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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dean, there's not many posts that stop me in my tracks but that one did. Lets hope the matter can be resolved.  Good luck.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Sure it'll be OK Dean, but totally agree that discretion is the better part of valour at this stage until the MRI etc is looked at. Let's hope for a quick resolution so you can get back to those silly speeds again!

    V60s shouldn't be alowed to run that quick Ric - it's not fair on us middle aged blokes!

  • Hope everything is OK Dean, like the Dr says it could be a variety of small things. I've heard of runners heart rates going a bit bonkers due to the stress and electrical pulse getting mixed up. But I'd do what you are and ease off until everything is a bit clearer. It's not nice running when your head is thinking  all sort of worst case scenarios. Fingers and toes crossed for the MRI.

  • Completely taken back by your post Dean, hopefully the doc allowing you to carry on training is some sort of good thing... Good Luck Mate

  • Dachs and Bus, fantastic results, I know its not what you wanted, but its still a great achievement (in my book anyway)... I'm starting to doubt the little thing I lifted from your training... May have to lay of the Belgian Buns to a proper survey is carried out...

    Matt excellent first run back, even without your watch...

  • yeah a slight massive shock in the middle of this page!!

    ps Bluie, down your way tomorrow for the epic clash Wycombe v Portsmouth!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Dean - I had an abnormal result on an MRI a few years back, the doc said it was nothing to worry about and had come out as abnormal as the result was outside of the "normal" range, but that was to be expected as the heart is a muscle and if you are fit your heart has become more developed and so is outside of the normal range. I guess the normal range is for your average (unfit) person.

  • Dean I tend to agree with TR but best to be cautious until checked 

    I've a friend who runs (no where near your speed) and his ECG abnormal but after a series of tests nothing proved other than he was too fit for his age hope your tests prove similar and your just too fit as we already knowimage

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Could well be the case.

    cheers bluenose, though I specifically put missing a pb down to having NO Belgian buns in the last two weeks of the taperimage


  • Stevie... Could be a decent game, Portsmouth will score, but will let a few in... So bet on 0-0 tomorrow....

    Bus... Where did I read that you had to have six greggs Belgian buns each day??? must have dream't it image

  • So aside from recovering from post run Dutch beers and having a day spent mostly asleep yesterday I've come up with the excuse as to why I didnt break 3hrs on Sunday, it was that the course was long.... Nothing to do with my lack of 18+ milers since August.

    If we go by chip time it was 3:00:48 but I prefer my Garmin which clocked the same time but measured 42.68k overall distance, so unless my weaving between people in the first 3 miles encountered me to cover an extra 0.5k i'll stand by my excuse.

    So after a quiet week this week i'll begin to train properly and hopefully start the ball rolling on trying to catch up with most of you on here. I'm definitely a fan of the longer distances but will look at tuning up over 10k over the Winter and have an aim of going under 1:20 at Wokingham next Feb... Now off the back of a 1:24 at Oxford 2 weeks back would anyone say thats an unreasonable target for 4months down the line?

  • Delurking - like others had wind taken out of sails by Dean's post. It is a given that Dean is a bloody great runner but from his posts across the forum it is apparent he is a top bloke. Anyway, good luck Dean and hope all is ok.

  • Crikey Dean.

    As others have said, I'm sure your athlete's heart doesn't fit the profile they consider 'normal' and as such it is nothing to worry about. I can understand how just reading that letter has knocked you for six. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • I echo everyone's sentiments Deano. Hopefully just result from being ??ber fit and nothing more
  • let's hope it's a case that high fitness is beating their ideas on what is regular!

     certainly news outside the usual runner's "Ups and downs" which normally involve relative triviality on times and performances.

    In terms of my own trivialities... (and apologies from going from the pretty serious to the leisurely!)

    Just done a 10 with 6miles of 1/2mile HMP and 1/2m steady. A step up from the the 1/4 to 3/4 version last week.

    Well that was the plan. Quickly saw how it was going, as running into wind and fair rain took the edge off it.

    Reps basically came out between 5.50 and 6.03 pace for the 1/2milers when in theory HMP is 5.45 and slightly under.

    Could't seem to get the average pace much lower than the top end fo that today, even on slight downs. Can only take that it was the conditions today, as even a flat out sprint down one bit didn't help much.

    However, feels more of a work out than last week's so must have been fairly decent.

    work appraisal up imminently, 4 to come at lunch, then offto Portsmouth v Wycombe, today will zoom by.

    Dean, try not to worry too much, rest of you, keep up the good work.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Ill echo everyone's sentiments Dean and wish you all the best with the ECG. Hopefully  it's nothing serious. It sure as hell puts niggles and pulls into perspective. 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Crikey Dean, really hope that's nothing to worry about.    Fingers crossed for you.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Slinkz - well done for Amsterdam. It must be pretty gutting getting so close to 3, but knowing in the last coupe of miles that there's nothing can be done to pull back less than a minute! Next time out no doubt, and will see you at Wokingham! Sub 1:20 will be eminently achievable off the back of a 1:24 and 3 hour marathon...

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    cheers all and its all appreciated.  The cardiologist i saw last night was a runner too, and on prodding to find out the level of my activity i mentioned the england squad call up in a month and he immediately picked up the phone to speak directly to his mate in the MRI team and told him to book me in quickly as possible, which is this Friday.  Which was good of him, instead of sending letters back and forward through the post.  I have spoken to people on this and it largely depends on which side of the heart the issue is.  one side it means im just over active the other more sinister.  The cardiologist did say he thought i was likely to be in the "good side" but the MRI will tell us more. Im sure it will be good news.

    Despite knowing all this there is an "elephant in the room"  .On my wife side of the family is a ex prem league footballer who had a heart attack in the changing rooms of a match at Leicester a few yrs ago. He couldnt have been fitter and no signs of this.  He recovered his health but never played football again.  So me telling my wife and family im fit and im fine will still raise concerns.

    it has certainly taken the wind out of my sails regards leeds abbey dash. I think the biggest problem will be mentally forgetting this.  When im training or in the race and your pushing your body as hard as you can and your chest is pumping, i might back off initially. i think it will be like overcoming an injury , first few weeks you are very mindful of it then a few months on you have forgotten all about it. 

    last week when i ran to a standstill after only 1km i was flat, all week i basically was setting myself up to call it a day on the running. and in the back of my mind the main regret would be i hadnt run a sub 3 marathon....not a sub 2 800m or a fast HM.... the bloody london marathon.  Looks like i will HAVE to run it so im not left with any demons image

  • Dean, you could run a sub 3hour one with a cigar on! So you can probably tick that one off on the casual, before getting back to your serious aims image

    fingers crossed on the outcome, have some faith it'll be fine!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Dean, you'll be able to comfortably knock out a sub-3 when you're in your 50s.  For now, you should concentrate on having a proper running career given how good you are at the shorter stuff.

    Marathons are for slow people like me.

  • Dean, all the best, I'll get the family to pray for you, there has to be a use for Catholics some where.

    Match abandoned due to rain, SG will be happy.

    Slinkz, 1:24 down to 1:20 is possible but not guaranteed: I know it sounds odd and I can't think of a better way to say it but we all have some sort of limits and it depends how close to that you are. Look at guys like Dachs and Dean who both started out with HMs in the mid 90s and are now sub 75. Me, on the other hand, did a 1:22 in 2011 and got that down to a sub 1:20 last year but that is it for me, hit the ceiling. I guess you are the one who really knows, if the 1:24 felt OK and you train harder and faster and with more structure then 1:20 is on the cards. Reminds me I need to enter Wokingham.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Phil, what you said reminds me of how one of my clients (90 years plus) became quite animated at the prospect of his house; on his death, ending up in the hands of Catholics.

    He listed the reasons, and then some solutions, of which being burned at the stake was considered one.

    I thought under the circumstances it prudent not to mention that my wife was a Catholic. 

    Wokingham HM. Another race I didn't do this year. In fact, the closest I got to the race was on Saturday when having a chat to the guy who won it. 


  • 4.5 miles this morning then 6 x 5mins (2mins) @ tempo. Most reps came out at 10K pace in honesty, and the last one I covered 1500M, about 110M short of a mile... was blowing hard! Feeling good at the moment. Also got a pair of Pegasus 30 and ankle niggle has gone. Made me realise how dead my previous pair were when I stepped in these, they feel like slippers!

    Dean, hopefully the initial chat has put your mind a bit more at ease. But I sympathise about the holding back when the intensity get very high, I'd do the same. But hopefully when (WHEN) you get the all clear you'll soon be back to smashing it! image

  • Yes thanks Phil, a glorious 4hour round trip to Portsmouth resulting in a mere 45mins of action, worst conditions I've ever been outside in, and until now realised could happen

    Check this out at half time!


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Is that a water polo stadium image

    How are th legs Dachs? My calves are sore this morning, and my left foot feels bruised, but otherwise getting there. Can't help thinking that racing flats were a mistake on Sunday, especialy with the rougher sections underfoot. Wil have to see how they do on the bike today.

    What I always find amazing though, is how in training you can do a 25M, then feel fine the next day but 45 secs per mile quicker and it takes an age to recover!




  • 1 day recovery per mile raced apparently... How we ever fit in more than one race a year I'll never know.

    Off to the track this morning. 12x400m(90s) @ 87s. The wind may have something to say about that.

  • Dean - hold out for the MRI results. A while back I had a little 'incident' shall we say. Was some sort of neurological disturbance, maybe a mini stroke. No cause ever found but for a while they thought it could have been a heart issue. Meant lots of tests (catscan, MRI, ultrasounds of my necks, ECGs etc. etc. etc.) It meant nothing vigorous for 2 months, but I completely know what you mean about being psychologically out of the game. Sometimes I got concerned about going upstairs, let alone running a hard session. Just try and relax about it, I'm sure it won't amount to anything, and you'll come back from it harder and stronger, with a new appreciation of running!!


    Like SG says, on to more trivial matters of my training. Silly few days for me really after Monday's session. Yesterday ended up being a longer sessions than I'd anticipated. 16.25km (1h 30m) of hills (500m elevation) av pace of 5:32.. slow, but there were some big hills in there. It should have been an easy run.. but it wasn't, so today's speed session was probably a bit shit.

    Pyramid of 5 (was supposed to be 4, obvs lost count looking at my splits!!) x 200m/200m jog recs (46s, 40, 43, 38, 45); 2 x 400m/400m recs (86s, 87s); 1 x 800m (3:07); 2 x 400m (92s; 85s); 4 x 200m (45s, 45s, 43s, 45s).

    Really struggled with the 200s.. got no top end speed what so ever.

    Sad face!

  • I think I've only ever done 1or 2 200s. Horrible things. Good reps though. 

    Today's 400s went

    87, 86, 88, 87, 86, 86, 87, 86, 86, 85, 87, 87 . as few were tough but focused on form. The whole session was easily manageable. 

  • nice sesh Scotty, but i'm afraid km still blow my monkey little brain. And 400s are always a good sesh Iron.

    I'm feeling fairly monstered, yesterday was obviously the 10m with 6m 1/2m HMP/1/2m steady session, then a 4miler at lunch, then the 4hour round trip in the epic conditions to Portsmouth.

    Today was "lie in" until 9.30, then a 12miler, the first 2miles didn't feel gorgeous i can tell you, but then it ticked along nicely. The last mile i was vaguely hallucintaing, not quite dizzy, but where everything feels a little brighter than it should!

    Therefore, until the next run Friday, i will mostly be fuelling up!!

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