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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus, its coming. A race report composed on the phone won't do for this thread, so need to wait til the kids are in bed for the computer to come out...

  • Wow, well done Bus. Mere mortals like I can only dream of a sub 3h marathon, so massively take my hat off to your bad day! Have a few beers now!!


    No running for me today. Scheduled rest day. Sure my legs will thank me for it tomorrow... first 5-6 x 1000m @ 4:00 since the last race 2 weeks ago. Could be fun.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I'm impatient Dachs so I've already looked up the results? I'm probably not the only one. 

    Dean, if you'd have seen me die over that last mile today, good form would be the last thing it should be called. I think if I'd have paced it better and with a bit more endurance then ill be somewhere near my form from before the injury. Heres to hoping anyway. I forgot just how much it hurt though. image 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks Scottish - appreciated. 

    SG - if I was Sam A, I'd be out pounding the streets now as a punishment to myself image (though to be fair, as I can barely walk down the stairs that might be tricky image). Yep, the plan is a whole week off. I'm probably going up to the Lakes on Saturday, so will take my fell shoes, but might well just end up taking the opportunity to do some walking and scrambling instead of running - we'll see.

    Dachs - get those kids to bed earlier fella, I want details image

  • Yes, don't be tempted Bus, and I presume you're not even having a look at the Marlow half.

    I'm not marshalling this year, they haven't asked with 2 weeks to the date, my pal I marshall with is racing it, so won't be able to be company for the 5-6hours, so screw it...

    Dachs, no pressure, but your report best be epic after that one.

    (ps if Bus needs 2 messages to get his report out...probably best for this thread I never do one, as it'd probably take 6 or 7) and no one would read it, instead opting for the classic "nice report" image

  • Well done guys. Shame about the non-PB Bus, but a cracking result nevertheless.

    Nice one PMJ and Matt. Just waiting on Dachs' report now.

    Today marks 16 weeks until Wokingham HM.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Right, the report...

    Driving down, the conditions were not promising.  Drove straight into a thunderstorm on the M4, and for 30 seconds or so hit to worst visibility as a result of rain that I have ever experienced.  Car was occasionally aquaplaning a little, which certainly took my mind off the upcoming marathon.

    Things had cleared by the time I got to Abingdon.  Did a short warm up, during which I finally met The Bus after managing to avoid each other at various other races.  Did a couple of laps warm up together.  I must say, he looks a little sleeker than either his profile picture or the various V40 prizegiving photos I’ve seen would indicate.

    Anyway, whilst inspecting my Garmin history, I have managed to delete it.  So I have only my hazy recollection of mile splits.

    Plan was to run the whole thing on nice even 6:05s, to bring me home in about 2:39:30.  Hooter went, 300m of the track, then out through the gate and weave through a bit of the park.  First mile was looking like it was already going to be a bit too sharp, particularly since a fair few people set off quickly, so I pulled back to bring it in at about 6:00 on the nose.  4 or 5 disappeared into the distance, and I settled into another group, but this group was already starting to fragment, so it was looking increasingly like I was going to be doing a lot of the running on my own.

    Down a shitty puddly cycle track, I ran alongside a chap I recognised from the Yateley series, who was also aiming at 2:40.  Good, I thought, but these thoughts soon evaporated as I realised at about mile 4 that I was already pulling ahead of him.  By now, I was settling into a rhythm of 6:00s-6:02s.  Too fast, in hindsight.  Lack of discipline.  Slapped wrists.

    At 4 and a half miles, I knew the water station was coming up, so time to go for the first gel.  Down the hatch!  Now, where’s the water to wash it down with?  Oh tits!  The water station’s just before 6 miles!  My mind has mucked up already and it’s less than 5 miles in.

    Never mind.  Down a footpath through Waitrose car park (?!), and through the centre of Abingdon, speeding up for the many onlookers of course.  This vanity results in a 5:59 mile.  Dammit!  Too fast!

    Down the river for a bit, and turn into the first lap of the two-lapper section.  Going OK, in a reasonable rhythm.  Race then goes out on country roads, into a headwind for about 3 miles, with a good proportion up an incline.  It’s OK on this lap at miles 6-9, but I know it’s going to be a different matter on the same section when it’s miles 16-19.  Van driver beeps at me to get out of the road, earns a one-finger salute for his trouble.  Second one-finger salute I’ve given in a race this year actually, I mentally note.  On my own now, but I can see a bouncy guy with bouncy hair ahead who is coming back to me quickly.  Wearing lycra shorts and a busy looking lycra top, so might be a triathlete.  I shelter behind him from the wind for a couple of hundred metres, but then push on past.

    I can see another guy up ahead in the distance, but I’m still running alone.  Miles are mostly ticking along at 6:00-6:03s, but with the occasional unnecessary 5:58 thrown in.  Relief as a left hand turn means that the headwind is replaced by the tedium of a business park.  Through 10 miles in about 60:25, and still going OK.  However, I can feel gurgly noises in my stomach that I do not think are a good sign.  Take another gel, and turn back  away from the wind towards Abingdon again.

    Not much to report on the next section.  Go through halfway in about 1:19:25, and still fee

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Not much to report on the next section.  Go through halfway in about 1:19:25, and still feel reasonable, but certainly feel like I’m working rather than coasting.  Completely miss the Lucozade stop, but I catch the chap up ahead, who has got one of the bottles, and he kindly offers it to me.  Nice gesture.  I take a swig, and thank him by overtaking.

    Turning into lap 2, the guy I’ve overtaken and another guy who has come back strongly are just behind me, so there’s the prospect of a group forming, but (in hindsight foolishly) I keep pressing at my own pace, and by mile 16 I’ve lost them.  I don’t see any other runners (apart from those I lap) until the finish line.  My error soon becomes clear, as I turn back into the 3-mile headwind plus incline, and the wind has now definitely got a lot stronger.  Lacking any kind of shelter, I simply push on through, but it’s not a good thing this far out.  The miles are all still ticking by under target pace, but definitely harder work than it should be.  Then the heavens open.

    Back into the industrial estate, still fighting the wind.  I start lapping runners.  This was fun when I did it at Gosport, but now it’s not so good.  Tiring, but still on pace, and relieved when the wind is behind me.  Miles 20-22 go by OK, but accidentally push into the back of a lapped runner when she gets out of my way in the other direction than I had anticipated.  Apologies all round.

    Suddenly mile 23 comes out as 6:13.  Didn’t feel any different.  I don’t get too worried, as I know I have a decent margin in the bank, and am actually on course for about 2:38.  It can’t go wrong now can it?

    Go wrong it does, right in the centre of Abingdon.  Suddenly, I’m jogging.  WTF?  Speed up again, but I’ve got virtually nothing left.  Through a stupid underpass I hadn’t expected, and out towards the track again, but it’s all a mix of running and then having to jog short sections.  Miles are coming in as 6:25s, then 6:30s.  Aw crap!

    Mile 26 is the longest mile I’ve ever run.  Weaving through the park in the grounds of the stadium is no fun at all, and it seems 2:40 is gone. Then onto the track for the slowest track 300 of my life.  For the first time, I see the guy ahead.  He’s basically walking over the line.  He finishes 10 seconds ahead of me, despite it being the first time I’ve seen him since the start.  Cross the line in 5th place in 2:40:22.

    So, no sub-2:40 for me, but that is a PB by more than 10 minutes.  It still isn’t in line with my 10K or half marathon times, but it’s getting closer.  Disappointed that I fell apart so badly at the end (in an almost identical way to Berlin last year, despite very different training), and wracking my brains as to whether I could have taken 23 seconds off somehow, whether I was mentally strong enough.  Not sure I could have really.  Without that headwind, I think I would’ve done it.

    Felt like crap afterwards, so the mile or so walk back to the car went down like a fart in a monastery.  The one hour drive home wasn’t much better.  But in hindsight, think I’m actually kind of pleased.  I think I will get marathoning right one day.  And now I at least know that 2:40 is possible.

    The End.

  • Dachs means Dachs alright... (to tune of Backstreets back)

    nice one Dachs,a  2.40 aint to be sniffed at!

    If someone on the mileage you were on, putting huge sessions in still finds it hard in the last few miles what hope for anyone else!!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus, good report.  Sorry you missed your target, but glad you at least managed to salvage a sub 3. Your preparation was pretty interrupted, so I think that's still a good result in the circumstances, and well done on gritting your teeth when a sub-3 seemed in doubt.

    Sorry I sloped off straight afterwards, but after I'd had my shower, I was pretty much in need of somewhere to sit where I could quietly vomit if I needed to.  I did see you in the changing room with your feet up (I wasn't one of the naked guys though, I was dressed by then), but I was in no condition to have a conversation, and I knew your post race retching record, so I suspected you weren't either.  That walk back to the car was ridiculous.  It took me about half an hour to walk that mile.

    Mattl, good racing, glad to see it's coming back.

    Kudos on CP PMJ, you've had a good run of sub 60s and it had to end at some point.  Still a pretty nifty time for a silver fox.

    PMJ/Bus, it's true that Abingdon has fewer at the sharp end than its reputation might suggest, but with places limited to 1,100, it's actually a pretty competitive field for a race of its size.  70 out of 1100 sub 3 isn't too shabby.

    Love the story Ric.  I imagine the sight of you bearing down in the rear view mirror is a terrifying one indeed.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Top report Dachs - worth waiting for (especialy the bit about me being 'sleeker' than I look in the photos image). very enlightening to hear what it's like at the sharp end too.

    As for those 23 seconds, anyone of: a bit more company, a bit less wind, or a bit less muddy puddles would have done it on another day - of which you will no doubt have plenty.  There's been other years when that time would have won Abo too! 

    Glad I'm not the only one who found the walk back to the car a complete pain in the ass too!

  • That was an amazing report. The highlights for me were bouncy hair guy and lucozade bloke. And the huge PB, obviously, even if it could have been 23 seconds huger. Well done.

  • Cracking effort Dachs. A great day all round for the thread marafunners.

  • Dachs a 10min PB!! It was always going to push you to your limits, I think had you run London or Berlin (better course/conditions) you'd have clawed back those 25 seconds. Great race report - liked the lycra fella being identified as a triathlete, that's what I always think! I think the thread has much to be proud of today with the performances posted.

    Matt, great 5 miler, teasingly close to 26:59, but running blind is tricky. You must feel good for Leeds now?

    An 'easy' (not easy at all) 13 miles for me in 1:38. 62 for the week. I'm off work this week so a 70 mile week is the target with a parkrun on Saturday.

  • How has Johnas gone on in the Dam?

  • Great marathon reports guys and very well done, sounds like the conditions were grim. Cracking time for Matt too. 

    A lot of my clubmates were doing Amsterdam, great conditions PBs smashed all over the place, one of them has now got a commie games qualifying time! (but I don't know how Johnas did, as I don't know his name)

  • Epic reports Bus and Dachs. Sounds like conditions were against you so in all respects, hats off to you. Marathon running is a funny old game - it all comes down to so many variables on the day (even your socks playing mind games Bus!) that getting round 26.2 in those times is nothing to be sniffed at. Got me fecking nervous for next week though now!!

    Awesome running too from our thread Vets PMJ and Ric. Never lose sight of just what great performances they are.

    Matt - not a bad showing after being off for so long! Be happy with that!

    Pretty good going there Iron for a training run! Big week for someone that enjoys 'busy' sportswear.

    Any ness from Slinkz besides he hates tulips?

    As for me, an uneventful Half. Ran with mates up until 5km (24 mins) when I put an MP run into practise. Wanted to try top end of MP to see how it felt and basically did just over 10 miles in 60 mins. Gave me some pacing idea for next week in Frankfurt so all good. The beer post running has been amazing.
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Congrats Dachs. Big PB! Well deserved. Running long spells on your own in bad conditions in hugely impressive.

    honourable belated thumbs up regards stevie see & Philips races.

  • My bad... Great training ru from SS although I'm sure Iron has been out there pounding the pavements in busy sportswear nonetheless.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Well done on the pb Dachs.

    A classic hitting of the wall if ever there was. 

  • Johnas wrote (see)
    My bad... Great training ru from SS although I'm sure Iron has been out there pounding the pavements in busy sportswear nonetheless.

    No worries; t wasn't me at Abo either. A good training run for you Johnas with the big-event feel to it too. A good training run there from SS too. FWIW that's the same time I PB'd my last HM (Feb 2012).

    I tend to run in 'normal' kit and leave the lycra for cycling or racing only. Though I do have a busy technical t-shirt somewhere... My weekend pales in comparison. 11k on Sat with a parkrun at HMP thrown in, followed by a swimathon (part of a team of 5). Yesterday was a well earned rest day as my next block of training starts today.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Ric - indeed.  Interesting, as it unfolded in almost exactly the same way at Berlin last year, despite my training this year being much more high-mileage/endurance based.  I may need to consider doing the full distance in training next time to address this point. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    dachs you have to factor in the fact you kept your target pace for 20+ miles in testing conditions.  the weather would have taken something out and hastened a decline.

  • Nice run there Dachs and if you can do 2:40:22 as a solo time trial in the rain, then a 2.3x is yours for the taking next outing. I honestly would not do much different next time, there is a massive psychological aspect to the marathon that is almost as important as the physical, especially in those last miles.

    One question that has piqued my interest: the results show a difference between gun and chip for everyone, even Ben Fish has a second difference and 3, 4 and even 5 seconds in the top 20. Any idea explanation why?

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Yeah, they made us stand a few metres back from the timing mat, in order to take a start line photo.

    Sure you're right re the solo aspect of it.  in hindsight, that was tough going.

  • Well done Dachs. Phenomenal time. As runners we are very hard on ourselves aren't we? There are not many people would run those times (Dachs and Bus) and still be a bit disappointed by missing goals by 25secs.. guess that's what makes us specialimage

    19km this morning for me with 5 x 1km off 1min recs, came out at 3:58; 3:53; 3:57; 3:59; 4:06 (gr), 1km jog, then 6x100m strides just to try and sharpen up a bit.

    Hope everyone else's training is going well today.. and that the post marathon legs aren't too sore guys!!

  • Looking good for Frankfurt Johnas. There's a few decent Brits going out there with Dave Norman, Anthony Ford and Derek Hawkins 3 that I know of. Should be a good race, hopefully there will be live coverage somewhere.

    My first run this morning of 3 miles @ 8:10 pace image Running early on is horrendous! But when you only have to slope back to the sofa it's not too bad! Out for another easy one this evening!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dachs, the likely result of your better training was a much faster race. 

    Hitting the wall could be a case of tapering for a bit longer and carbo loading for longer.

    If you go fast enough, you might run out of road before you run out of glycogen.

    Had a look at the Cabbage Patch result. Close finish for several categories, V40, V50, 1st Women & V60 covered by less than 40 seconds.

    Felt for the 2nd V60. He ran sub 59 minutes and was still 4 minutes down off 1st!


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

     I received a letter after my recent bupa health check 10 days ago saying I had an abnormal ECG test and a problem with my heart, and it requires more tests so book in a see a cardiologist. I haven't been able to train at stress but I was ok for slow running. But last Wednesday I felt awful, heart racing, out of breath and stopped me in my tracks only 1k into a jog. Mentally I was shot, still haven't put my trainers on.  Seen the cardiologist today and he has put me in for a MRI.  But has said it's not an unusual condition for a runner to have but some can have issues.  although he has allowed me to continue to train , it's just I'm not sure if I want to go flat out until I know more.  maybe  things were going a little to smoothly image

  • hold up...that sounds a bit on the worrying side Dean!

    Do you think hearing that news has psychologically made things feel worse, or were you feeling problems before the bupa thing?!

    definitely sounds a time for a bit of caution!

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