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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus, my legs feel OK today. Worst day was yesterday, but it never got too bad to walk reasonably comfortably.  To be honest, I could probably manage a run today.  I won't of course, but it's nice to know I could.  How long are you resting up before having a light jog?  I'd almost be tempted to do something at the end of this week, but given that I got injured after a short jog a week after the marathon last year, I'd probably best leave it.

  • Bus, one thing I will never say is "My legs feel ok after that 25m LSR!" image Glad to hear you and Dachs are getting closer to jogging again. Don't rush though, remember how Chingo came back a bit too soon.

    SG, I know what you mean about the first couple of  miles being a struggle. Only my run carried on until the 10th mile. Bloody grim, only saved by the fact I was in the forest and it was a glorious day. You think those light headed feelings are due to the earliness? Lack of sugar or energy or something? I've had that running early on.

    Anyone doing the National XC relays a week Saturday?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    I'm no where near jogging again (though i did jog up ten flights of stairs at work this morning  but flat and downhill would be an issuesimage)

    I'm not going to run until at least Sunday Dachs, and maybe into next week to be safe. I think that part of the issue is lack of protein after the race - half an egg sarnie was all I could get down for a couple of hours. I'm off to the lakes on Saturday, staying in a cottage on the side of Skiddaw, so my next outing is likely to be quite hilly!

    Good session Iron and Scottish!

  • Stevie, only had this feeling a couple of times, can only imagine it's being drained of something or's why despite having Man Utd season tickets, I very carefully manage the games I go to, as travel and high mileage running are a recipe to breakdown!

    Bus, you have more holidays than a teacher!!

  • Stevie see wrote (see)

    Bus, one thing I will never say is "My legs feel ok after that 25m LSR!" image Glad to hear you and Dachs are getting closer to jogging again. Don't rush though, remember how Chingo came back a bit too soon.



    Did we ever hear an update on the groin? Must have been bad to just completely stop his running?! A cautionary tale for all of us...but I guess you find other priorities if it happens.

  • Dachs/Bus - For what its worth my 10pence, as a Physio I get hold of a TENS machine to use for recovery after a marathon/long run. Generally with a few 10minute sessions on offending muscle groups (Quads, Calves, Hammy's) then recovery is rapidly quicker assuming no acute injuries were sustained during the run. I managed to get out for a slow but pain free 10miles today after racing on Sunday... albeit a lot slower than the pair of you. Anyone can buy the machines and they are pretty inexpensive and easy to use as you basically wear whilst sitting on your backside watching TV. Anyway, just my contribution if its of any use to anyone.

  • Slinkz, are they anything like those ridiculous toning pads that used to be all the rage by people trying to get definition on the cheap  (whistles uncomfortably...)

    The ones that you had to wet, and strap on your stomach, and then set some electrical pulse through them.

    Every so often, you'd move at the wrong time, and get a full power dose through you that'd shake the life out of you!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    We bought a TENS machine when we were about to have our first baby. It made sod all difference to that, so I suspect we jammed it in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Slinkz, worth  try-might even help with the ongoing hamstrin pain. My Mrs used them whe giving birth and they do seem to work. Not sure about toning though!

    Either way, I am most impressed you did a 10 miler today!


  • In theory with regular use it does help to speed up blood flow and flush toxins etc from within the muscle, thus delivering more bloods to the tissues which have trauma...


    SG - Its very similar to those abdominal toning pads but just apply to the different muscles on the leg instead. ideally reasonably close to the origin and insertion of each muscle (where practical).

    Bus - Certainly not a miracle cure but I stick mine on a few times a day during work and move them around to different muscles and usually within 48hrs the marathon legs have disappeared pretty much.. certainly not feeling spritely during the first week of running but no pain on impact when running a slow trot pace.

    Works a lot more than compression clothing I reckon, for my 10pence.

    So who wants to contribute some good 10k sessions towards my melting pot ?

  • Dean, sorry to hear of your troubles. Puts trivial matters like missing target times by small margins into perspective. Hope you get some better news soon.

    Dachs and Bus, well done on some good running at Abingdon. Was thinking of you guys on the day, knowing that it would be a tough day with the weather. 

    Speaking of the weather, SG, looks like a serious storm must have descended on that footy game!

    Interesting race tonight. 8km club league race. Some sicko decided to map out a course with over 550 feet of climbing in just under 5 miles. Not what you expect for a road race. 3rd place with pedestrian time of 28:47 but that's mostly due to the ridiculously hilly course.

  • Good session Iron.. were your rest periods (90s) jogging or standing? Still quite new to this track stuff.. trying to work out what's bestimage Reckon 28:47 5miles on a hilly course is pretty bloody impressive Warren.

    8 miles (SG!! image ) easy this morning for me, av pace of 7:49/m. Was a bit of a struggle.. HR didn't seem to want to come up at all, suppose I'm a bit tired after 3 hard consecutive days

  • Interesting discussion on the TENS machine but my questions would be why you’d want to get back to running so soon anyway!? You’ve trained hard for months so have a whole week off – you deserve it! This week is injury risk central so why play injury roulette

    Nice sessions Scotty & Iron. I went out and did a 400m rep session myself this morning but due to lots of commitments I had to get up and do it by Ric’s watch. So, 5x 400m in 72, 72, 66, 75, 72 off 60s recoveries this morning as part of a longer 5 mile run. The reward was a nice sports massage at 8am.

    Nice 5 miler Warren and great Comrades photo! 

    Slinkz – well done on Amsterdam. I know you’re already thinking about Frankfurt next year so I’ll let you know next week! As for 10k advice, get the threshold tempo runs in and teach your body to deal with lactate. Even when doing relevant speed sessions (such as 1km reps), sandwich them between threshold reps.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Johnas - target please!

  • Good luck for Frankfurt this weekend Johnas. Go and smash it! You've done some incredible training with some seriously good racing to back it up, so now it's time to cash it all in.

    I'll make a prediction for your race and say you'll do 2:35:XX

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    agreed if he wont set a target we will,  johnas = 2.37 image


  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    As an occasional lurker...... Johnas - best of luck for Sunday; you've been putting in some impressive training (and I noted your recent very quick 10k!). Best of luck!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Agree with Dean.  6 minute miles for Johnas for 2:37.  Well under 2:40.

  • cheers all. I fly out tomorrow morning and am as ready as I can ever be. As for target - well i'm going out at 6:05 pace and will see where I'm at come 18miles. I’m going to take the experience of you lot around me too: 

    Dachs – I think it’s fair to say that you ran those first 10 miles a tad too quick, if only by a few seconds a mile. You said yourself you ran under target pace which is easy to do when you feel good. I’ve got to remember that running 6:05 pace should feel ‘too easy’ based on recent form and to save any 'racing' to after 18 miles at least

    Bus – that marathons aren’t easy. They’re all about the inevitable ups and downs that happen during the race and its about gritting the teeth when things get tough - just like you did between 13 and 18 miles at Abo.

    And TT – that your tactical planning and race execution last weekend showed what’s achievable with keeping your wits about you, reading the race and looking at the big picture. A sterling race executed brilliantly mate

  • Johnas - Cheers for the 10k advice, currently putting together a programme to kick off in November so i'll take what you said and build it into a few sessions to see how I fair. I'm sure they'll be more Q's along the way. Good luck for the weekend in Frankfurt, I have one eye on it for next year so it'd be good to see what you make of it from being one of the front runners. Best of luck with the 6:05's and safe miles.

  • Hi everyone.

    Been away for 3.5 weeks on holiday So have missed lots of goings on it seems.

    Dean.. All the best mate, hopefully just over active as you say.

    Dachs: great Marathon for you. I'll be taking lots of advice from you for my attempt at London.

    Johnas: good luck in Germany. A great sub 2:40 for sure. 

    Hope everyone else's training and racing is good.

    I decided to use my holiday as a rest from running as my achilles have been giving me problems since the summer. Took a hire car across the Western USA plus a little bit if Canada. Was brilliant.  Ran only a few times whilst there; once on Santa Monica/Venice beach boardwalk, Treadmill in Las Vegas, Run along the shore in San Fransisco and a 5 miler in the woods near Seattle. 

    My achilles are still a bit dodgy so not going to ramp back up to. 60-70 miles just yet.. Will try 40 miles a week with heel exercises and may go to the doc. 

    Feel heavy now! Was 65-66kg before.. 70 today.

  • A nice 4 miles this morning, followed by a short, sharp session tonight of 5 x 90s, 5 x 1min, 5 x 30s.

    Good luck Johnas, 6min/miles is crazy for a marathon!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    And its good luck from me Johnas! You've worked bloody hard for it, so fingers crossed it all comes togtehr on the day!

    Can't wait for the report!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Smash it johnas, good luck

    welcomeback tim

  • Hi Tim - I must have jumped in whilst you've been away, the holiday sounds good, some memorable running spots chosen and a decent rest by the sounds of it. I've just seen some of your times.... I'll be picking your grey matter in due course.

  • Dean - Havent lurked for a few days so a bit late on this but I hope everything works out all clear.

    In case anyone is interested, or knows some youngsters who might be, check out CRY who provide free cardiac screening to 14-35yr olds I understand that some people really dont want to know what might be lurking underneath but a session came up near me last year so I went along and got a reassuring all clear.

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers Johnas.

  • Just to change the topic, I'm looking at starting get a grip on a decent training plan with progression - in terms of getting initial paces to work from, what's people views on whether McMIllan or Mr Daniels formulas would be the better to use as a guide to setting paces? 

    Any guidance appreciated as always.

  • Things that make me giggle: my Garmin is in my office in London and I am 26 miles away at home and still can upload my lunchtime run to Garmin Connect.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    How does that work?

    I was speaking to Cooray on Tuesday, buying my afternoon Belgian Bun (as you do!). He finished second at Cabbage Patch with a new 10M pb of 48:57. The lad is running pretty damn well this year! Anyway, 2nd prize apparently was £600, which he was understandably chuffed with. Seems pretty good, but again, still pretty amazing low when compared to what he would be earning at the same level in other, more commercially popular, sports. 

    Hi Tim. Epic holiday by the sound of it!

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