A 14.

    As a step up from the recent 12s, I needed a new tweak to my route, so put in a section with a massive steep hill. I presumed it was short, but one of those hills that goes on for miles, and into woods, and offroad and gates to open, and slowed it all down.

    Add in 2 miles of the heaviest rain this year and some lightening, and it was quite lovely to still come out at 7.12 average all in.

    Nice 4 week block of training just completed now, 64.5, 67, 70, 71.5.

    Starting to feel fit again.

    Well. Until I turned the tv on and saw Tish Jones do a 74.22 at Cardiff half today (she must have been 2-3mins behind me at Wokingham), and Ben Livesy (very short time at Marlow my old club) doa  64:xx half!


  • Oh no! I haven't wished the boys good luck! I'm sure they know I'll be rooting for them. Looking forward to some heroic race reports.

    SG, those miles are looking tasty! I wouldn't worry about Ben, he's the one who runs for the air force? He's a different class.

    I ran the Manchester league yesterday, came 54th (standard is very high - all of the National Road Relay winning team from Sale where out). I ended the first lap in 100th so worked through well. 350 in the field. There is a long hill at the end up to the finish, I hit the burners and sprinted past 6 people! First race where I've felt really good and paced it right. Every mile was between 6:25 and 6:35 with the quickest being the last.

    Looking forward to the mara and 10 mile boys reports! Smash it!image


  • Yep, when I got up I saw that lightning and saw via FB you were out on your 14: didn't fancy it at all.

    Cabbage Patch 10 today and by some odd quirk of fate my best ever distance on paper as I have always beaten the hour in ever 10 mile race I have ever raced. It always looked hard to beat it this year: the years do start to tell and the calculators say it will get harder each year but somehow I have sneaked in. Decided to give myself a chance but with the proviso that I'd back off to avoid crash and burn. Overnight was very wet but as 9am came the rain stopped and the sun came out so didn't look bad running conditions at all.

    Cabbage Patch is an odd race with gun to chip timing as it starts in the middle of the High Street so the runners are assembled in a side street, then they close the road for one or two minutes to get the race started and then re-open the road, so no start line timing mat. Means you need to be up near the sharp end to avoid a time penalty.

    Managed the start well, back about 4 or 5 rows and first mile in 5:58 and felt easy. Mile 2 in 5:59 and I am starting to think it may be on. Up and over Twickenham Bridge and still sub 18 at 3 miles (the bridge slows you down a bit) and then mile 4 along the Thames on the flat and another sub 6. Course now starts to get a little messy and a few inclines and turns break the rhythm and 5 miles in 30:10. 

    The second half is harder so the hour has gone so I decide to be a little less aggressive and try and bring it home tidy.  Mile 6 is 6:05 but then miles 7 and 8 in 6:16 and 6:19 start to show the tiredness and the surface is mixed with some gravel and tow-path. Mile 9 has a steep slope and steps up to Richmond Bridge and then a nasty down and sharp turns again to get onto the river bank. The 9 mile marker was off by a country mile, I passed it in 54:15 and my Garmin didn't beep for 9 miles until a good minute later. This threw me, I was frantically doing the maths and reckoned a 6:30 final mile would see me 60:45 easy but I knew I was 50 seconds down at least on 6 minute pace at 8 miles so how had I made so much time up over the steps and bridge?

    Anyhow, I hadn't, Gamrin splits looked OK at 6:36 and 6:24 for the mast two miles and 61:36 overall.

    So the hour monkey is off my back, no need to can it for 5 miles again so maybe next year more even and try to match this year. WAVA over 80% which is my new target so another tick. 

  • See-man, yep, he seems to (said with no disrespect) actually have started putting proper training in now, and is smashing pbs to bits even at his level and at 35/36.

    Sounds a good turn out for you yesterday too.

    Some bits are starting to come through on FB now, most interested to see how our marathoners are doing, mostly that distance as again on 13miles I  thought, same again? NO chance!

  • Good turn out Phil. An impressive record like that lasted for ages, so to keep it until 48 was top work.

    Sometimes like you say it's not bad to get a sequence out of the way, and it'll make next year's more interesting, when to have to beat 60 again would be a world of pain!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    nice racing Stevie and Phil. 

    Quick report on my 5 mile race. Forgot my watch to start with which buggered my plans of trying to go with 5.20s. Went through the first mile in 3rd place with 4th a good 10m back. After speaking to him at the end he ran a 5.05 first mile. :-/ 

    miles 2 and 3 went by and I staryed to feel it. Heading towards the last 1/4 mile of mile 4 I had a good 30/40m on 4th place and about 60m on 5th place. The wheels then came off spectacularly and I got taken by both within the last mile. Chest was tight, legs had gone. Crossed the line in 27.02 and then at the prize giving I found out the 2 who came past me were two Lancashire lads. The first and second weren't so i lost the chance of a lancs 5 mile champs gold medal. Got to be content with a bronze though after nearly 3 months since my last road race. 

    Bit more endurance needed and less of the sub 5min mile starts. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    We took it as read Stevie image

    Some good racing there Matt and Stevie, and well done Philip. As SG says - the inbroken string of sub hours  had to go eventually, and still a quick time on the score board.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bus, I assume there's a report being drafted on word right now.

    Good races by all, so far.

    Phil. I found once a few slower results came along, it became increasingly easy to accept them. And easier not straining oneself. Unless.

    Result from yesterday. 118th from 390. Two minutes faster would have been 56 places better off. Rather crowded around my level.

    Tried out the 'Fellcross' this morning. Yes, they would have been handy yesterday.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Right, and for my race...

    SUMMARY: Sorry Philip - I was a BIT shit!

    Despite the torrential rain and lightning on the way, it was actually dry when we set off. Did a nice easy warm up and had a chance to chat to Dachs before he disappeared off into the distance!

    It all started off to plan - nice and controlled and found myself in a sub 2:50 group all wanting to run just a couple of seconds faster than 6:29 pace and see how it went. I ran with this group, having a bit of a chat about injuries mainly! A mile through a gravel track got us nice and covered in muck after the heavy rain, but otherwise nothing dramatic. Then an interesting route through Abingdon itself, with good support. We then hit the section where there is a double loop, and it was mentally a bit tough going past a 17 mile marker when only at mile 7!

    About mile 8, it all started to get a bit hard, despite a nice even 6:25 pace until then, and I started to fall off the back of my group. Had a quick gel in the hope it would perk me up – t did sort of, but unfortunately I was on my own now, and heading into a very windy, slightly uphill section which really took it out of me.  After a couple of miles of this round a rather dull industrial estate, things were feeling a bit hard. It was then along another gravel track past the halfway point, in about 1:25 (missed the sign as someone was stood in front of it!). I’d realised by then that a sub 2:50 was no longer a possibility, but felt a PB (sub 2:55) might still be.  I was then caught by a couple of runners – good, some company at last before the loop back into the wind! I made sure I stuck with them as long as possible and they got me through to about mile 18, and in some horrible wet and windy weather. By this point there was a steady flow of runners overtaking me and it felt like my right sock was all wrinkled up. At mile 20 I took the daft decision to try and sort the sock out. The bloody lace wouldn’t come undone though, and when I eventually sorted the knot out, it wasn’t a wrinkle at all – just the start of a blister! A good 50 seconds wasted for nothing.

    Hey ho, it was all starting to get pretty unpleasant by now, and I was furiously calculating paces to see if I was even on for a sub 3, as a PB had gone out the window!  Yes, it was still possible, but the last 4 miles were really just hanging on. Then the last mile, before you finish in the stadium, meanders round a park – absolutely dire! 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Anyway, eventually made it across the line to rapturous applause in 2:58:30 – at least I didn’t spoil my record of sub 3s in every marathon!

    Had to then choose between tea and a shower, but was feeling distinctly ropey, so kept moving to the showers. The usual post race issue of tingling lips and hands came on, so I lay down on the changing room floor, with my feet on the bench – not particularly pleasant with lots of naked blokes walking about I can tell you! Made even worse by extremely painful cramps in my calves. Recovered enough after 10 mins to hobble to the shower – bliss! Time for tea after that, but some joker has decided that the best place for a free post marathon tea is at the top of some steep steps!!

    Got the tea just in time to see my mate finish, 30 seconds behind the time I’d predicted for him (3:45:30). Went to see the prize giving – Ben Fish, the winner missed it! Had a chat with Matthew Bennett, and ex Chiltern Harrier who was 2nd in 2;27 in his first marathon!

    Then the trouble really began! The bloody car park is MILES away from the stadium. The cramps in my calves and really sore feet (definitely not enough cushioning for me in Adios!) meant I could barely shuffle, and the 5 hour plus runners coming the other way seemed in far better shape than me (that’s when you texted SG, hence my response!)! I seriously thought I might pass out, and by the time I eventually got back to the car, I had to lay down with my feet raised again before the dizziness passed. After a fairly uncomfortable trip back, I feel fine now just the legs don’t seen to work! 

    Overall, I’m OK with the time, even though it was a long way off target. The conditions were far from ideal, but in the end I just wasn’t fit enough and given how much I’d put in trying, and everything else that’s been pushed to one side,I think that could well be my last marathon!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    A fine effort there Bus. Have a good rest, you deserve it.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Ric - had to force the legs to get the sub 3 and they are making me pay now!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Well done Bus. A few well earned ales must be in order! 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    oh yes. Number one is onthe side of my bath waiting!

  • Well done Bus a great race and makes me even less want to go one as you have to dig into reserves not sure I even know existimage

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Rob - hope my report didn't put anyone off doing a marathon though image

  • bus, sub 3 is never shit, not even a bit. Weather was stacked against you and if the stars don't align then 26.2 is a long old drag. Also looking at the results, even though Ao is suppsoed to be a runners marathon, the sharp end is a bit thin and that means you don't get the pacing groups.

  • Great run Bus, good to come away with a sub 3 even though you felt things were getting away from you from mile 8. You gave it a good shot! So you think that will be the last marathon? Why? Is it the time/sacrifice issue? Or just the fact they are bloody grim? I'm less enthusiastic about running one I must say! image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Recovery now appears to the order of the day.

    Felt I was nursing a hamstring niggle this morning myself as I jogged a 5 miler. If I was wondering how bad it might be, I found out a few minutes ago as I nailed a 'hit and run' driver.

    Yes, running has its uses. 

    What happened was that while lounging around at home, I heard an almighty crunch sound at which point my missus declared, "that's my car she's hit", with that she went outside at which point the driver made a good effort to escape.

    I was already on the way out, and with the escapee already halfway down the road I needed a good sprint to catch up. Luckily we live in a cul-de-sac, so when she was blocked in by an incoming car I had a chance.

    Doing her best to force the other car back she nearly succeeded in making off. However, the speedwork came into play and the capture was made. Result.

    Calmly (honest) I took all details. Turns out it wasn't my wifes car she hit, but the guy across the road. None too pleased about the running away element. I think he was off to call the police about it.

    Oh, hamstring fine. Despite the sprint.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Bus - a sub 3 on a tough day.  Sounds like a decent return.  fantastic report which makes me a step closer to not running one. image

  • Bus, I am relieved to see that 'a bit shit' doesn't mean 'actually shit' but actually still comfortably sub-3 hours. Doesn't sound like much fun though.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks all - makes me feel a bit more positive about! You shouldn't let it put you off - there are plenty of people who seem to enjoy them (weirdos image). If nothing else, it made tonight's roast dinner taste like the nectar of the gods! Stevie - ask me again in 2 years when I've forgotten this one image

    Where's your report then Dachs? Can't just post on the Abo thread you know image



  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Oh, and a quality bit of citizen's arresting there Ric!

  • Wow, Bus, I think that might be one of the best reports ever seen on this thread, epic, humorous in less than ideal circumstances, and perfectly describes what I can only imagine is the truly miserable experience of a marathon!

    I hope you're taking at least a full week rest now.

    Agree with Phil that for such a high reputation marathon the top end seems very lacking in quality, not surprised you had big spells on your own!!

    Matt, doesn't seem right such a tasty 5miler from you gets almost footnote status...but I noticed it, and very good run there.

    Ric, good citizens arrest type work! I did secretly wonder if you might have been aiming for a marathon with some of your intenso build up over the previous months...

  • ps Bus, when a sub 3 hour marathon is seen as a bad show (only by you), I think it again shows the quality on this thread! (well from you lot at least, i'm just the facilitator image)

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Sorry matt - another here who missed it.  Tidy time, you are carrying some good form into Leeds.

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